2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

We are now over eight weeks in “lockdown”. Ireland is going to take the first step in easing the restrictions on Monday, with some construction work happening again, as well as garden centres and hardware stores reopening. I have to honestly say that I would not have thought that the crisis would last this long. Little did I know… I hope you are all in good spirits, wherever you are. Here comes the round-up.

  1. A scene worth reblogging not just because of Mr Thornton in half-dark and profile, but also because of what he says. I feel slightly reconciled with his otherwise capitalist approach. Gif set by riepu10
  2. Nice Porter edit by mezzmerizedbyrichard – just what I need
  3. I had to laugh out loud at this reader ask about Gisborne. Answered by thorinthehottotty
  4. In case you haven’t seen aninomori’s latest drawing of Richard, here it is… Sexy in specs…
  5. Crazytxgradstudent has got her hands on a Thorin sculpture by WETA
  6. I enjoyed this Dolarhyde fan fiction by dabisburntnut, which is part of the Armitage Writing Event
  7. Riepu10 has also giffed a scene from TL – Richard in the car
  8. Interesting!! I don’t think I had seen a female Francis Dolarhyde until now. Obviously I can’t read the (Chinese?) script, but I thought this was cool. By yeti-wang
  9. Ok, just blank out those magnifying glasses and otherwise enjoy Francis at work. Many thanks for this gif set to riepu10

Tumblr this week seems to be thoroughly occupied with fan fics and asks, so there was very little in visual fan art or other posts. And I simply didn’t have the patience to read through all the fan fics, but if you are interested, the easiest way of finding stuff at the moment is to search for or click here on #Lyn’s Writing Event.

Continue to stay safe, all!

Sonja ❤️


18 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #19

  1. Thank you so much for all the mentions! 😊 Not sure I deserve so many..

    The old problem with posts not showing up in the tags has come back. And there aren’t so many new posts than few years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You deserve every mention – because I autocratically think so 😉*hehe*. No, but seriously – all those gifs you share with us. Can’t be mentioned often enough!
      Ah, I see, the tagging issue continues. But yes, I also had the impression that things have slowed down considerably. And while I think it is fantastic that there is so much writing activity at the moment, I have the impression that it comes at the price of less visual fan art…


  2. Thanks Guylty for the round-up, it is helping me to erase those bulging eyes from my memory, shudder!
    1) The capitalist master still needs a little work to see the error of his ways but I would enjoy the tussles!
    2) I wager that Guy doesn’t wear underpants ( judging by certain photos) and there is no V.P.L . Thorin does apparently. I was sighing over the beautiful unattainable Asmus model and the product description says the toy includes ‘One pair of long underpants with stitched pattern’, which made me laugh.
    3) I quite like Mr Dragon in his magnifying glasses!.
    Yes I can’t believe it has been nearly two months …


  3. Thank you for another roundup, and again for the inclusion. It’s an old edit, something I very rarely do these days, lacking creativity *sigh*
    Australia is easing restrictions cautiously. We never had full lockdown. Staying at home was key, but hardware stores, hairdressers, garden centres, and some retail have remained open the whole time. Construction has continued. Tradesmen have been very busy. The fellow who did our garden edging said he had been flat out – because people were at home more they were seeing things they wanted done. Many cafes and restaurants have turned to takeaway food and meals to keep running, while others have just closed their doors.


    • That’s an interesting approach, especially as it also relies on the wider public doing their bit and staying put, rather than continue living as if there was no pandemic. I am curious to see how the Australian approach worked in comparison with the harsher restrictions elsewhere. At least it will have allowed the Australian economy to function at a higher level than in most other countries. I am beginning to become more and more aware of the havoc the pandemic restrictions have wreaked on businesses…


      • There have been inconsistences leading to confusion and frustration. The federal government gave guidelines for restrictions, but it was up to individual states to choose how they wanted to go ahead. For example, you could have a haircut but in our state you couldn’t play a solo game of golf or go fishing on your own. Despite this, people generally have been doing the right thing and staying home where possible.
        Criticizing in hindsight is always easier than having to make the tough decisions on the run when you don’t know what you’re facing. On the whole though, I think we’ve done well, with just under a hundred deaths out of a population of 25.5 million. It’s a big country though, and most of the cases have occurred in urban areas. I’ve been happier than usual to live in a rural area!
        Our economy, like the rest of the world, has taken a huge hit. So many businesses which were forced to close because of the lockdown won’t be reopening. It will take years to dig our way out of this hole.


        • The low number of deaths really is astounding. I mean, Ireland has only 4.5m inhabitants, and we have almost 1,600 deaths at this point. (Granted, a much smaller country and the deaths mostly concentrated in urban areas.) The economy here will be stunted, too. This whole crisis is going to be felt much longer after the virus will have been eradicated.


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