Have Mercy, Here’s More Percy

No, not another shrine. But Kathy’s ode that she hid in yesterday’s post’s comments.

Ok, and to make it worth while for you, here are some Percy caps.

Lastly, avert your eyes if you hate the cad. Otherwise: enjoy *coughs*


23 thoughts on “Have Mercy, Here’s More Percy

      • Can you tell I love the name Percy? I think it belongs to a shy chap that could never pull off the rotter part of RA’s Percy. The name makes me 😊. Trying to cut down on the baking since I am expanding by the day . So silly odes are another creative outlet, no calories.


        • I have to agree – I never thought that a Percy is a rotten scoundrel. (Need some fan fiction that completely redeems Percy. Although I fear that wife-beating is not really redeemable. Meh.)
          My scales told me this morning that I have expanded by 800g. Hm. I baked another cake in response.


  1. Wonderful ode Kathy! And I didn’t avert my eyes either! Half dressed Percy was the only thing worth watching in the whole mini-series.
    I was diverted for a moment by a tweet of yours in the side column about Richard E Grant and it reminded me that he played a Percy – Sir Percy Blakeney in The Scarlet Pimpernel on TV about 20 years ago. It only ran for two series of three episodes each)


    • LOL – watching for the plot, big time!
      And Richard E. Grant is just wonderful. You’ve got to follow him on Twitter. His daily W&I quotes are hilarious. They are just 20 seconds long, but boy does he cheer me up…


  2. Wonderful combination of words and pictures, Guylty. You and Kathy are the real superstars. 🌟

    And after Sir Percy Blakeney, there’s that legendary British sweet treat, Percy Pigs.


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