New Audio Book in the Can!

Thanks to mooseturds on Twitter I have just read that a new audio book performed by RA is coming out this month. Apparently on the same day as The Jane Austen Society, the book is called His & Hers and tells the same story from two different perspectives, with RA narrating “his” story, and a performer called Stephanie Racine performing “her”. The character voiced by RA is a DCI. Hello Rowan Jackman? And here is an interesting tidbit about the recording process:

I wonder how that worked – recording on your own in your toilet with the producer connected via FaceTime 😂. I bet he will never be able to use that toilet for its original purpose again 🤣. More information HERE via The Bookseller. I haven’t quite figured out yet whether this is an Audible production? There is, however, already a pre-order page for His & Hers available on Audible. But hold your horses credits until the performers’ names have been added.

Otherwise: new month, new beginning! With the first of May, I am hoping that we will see some improvements in the current pandemic developments. Our lockdown is in place until the fifth, and I am keen to see what the powers that be have decided for the near future. Personally, I don’t think we will go back to anything near-normal, soon. With my shipment of 3 kilos of Haribo gummi bears, I can confidently sit it out for another few weeks 😉.

Lastly, upon request *waves at Besotted*, here are a couple of pictures from Casa Guylty. First up is “Rupert Armchair”, also tenderly abbreviated to “RA”, in his new habitat.

Not sure why I am suddenly reminded of this 😇:

The next project is a reading light for Rupert, and something to disguise that ugly electrical switch in the corner there. (This room served as a kitchen for some time before and after we moved in, and the switch operated an electric cooker.) And the following is the newly covered sofa in our sitting room.

It’s not a massive departure from the previous sofa covers (they were a deep orange) but it is clean and unripped.

Happy May, everybody!



24 thoughts on “New Audio Book in the Can!

  1. The acoustics may have been okay in the Ikea wardrobe.
    You are ahead of the UK as far as the lockdown goes so I shall watch with interest to see what your government will allow.
    One of our large hardware stores has reopened so paint and garden products are now available so we are decorating and gardening.
    Human trials are happening in Oxford with regard to a vaccine ( my niece is a radiographer in Oxford) that’s about the only positive things I have heard for some time.


    • Oh damn, I forgot, he switched to a wardrobe. (I thought the loo sounded much more picturesque, though.)
      Our taoiseach has just made some announcements: The country will reopen from 18th May with a 5-phase plan. Each phase will last three weeks and will successively lift restrictions. In case of the infection numbers rising again, the easing of restrictions can and will be reversed. But essentially it means that “normality” will not be reached again until mid-August – if all goes well.
      I really hope that they are making progress with those vaccines and treatments.


  2. I LOVE your house! It looks soooo cozy. I just want to climb up on that sofa with my kindle and stay!

    Speaking of, I need to do something with my cushions. They’re sagging in the middle.

    will be waiting for the new audio book. I have a nice little Audible library. I should listen to them. I have audible on my new paperwhite. I have wireless earbuds… I should try it out. hmmmm.


    • Hehe – cozy it looks. But in truth, it’s usually pretty chilly in here. The old house has no modern insulation. The windows are single-glazed and on sash (which means there are plenty of gaps). No central heating, only open fireplaces = drafty. But yes, it is a beautiful place.
      Have you heard to your audible library already or are they all new to you? If so, jump in and enjoy the audio chocolate. No calories – but yummmmmmmm

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      • I have my audible library downloaded, but I”ve not listened in a while. I can load it to my kindle if I listen with blue tooth ear buds. I have those. I just need to try them out and tweak them

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  3. Helpful interpretation of brain waves: I think the chair made you think of that cheeky photo of RA because of how the respective fabrics hug the curves on both…shapes…so nicely. And so tightly. Wait, no, no, no, I’ve got it. It’s because both, um…bodies…are covered in plaid fabrics. It’s because the fabrics are plaids. Yes, that’s it!

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  4. Your house looks lovely – I especially like the windows with the shutters. 😊
    I’m happy to hear there’s not just one but two new audiobooks to look forward to. I’ve nearly finished The Other People, it has me well and truly hooked.


    • The shutters are really so cool. Makes me wonder why modern houses don’t come with shutters like that anymore. They are so easy to use – against the sun, or for privacy at night. Or even in the winter to keep the warmth in the room.
      I really enjoyed The Other People, too. And I can’t wait for a new audio book. I’ve been struggling to find material to listen to while I am crafting.


  5. 😂😂😂 at armitagebesotted’s textile-related comment. Rupert’s plaid looks like the lovechild of that suit and the purple one. Another here who loves your house, Guylty. Exactly what I think of when I hear the term ‘gracious residence’. Those shutters… That fireplace… That lovely square. What,stories that house could tell.

    And talking of stories, am I hearing whispers of yet another audiobook – to be titled The Fan, The Rich and the Wardrobe?


    • Hehe, ‘gracious residence’ – as in the property pages for houses on sale? 😁In that sense, our house is pretty gracious, tenants excluded 😂.
      And yes, the house could tell wonderful stories, I am sure. Some of which we know because it has been in the family for about 130 years. Some of which because of a book that was written about the square. It is a fascinating book.
      LOL – I’d love to have Richard read ‘The Fan, The Rich and the Wardrobe’ for Audible.


      • Oooh, it’s even cooler to live in a square named after Mr Darcy. 😍

        Btw, I’m wishing I never thought of that audiobook now. I’m struggling not to write it myself.🤭
        “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of an audiobook to record must be in want of a wardrobe…”


  6. May the 4th is the date of a prudent, limited re-opening in Italy. Are we governed by a bunch of Star Wars fans? This would explain the tendency of our politicians to join the dark side! Never in my life I waited for Monday with such desire, albeit the only thing I’ll can do are walks.


    • LOL – that’s a convincing argument, Lurkerella. I’ve been wondering about the May Fourth connection, too. We can only hope that the force is with us.


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