Some “New” Pics From Last Year

While you are waiting for the weekly round-up, here is some candy for you:

TORONTO, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 08: Actor Richard Armitage from the film ‘My Zoe’ poses for a portrait during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Intercontinental Hotel on September 08, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Contour by Getty Images)

A tweet by “sparkling teeth” on Twitter alerted me that there appear to be some new images of Richard. More pictures have been released from the shoot that photographer Gareth Cattermole did with RA during the latter’s visit to the Toronto International Film Festival. It’s difficult to be 100% sure that they are new – I certainly don’t download each and every photo of RA that is released, and when they come from a previously seen shoot, it is difficult to actually spot the minute difference between individual pictures in a big shoot. Nevertheless, I do think that sparkling teeth is right and that there are new images among the Getty crop. Not least because while trying to compare, I have noticed that the previously released photos from September 2019 have evidently been moved – the links in my last *ooof* on one of the images were broken.

I tried to compare the new Getty page for this shoot with the images we had previously seen and I have identified some that looked familiar to me.

Not sure whether that is really all of them. I definitely remember the second and third one from the top right (because RA tweeted a sanitised version of that picture on his IG.)

I see what you are doing!!!

The photos of Richard backed into the corner (the series from which I *ooof*ed one image) seem to be gone. Instead there are more head-and-shoulders in there, and much against my earlier preferences I have to say that I don’t think the “dark haired guy on dark background” pictures work that well. I much prefer the head-and-shoulders with the grey background, even though they look a little bit too much of “I messed with the automatic filters”…

It’s always interesting to see which photos a photographer chooses. It’s all down to personal preference, I guess, because some of the new pictures really remind me of my dad’s driving license pictures, ca. 1963 😂

But generally – always pleased to see some new images. I do think that RA looks phenomenal in them. He is a very handsome man. And a series like this also reveals the humanity behind the gorgeous face. There are glimpses of humour, doubt, insecurity and sarcasm in there. And that is a good thing.

I think this is a previously seen one, but I leave you with my favourite from the shoot:

I think I have to recover from all that beauty before I can attempt the round-up. I hope you understand 😵


32 thoughts on “Some “New” Pics From Last Year

  1. Irgendwie finde ich die Reflexion in den Pupillen ziemlich gruselig.

    *g* Ich habe mich in letzter Zeit einige Male an alte Bilder von meinem Vater erinnert gefühlt … oder an Elvis. 😀


    • Was die “Oldie-Erinnerungen” angeht, muss ich da allerdings alle Schuld auf den Fotografen schieben. Der hat das Bild zur Veröffentlichung freigegeben. Ich hab wie gesagt auch gedacht, dass ich da das Führerscheinfoto von RA sehe.
      Die Reflektionen in den Augen – Geschmacksache. Ich persönlich mag das durchaus gerne – weil das allerdings auch ein Zeichen für eine ganz bestimmte Beleuchtung ist, die insgesamt ziemlich fail-safe funktioniert.


  2. Was ist denn jetzt passiert? Bin ich im Spam gelandet oder wurde gar nix abgeschickt?
    Noch ein Versuch:

    Irgendwie finde ich die Reflexion in den Pupillen ziemlich gruselig.

    *g* Ich habe mich bei einigen Bildern in letzter Zeit auch an alte Fotos von meinem Vater erinnert gefühlt … oder an Elvis. 😀


  3. He really has the most extraordinarily beautiful eyes. The ring lights make him seem other-worldly.
    The pic you’ve chosen is gorgeous. If I had to choose it would be the one above it on the left, where he is looking away and down from the camera. There’s something about him in three quarter profile…….


    • The light really brightens up all of the face – and the eyes. I really like it.
      You are definitely right on the three-quarter profile. I like those, too. (In this case, I didn’t like the black background.)


  4. I don’t know anything about photography, but the ones on the dark background do bring out the contours of his face very well and emphasize the lovely eyes. Thanks for explaining the ‘ring light’ thing.


    • I think you have hit the nail on the head – that’s the intended effect. It just sometimes makes the hair blend so much in with the background, that the sitter could look bald 😂. And that would be horrific in this case 😉


  5. I have a very early signed photo taken by Sarah Dunn that he would send out when requested, in black and white with this ring of light effect and because it would have would be his choice I assume he likes the look.


    • I know the pic you mean. It’s one of the few SD pics I actually like. The ring light catch lights are a matter of taste. I like them, but that’s because I am used to them and know what has created the “strange” effect. (I definitely will have to write about them in an *ooof*.)


  6. He really is handsome as hell. The ring light doesn’t disturb me. There are lots of pics around which are heavily filtered and his eyes are electric blue. That’s what I detest.
    You are right with the human touch that seeps through. He looks quite likeable. I love the little smile, much more than full grin photos of him. And the very angular forehead.
    This is much needed eye candy in those strange times. I hope you are well and safe.


    • Ugh, I hate the pictures where they have unnaturally enhanced the eyes. They always look eerie.
      I’m not sure whether it is because he very rarely allows himself to laugh in photos, but the smiles are even more devastating because they are rare. The angular forehead is really distinctive.
      All well here – hope you are holding up well, too!


  7. Thank you for posting these photos. He is a handsome man! It’s due to the angular (masculine) lines of his face. Looking at the ones with the black background, I can’t help wondering whether he has had a bit of filler done in his lower lip?


  8. I just looked again and it’s so hard to pick a favorite. He’s just so damn handsome. But I like the ones with a bit of attitude. Most of these seem very neutral and staring into the middle distance. There’s one or two where he seems a little “come get me” and I like that.


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