RA Pocket Shrine 217/? – So Bad

LOL – as I was checking for the current number of shrines by looking at the previous shrine post, I had a good laugh. A typo sneaked in – which apparently no one noticed. Instead of the number “216”, I wrote 2016. Whoa, that would be an impressive number… (Have corrected the mistake in the meantime.)

So today we are on 217.

Ornate. And black and yellow. Well, who is the baddest of them all?

Yep. Sir Guy. After all my extolling of Porter’s qualities recently I felt it was time that Guy got some love again. All in black, he is as sleek and graceful as a black jaguar on the prowl. Sooooo bad…

Redeemed, right?

Ah, Guy… I’m not sure yet where this shrine is gonna go. I’ll have to think of something (and someone). But I was pleased to get him into a shrine again.

In other news, the pre-supper apéritif was a great success. I realised that the pre-supper mini-get together served as an opportunity to slow down from the day before you sit down for the meal. While the dinner is cooking in the kitchen (yesterday it was actually just very mundane leftover curry and rice), you sit down, lean back, sip on your drink and just relax. Meals are always social occasions, and the apéritif adds another opportunity to chat a little bit – especially with almost-grown up children who otherwise spend a lot of time in their rooms, staring at screens although the latter is also a problem that can befall fangirling mums. Plus, in the current situation it is simply another little marker for the day, helping to pass the time.

Can’t wait for tonight’s apéritif…

So, there you go. Bad men and alcohol. Sounds like the title of an autobiography. 😂

Hope you have a lovely Sunday! Slainte, cheers and stay safe!






18 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 217/? – So Bad

  1. I like Bad Men and Alcohol. Has a very nice ring to it.

    Guy is definitely a bad guy in the best sense. And that black jag Butt is fantastic. Rowr!!!

    I’ll have to put tonic water on the shopping list for the next trip in ten day’s time. I have a bottle of gin going to waste somewhere…

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    • *sniggers* You are not far off. These days we have breakfast, then elevenses. Lunch at 1pm. Tea and cake at 4pm. Aperitif at 6pm. Supper is at 6.30pm. Optional nibbles in front of the telly. (I haven’t stepped on the scales in weeks.)

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    • Well, let’s just say “If more people valued home, above gold, this world would be a merrier place…” – everybody turning into a hobbit might be the solution to a lot of problems 🙂

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  2. Love love love that profile picture you used and your aperitif set up looks gorgeous,
    Speaking of food, for the past week I’ve had vruchtenhagel sitting in my kitchen that still needs to be sent to you… Hopefully this coming week I will finally think of actually doing so!


  3. Ooh I love the Glorious Guy shrine and that panther slinking off is a wonderful touch. Bad men and alcohol would suit my gravestone. And now I really, really want a gin and tonic – think I’ll get some …

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  4. Wowza! What a stunner…both the RAPS and its subject. Nothing stirs the blood quite like Guy. He does bring out the best in Our Magnificent Guylty!

    I’ve not been much of a drinker for years and years, by which I mean that I usually have one or two small glasses of wine…per year. Not for any untoward reason, just because of my chronic pain meds. But I must confess, this week I have been thinking that a bottle or three of wine sounds mighty good. I have to go to the store tomorrow, so should I put some vino on my list? Hmm, how can I go about attaining the other half of that delicious proposed autobiography title?! 😈


  5. I actually had a whisky and dry ginger ale the other evening after your prompt it was our wedding anniversary on the 15th but of course we couldn’t go out to celebrate.


  6. Bad men and alcohol… that’ll do me nicely 🤣 That’s a really gorgeous shrine!

    I heartily approve of your aperitif plan. Very civilised. My issue is I go on drinking G&T all evening 🤣 I was especially delighted to discover that a local distillery that makes fantastic gin also delivers free of charge 😃😃😃 Now if only they would deliver tonic as well…


  7. Gorgeous shrine inside and out! This is my all-time favorite profile pic of Guy and “So bad he’s good” perfectly captures his attraction. Cheers to you and your family enjoying some little pleasures together. We have to make the best of these times or go mad.


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