2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #15

It’s the weekly round-up, ladies. You are lucky it is happening at all – because these days I have trouble keeping up with the days of the week. I am always a day behind, it seems. No wonder, when the week has been stripped of the usual early morning markers. Not that I am bored in this lockdown. I find it quite soothing, and there is a daily routine that divides the day into post-breakfast, pre-lunch, post-lunch, pre-supper, post-supper. Today I have decided to add a bit of style to the lockdown routine. From now on there will be pre-supper apéritifs. Unfortunately the shop didn’t have any sherry, but I bought a bottle of tonic water and will make us small G&Ts, served with a small bowl of nibbles.

My preferred brand of gin is right there on that cart. Somebody stop that man!!!

Together with the daily night-cap of a small measure of Jägermeister, I have positively turned into an alco. Up until three weeks ago I never drank alcohol, save the very occasional glass if we had visitors. Now I have bought into a daily intake… I hasten to point out that it is all for the sake of infection prophylaxis, and has been endorsed and paid for by my mother-in-law who sent 20€ in the post for me to buy that bottle of Jägermeister.


Ok, leaving all the alco jokes behind, let’s get to the round-up.

  1. I’m currently working on a little Thornton love, so this gif set by riepu10 came at the right time
  2. Saving this here because this is an iconic scene from SB that I was thinking of when I was asking you for the most iconic pictures the other day. Posted by daaria
  3. We all know the photos of purple Richard from TFF last year but I am including them here again because looking at them again, it stood out to me how uncomfortable RA looks in all of the pictures. Or am I imagining that? Pictures posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  4. This is what I call art – it’s only a few lines, no colour – but it is *so* clearly RA! A drawing by evankart
  5. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put together a compilation of photos of Richard and his leather jackets. *eeeeek* – this is actually part 3 of 3!!!! So there must be twice the amount of leather numbers in his wardrobe somewhere…
  6. Oooh, I love the style of these edits. Adam Price, made by riepu10
  7. Leather jackets part 2. Also by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  8. Dabisburntnut and fizzyxcustard have been having a huge prompt fest, by the look of things. I haven’t read any of this, but if you feel like a bit of fan fiction one shots, start here and check the two tumblrs for more
  9. And on the topic of needlessly gratuitous and objectifying half-nude shots of RA in character, here is exhibit A courtesy of riepu10
  10. Oooh, a little bit of fan art love for Sir Guy. Made by princessamerigocreations

Oooh, I think I have just heard that tea is ready! I have to go!!!

Take good care everyone, stay safe!

Sonja ❤


24 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #15

  1. Lovely selection. I’ve been sorting through my craft stash all day, reorganizing, so this is a very welcome distraction.

    Regarding the purple suit pics, could it have been the photographer or the location? Julie doesn’t look very relaxed either.


    • Oh, reorganising is a great thing to do. Probably will feed into the urge to do something with all the lovely stuff again?
      Maybe the two of them were not relaxed with each other? Or they both suffered from wardrobe malfunction?


        • I liked that dress, too – because it was billowy and didn’t look hyper-fashionable. To me it looked as if they had definitely not coordinated their wardrobe – green and purple *hm*. Well, it was definitely colourful…


  2. #3: In dem Anzug *kann* man(n) sich doch nur unwohl fühlen …

    An sich finde ich das Muster gar nicht schlecht, aber in der Form überrollt es einen wie eine Dampfwalze, haut einem eine Keule über den Schädel und verursacht Migräne. Schrecklich. (Nebenbei: Wer hat RA zu braunen Schuhen dazu geraten? Oder hat er das selbst verbrochen? – Und will ich das überhaupt wissen?)


    • 😂Wahrscheinlich hat er sich selber angezogen… Und somit gleichen die braunen Schuhe dann das Fashion Statement des Anzugs wieder aus. Er ist es also doch noch selbst, der da in der feinen Schale steckt. Du hast das ziemlich treffend ausgedrückt – Dampfwalze in lila.


  3. Great roundup!
    #2 I’m always mesmerised by the way Richard’s eyes are so green in this scene, reflecting his khaki clothing and the desert light.
    #3 I agree, he doesn’t look too relaxed, but I’d be uncomfortable too having to wear a shirt and suit made of that purple fabric – it doesn’t look like it has any “give” in it. He looks gorgeous but the outfit….nope.
    #6 I love these edits of Riepu’s too!
    Thank you for the mentions! I hadn’t realised Richard owned so many leather jackets until I went searching for the relevant pics in my RA folder.


    • I often think that about his eyes – they don’t always look blue.
      Yeah, that outfit wasn’t really a winner for me, either. But it definitely caused a stir.
      LOL – those leather jackets are an obsession, by the look of things. Honestly, what kind of wardrobe does the man have? Has he a walk-in closet full of leather jackets? (I’m a slightly untypical woman in that my wardrobe is really small and limited, so I really can’t fathom why anyone would have 10 different black leather jackets. I mean, ok, maybe 3 or 5, just because styles vary. But 10? 😳)


  4. I missed those purple suit shots. Have to say, not a fan of it. They both look uncomfortable in those shots too. Guess that every pic can’t be perfect, proves everyone’s human. 😊🌸 Hope you had a nice Easter last Sunday. 🐰 🐣Hubs is still a little steamed I didn’t get him any chocolate.


    • Human he is, definitely, judging by some of those pics 😉
      Hey, Mimi, it’s never too late for chocolate! (And what about him? Did *he* give *you* chocolate?)


  5. OT but has anyone watched all of Castlevania 3? I suddenly realised I hadn’t finished it and because my daughter left her Smart TV in her old bedroom I put it on while cleaning. Wow episode 9 is hot, I don’t pretend to know who are the baddies etc because it’s far too fast and complex but the scenes cut with the action are sexy.


    • Ep. is indeed hot. Ruffled quite a few people’s feathers who were shocked by the explicit nature. Made me chuckle because 2.9 seasons of beheading, disemboweling and all other manner of brutality didn’t raise any red flags, but a manga sex scene? A bridge too far. 😂

      Liked by 2 people

      • I agree, Kate.That’s a perspective that totally baffles me, that scenes of gruesome violence are acceptable but those of sex between consenting participants are not, whether it be animated or otherwise. 🤔

        Liked by 2 people

        • Yes. It’s bizarre. I get that Castlevania isn’t everyone‘s cup of tea and it doesn’t need to be. But that someone would watch all that gore (and there’s a LOT) and then be surprised and appalled that there’s explicit content of a different nature in anime made me shake my head a bit.

          Liked by 1 person

          • It’s not my cup of tea. I watched all the episodes in one sitting, fast forwarding through to the Trevor scenes just for Richard’s voice. I have to admit though I did like the interactions between Trevor and Sypha.

            Liked by 2 people

    • Disclosure: I haven’t even watched season 2. I kind of lost interest after episode 2.
      Having said that – the anime sex is probably what would motivate me to finish watching the whole thing 😇


  6. Thanks for the round,,-,,up Guylty, ooh there are some corkers here!
    1) Beautiful dramatic light and shade on Thornton”s face, exaggerating his beautiful sharp features.
    3) Yes he does look rather stiff in that suit – and it is so dazzling! The first time I saw those pics I was preoccupied by how handsome he was (sans beard, after ages). I like the colour but it is so, um, bold.
    4) Astonishing drawing. She’s really caught him, which is rare.
    7) Growl! That sent me down a right old leather-jacketed RA rabbit hole.
    8) So much glorious Guy in one place.

    Clink, clink, cheers!


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