2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

My Guy of Gisborne fan corner is expanding. Having received a lovely letter from LoLo, containing one of Aninomori’s beautiful cards, I had to display it on my mantle.I’m so pleased to now have the space to display my favourite things in my room. I can enjoy them in private, without comment from husbands and/or visitors. Win-win.

But for today’s round-up, here we go.

  1. Drinking a glass of lemonade has never been so sexy. Gif set of Richard from TL by riepu10
  2. Guy wants to focus on the body. One of nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants posts
  3. And since we are with Guy right now, I have always loved this scene from season 1. Guy giving a generous gift to Marian. Proof that he can’t be that bad. Gifs by riepu10
  4. Hold on a minute! What is Richard holding here? Is that a hair dryer? 😂 Gif from BTS of TH by thewarriorandtheking
  5. Norloth has drawn a very grumpy Thorin
  6. Some thoughtful, angsty Adam Price pics courtesy of mzperx0506universe
  7. I laughed out loud at this Thilbo fan art by avotuli. Bitch please 😂
  8. OMG. I am not seeing double but nine-fold. Fabulous gif by riepu10
  9. The Armpitage Army is thrilled to see this scene in gif shape. Thank you, riepu10
  10. Lovely. Should put that on continuous loop because the message is welcome. Richard in gifs by jakeborellis
  11. Sometimes just *one* BIG photo does the trick. Adam Price. Post by fizzyxcustard
  12. I’m quite enjoying some of these little head canon questions. Here is one about Sir Guy by narnvaeron

Today’s list is a bit on the meagre side. So here is a little extra for you.

So, considering the adorable bed head, here is a fan fic recommendation for you. The fic is not new, but it fits quite nicely with the visuals. Check out “Bed head” by RAllatrix on AO3. I hope you’ll have a lovely Saturday afternoon.

Stay safe,

Sonja ❤


12 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

  1. Guy has been in mind too. Damaris from C19 writes a good tale. Her books are published and are available on Audible, she writes as Sarah Hawkswood and her latest (at least to me) is called Hostage to Fortune and features a ‘Guy’ I think we may all recognise. 😊


  2. Just noticed your piece about The Seville Communion being added to RA’s United Agent’s page I thought that had been renamed Skin of the Drum and was only a possibility at that.


    • Hm, never heard of the film being renamed to that. But there was another name thrown around at some point. Was it “Our man from Rome”?
      Also, interestingly, as someone pointed out on Twitter (Olga?), Richard’s UA page doesn’t list Uncle Vanya… They have some catching up to do…


  3. Thanks for the round-up Guylty. Lots of glorious Guy ( including Aninomori’s beautiful drawing) and sexy bed-head guy.
    1) Is there anything that the man can’t do sexily? He is a master at seductively raising glasses to his lips. I’d never stop offering him drinks if I had the opportunity.
    4) Not bad at using a hairdryer sexily either.
    8) Oompph! Bed-head Richard is so gorgeous, I could sink into him.
    9) Armitage Army! LOL! Suck on that Audible!
    And “Bed head” was really good and convincing. I was a bit puzzled at first about RA using his lips and tongue in tandem, so practised blowing my lips and tongue in and out like a fish until I realised that I might have to explain myself – I get it now.


  4. #3. Aww, look at the expression on Guy’s face in that last gif! So pleased and proud that his surprise has been a success.

    Lovely roundup again. Thank you Guylty – it’s perked up a boring Sunday afternoon.


  5. Well here in England we are coming out of hibernation , I feel a bit like a Guinea pig in Boris’s great plan.
    I was speaking with a friend at the weekend who is going to keep on with the ‘stay home’ as much as possible, as he couldn’t see the evidence that things have changed for the better. It appears purely economic!


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