2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

Have run out of things to say. Here is the round-up.

  1. Lots of Lucas from mezzmerizedbyrichard’s gif folder
  2. Riepu10 is giffing the latest TL scenes. Here is Richard looking pretty in a winter coat. Gif 4, though… 🐶 👀
  3. Oooh, I’ve been waiting for some Adam Price fan fic. Here is a one-shot, which appears to be number 4 in a series, though, from loverichardarmitage. (Haven’t read this myself, but just FYI.)
  4. Another TL gif by riepu10 – this would make a nice prompt for a fan fic
  5. LOL – another reason not to watch TL? A comment from gatissed
  6. This is fun – the quarantine tag, posted by bugsieplusone. I can hasard a guess which celebrity *you* have on your phone…
  7. Fizzyxcustard on Richard’s ring tone
  8. Deepestfirefun has put the Toronto pics into a handy set
  9. Part 2 of depestfirefun’s Toronto photo set
  10. Jeepers creepers. I could watch this gif set by jakeborellis forever…
  11. Big gif set of Adam – on a construction site 😂. By 51kas81
  12. For easier overview, here is a link to the “Lyn’s Writing Event” tag – that’s the RA fan fic prompts that Lyn announced last week. You can find several stories under the tag already. I had planned to take part, too, but unfortunately missed day 1

Hope you are all well! Stay safe,

S. x


33 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

  1. I agree with number 5
    I felt really disloyal saying what I did about The Lodge but I suppose we can’t all like the same things. It wasn’t worthy of him and I know he said how much he wanted to work with the directors but they were so awful.
    When there was a mass exodus to leave before the q&a started (London film festival) I felt vindicated.


    • I still can’t tell (because I haven’t watched it yet), but I have to say that the fan verdicts on top of the genre are not really making me feel I *want* to…


  2. I agree with #5 too. I was hoping to at least appreciate the RA scenes, even though I had zero interest in the film to start with, but not even watching the film just for the eye candy could spark joy, to quote Marie Kondo. I’m quite happy to watch Richard play a baddie, with all the shades of light and dark he brings to those roles, but this “Lodge Richard” is a self-absorbed tosser completely oblivious to the needs of his children. I fast forwarded through the non-RA scenes until Richard leaves the lodge, then zipped to the end, knowing what happens but in a masochistic moment I watched it anyway *eyeroll* Once is enough for me, I’ll settle for looking at the pics and gifs – thank you Paula!!

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    • I think the fast-forward method is the only thing I can stomach, too. Hearing that the character is so unlikeable, takes away all the motivation to do so, though. In that sense, the gifs are so much better. Just reduced on the visuals, it’s all fine.
      I’m glad you are all sharing your opinion about the film. Helps me make my own choices.


      • Reduced to the visuals – that applies to Francis Dolarhyde as well for me. A few years down the track and it’s mainly about the muscles and the shorty shorts now. Caps and gifs. Richard was superb in the role, he deserved all the accolades, and I’m not taking away from how he played Francis with such depth and sensitivity. The premise of the whole show makes me nauseous anyway, but even though he roused my sympathy, Francis is utterly chilling and I hate being creeped out.


        • Fair enough, Mezz. I think that is actually a natural reaction to a sick serial killer. If it weren’t for the flood of images (out of context), it would be much easier to kind of erase the character from the fandom’s consciousness.


  3. Thanks Guylty, as ever, for the round-up, and particularly for luscious Lucas (thanks too Mezz!).
    5) I agree too about RA’s character in TL, he is a shit, although for a beardy-daddy he is scrumptious (and really suits a trellis). It depressed me seeing him in such a role that anybody could have done. The film itself though was far, far better, and less conventional than I expected. Plus, it was beautifully shot, with sparing use of music and Riley Keough was good. My OH, who was annoyed that I had hoodwinked him into watching a Richard Armitage vehicle (apparently I should have warned him), was blown away by it.


    • LOL on the miffed OH. I made mine watch TS with me, and he liked the show but I think only reluctantly so. Richard makes everything worse for him 😂
      I am really intrigued by the “trellis” comment now.


  4. Much eye candy this week—yummy. I was never in any danger of watching TL, so the negative opinions only make me sad inasmuch as I want him to have better luck with projects. I’d still pay good money to know what the role was he had to turn down because he was committed to TL.


    • Oh, that’s right, he did mention something like that.
      It’s a weird thing with these projects. I am sure RA must have seen some sort of merit in taking on that role – despite “Richard” being such an asshole dad. Maybe the script was different, or it all went downhill in the editing room. (Not that I can judge, not having seen the thing.) Or the desire to work with the directors was so strong, he didn’t mind the shortcomings of the character…


  5. I didn’t watch TL but I have noticed that RA is insufferable in petty unpleasant characters. Too much good acting for the average fangirl? I’ve had enough of Percy the worm at one time with his wife.


    • You might be on to something Lurkerella! Though imho I don’t believe the Lodge role would’ve stretched his acting chops too much. I don’t believe there was much Richard could add to the character as he was written. Riley Keough and the children had much more to work with obviously, the story was all about them.

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