It’s Tea Time

The other day I was half-heartedly watching an Irish food programme on telly, when suddenly I heard the name “Porter”.

Boom! I bet *that* got your attention.

In fact, they were talking about Porter cake. I thought of this again:

Totally a cheap re-post, I admit.

I’d take a cake from Porter any day.

There he is, carrying the cake.

And how has your Sunday been? I am going to eat cake now. Cheese cake, that is. In the meantime we can all try and figure out what the ingredients for Porter cake would be. 250g determination? 100ml liquid ruthlessness? A pinch of softness? A handful of old-fashioned gallantry? 2 nuts? Delicious…


23 thoughts on “It’s Tea Time

  1. We had cake last night! My older son came over to celebrate his 25th birthday,,, first time we’d seen him in two months! (The cake was bought by my husband, though. No Porters were harmed in the eating of the cake.)

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    • LOL on your last sentence.
      How nice to have your son around for a short while. It’s really extra strange at the moment, even if we can talk on the phone or facetime each other. It’s not the same as seeing the kids.

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  2. For the German recipe you could replace the nuts with two eggs … Sounds better for a cake, doesn’t it?
    And don’t forget the banana. Very important, the banana, very important!

    Und, ja, ich weiß, dass Deutsch dir nicht völlig fremd ist. *gg*

    Hmm, ich hab noch Marmorkuchen … Zwerge kennen sich mit Gestein – und somit auch Marmor – aus, oder? Muss mal schnell den Herrn mit der gedichtwürdigen Nase anrufen. Vielleicht lässt er sich mit Kuchen davon ablenken, dass er nie ein Gedicht über seine Ohren bekommen hat …


    • *giggles* I actually started out writing the recipe suggestions with “two eggs” and then realised that it just didn’t chime well in English. But you are absolutely right, this recipe would work better in German with Eier. Bananas, however, should also be included in the English recipe. Should we also throw a couple of raspberries in there? And peaches!!! Definitely one peach, cut in half.
      Marmor Stein und Eisen bricht, aber Thorins Hose nicht… oder so…


  3. I’d take anything from Porter. I bet porter cake is delicious though (both kinds). Chocolate Guinness cake is lovely, although I would give anything to taste again the Guinness bread that was around for a short time. it was just delicious and quite sweet and dense (not like our Porter!). I’m having cheesecake tonight too.


    • Oooh, chocolate Guinness cake. I must research that.
      Yep, Guinness has a certain sweetness to it. Hehe, all thanks to my husband’s ancestor, who happens to be the master brewer who brought the recipe for Porter to Dublin when he left London in a hurry in 1778.

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        • Oooh, that recipe looks delicious. I should really give that a try next time there is some kind of family gathering. Thanks for that, J!
          As for the ancestor’s reason to leave London in a hurry – it’s actually a really interesting story. The ancestor and his family were followers of what is known as the “Moravian Church”. They were basically one of the early Protestant splits in Bohemia in the 15th century which later went on mission abroad. They established themselves in London in the mid-1700s and had a sizeable congregation. (They still exist, btw.) Things went South, however, when the local church leader (possibly a son of the Count von Zinzendorf who had revived the church back in Bohemia) went gaga and turned the church into a cult, demanding that he had the spiritual right to deflower the virgin daughters of the congregation as a special communion with god. (Yeah, right.) My husband’s ancestor, as I said, was a member of the congregation – and his daughters (or granddaughters?) were coming up to their teenage years… Hence, family lore has it that he did a runner before he had to hand over his daughters to the Count. (Interestingly, he did not leave the Moravian church as such but remained a member. Dublin had established its own congregation in 1760, which may have been the reason why he chose Ireland.) Originally the family apparently came from Tewkesbury.


  4. i think Porter cake would include a lot of sweat, but that’s ok! I loved Richie in that role. The show went totally downhill after his character left the show, got killed I think. After that it was just guys blowing up things…


  5. Just admiring the bushy armpits … RA’s natural colour appears to be quite a bit lighter than the dark brown/black hair associated with most of his roles. Can’t help wondering whether his collar matches the cuffs?! 😆


    • *snorts uncontrollably* Very well put, Zigzag. I perfectly understand and I very much join you in wondering about the colour matching. And I have always assumed that his natural hair colour is actually light brown/dark blonde rather than mid-brown – based on the armpits…
      Those armpits – I know, not the stuff of fangirl dreams, usually. I must have an armpit kink or something but I find exposed, unshaved armpits on men rather *um* sexy.


      • I don’t actually think he’s that light. I think his natural color is less saturated than when they dye it, but RDC seemed pretty au natural and that was rather dark with gray peeking through. In my experience body hair and head hair don’t necessarily correlate that strongly. I have seen no less than four colors in the same guy—none of it dyed.


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