2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #16

Before we get to the round-up, I have to rescue a Kathy Ode from the comments. Did you see this?

I think that is another one of Kathy’s gems that looks straight into the heart of the fangirl 😉. Sorry, what did you say????

Right, let’s go to the round-up. It needed a new header.

  1. Let’s start off by highlighting the fantastic artwork of the lovely aninomori. She read NS last week – and this is what transpired. She really hits the likeness every time!
  2. I really enjoyed reading deepestfirefun’s explanation why she likes to write about Lucas North
  3. Riepu10 had started a new series. Opening credits. Even if they are visually not always exciting, I have to say that I am always thrilled when I see Richard’s name on screen
  4. Clematis70 has put together a few screencaps with Richard in The Lodge from the extended preview. The daddy!Armitage fans will like this
  5. Oooh, he is angry in that first gif… Narnaevon has put together a gif set of the scene where Guy sets fire to Marian’s home
  6. An observation by deepestfirefun that I had missed in that hilarious interview for The Stranger… hm, intriguing!
  7. I am completely behind fizzyxcustard’s call for a fan fic. Who’s gonna take up the challenge?
  8. Some father-son scenes from TS, screen capped by drldeboer
  9. Lovely edit by mezzmerizedbyrichard. I mean, seriously, you can never have too many detail shots of the man!
  10. I’m sure we have had this before, but smiling Thorin Oakenshield is irresistible. Pic set by thearkenstone-ck
  11. And for all you fan fic writers out there, dabisburntnut has come up with a writing challenge for the month of May. This looks so good, I almost feel as if this could be the sort of challenge that even those of us who usually do *not* write fan fic, could try… I’m very tempted
  12. A nice gif set by riepu10 of classy b/w Richard talking about The Other People
  13. Ooooh, and here are some lovely opening credits again by riepu10 – this time with lots of RA
  14. A scene with Porter and Katie that is rewatchable – over and over again. By mezzmerizedbyrichard
  15. Oh, and I hope mezzmerizedbyrichard continues to raid her gif folders
  16. A “gif pack” of Claude Becker in O8, posted by resourcemaker
  17. Some nice fan edits of NS by angelkarafili – I like the colours in this
  18. Ok, and the final set of opening credits by riepu10. Too good to ignore!
  19. I enjoyed reading this drabble – even though I am usually not that big into reader inserts. By dabisburntnut
  20. This is an interesting concept for a piece of Proctor fan art. Drawing by articus623
  21. If this existed, I’d be the first to buy. A RA Funko Pop design by angie0919

Whoop whoop! I don’t think we have had such a long round-up for quite some time. I hope it makes up for the delay in posting. But big thank you to tumblr and all the talented people over there who have put their time into the service of the fandom ;-). We love you!

Happy Sunday, everyone, and keep staying safe!

Sonja ❤


31 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #16

  1. Kathy Jones is genius! (Is there a book of her Odes with illustRAtions?🧐)
    Thank you for putting her brilliant Ode and his half-naked self together! Made my day 😁 Stay safe! ❤️🤗


  2. HAH! Every time I try a fanfic challenge, I fall flat on my face!!! I’ve posted 2 in the last two weeks and will post another in 10 days. I’m good fanfic writing for right now… lol!

    Love the angry Gizzy!!

    And Kathy is ALWAYS perfect!!!

    Thanks for a beautiful round-up!


  3. Firstly, thanks for rescuing my ode. That was a tough one because a three year old was squirming in my lap trying to take my iPad away so he could watch Blippy. So glad you liked it. Great roundup – so many wonderful choices to savor. Loved the interview. I had never seen it. Also loved the Katie/ porter scene. Noticed Porter’s t shirt tan line for first time. Amazing what you can discover after multiple views. 🤩


  4. I love Riepu’s opening credits gif sets – she comes up with such creative themes. I struggle to think of new ideas for edits, hence the raiding of my gif folder! Thank you for the inclusions. 😊


  5. Woooooow, what a lot of stuff, thank you, Guylty!!!
    3. I don’t see RA or Siobhan F in that credit sequence for that Standring show I can’t remember the actual name of. Can someone tell me which figures they are?
    4. I wasn’t interested in this movie, but no one told me there was white dress shirt porn in it. I’m reconsidering….
    7. His facial expressions for “smug” have improved with age. Or is it experience? Or does he have more to be smug about now?


    • 3. Finneran played the mother of Standring’s beloved. She basically did a runner in the first episode, so wasn’t in it that much.
      4. I have to admit that even the white shirt is not going to entice me to watch that film 😱
      7. LOL – I think you are right. That was a very subtle “smug”. And yes, I think he definitely has more smug-experience nowadays to take the “smug man at a party” to the next level. (I’d love to see him do that. I mean, just imagine if RA were to replay old and early minor roles – for lockdown entertainment. Possibly along the lines of Richard E. Grant who is currently posting a line from his cult classic ‘Withnail and I’ every day. He is having such fun with that, breaking into hysterics everytime he records himself. Ah well, can’t see RA doing that. But well, we’re allowed to dream, right?)


  6. Great haul this week and I love the new header. ♥️

    I love the intro gifs. Like you said, anytime I see his name my heart races.


  7. Ooh, that picture!
    What a bonanza round-up, thanks Guylty
    1) A really good-likeness and that is so difficult to achieve
    2) I’m not sure that my fantasies involve wrapping Lucas in a blanket, unless I’m under it with him – kisses , though, yes
    3) it so thrilling to see Richard Armitage on the screen, it”s like a little electric jolt. and I always make people stay to the end credits in the cinema, just to see his name
    4) I really like the images from The Lodge, particularly the first one and Richard by the trellis.. He suits those red leaves, like the ones in The Stranger
    8) There are some gorgeous Adam profiles further down past The Outlander pics
    9) I love me a smiling Thorin, he looks so bashful (like one of the 7 dwarfs, actually he does a good Grumpy too!)
    11) Pricked up my ears at ‘Pirate’
    15) Fab Mezz gifs
    16) Richard’s reaction as Claude, when he sees Sandra Bullock is brilliant.


    • Absolutely stunning fan art. I think we are very lucky to have such capable artists among our small group.
      Lucas in a blanket – would almost be a shame, covering him up.
      Richard actually looks very yummy in The Lodge, I must admit. Pity he is again a character who seems to be rather weak. I know you are not a massive fan of the daddy!Armitage, but oh yeah, tender daddy RA in that scene from TL really made me watch the gifs for several minutes.
      Smiling Thorin almost sounds like an oxymoron… He reserves his smiles for very special occasions only.

      Liked by 1 person

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