RA As Breakfast Sprinkles

What a great start to the week. Just in time for breakfast, the post man delivered a package from the Netherlands with a speciality that is unavailable outside of the Low Lands. Dear Esther had heard my desperate lament that my stash of vruchten hagel had recently finished. And she went out of her way – during the whole corona crisis – to buy me a couple of packets and send them to me. She would not even allow me to reimburse her the postage. All she wanted in return was this:

A picture of my favourite breakfast sweets in use. (I was lucky we had a last slice of white toast available. Classic combination.) 

However, I have decided to go Dutch and have something special in store for her. This is obviously not a new idea (after all I did a similar thing a couple of weeks ago), but this is dedicated to Esther. RA as breakfast sprinkles.

Which is your favourite? Mine is vruchten hagel, all the way.

At Esther: Thank you so very much. You are a star! It is just such a joy to have met such kind and lovely people here on the internet, who enjoy helping others out and cheering them up, without asking for anything in return. This has made my day and my week. Breakfasts will be feasts! If there is anything I can send you in return, please let me know 😘


58 thoughts on “RA As Breakfast Sprinkles

  1. I have never heard of such a thing. We do have the chocolate ones for baking. My goodness. 🤤 Not having eaten them, I can only go by looks and I choose the pink. Brilliant combo.

    Congratulations on this most entertaining diversion (and the upgrade for your future breakfasts) and a big round of applause to Esther for making your day.

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    • Den Beerenfrüchten spendiere ich noch ein Fragezeichen in Klammern dahinter (?), für den Fall, dass ich mit der geratenen Übersetzung falsch liege.

      Und dein Toastbrot erinnert mich an ein Gummibärchen. Formmäßig. *g*


      • Die Beerenfrüchte sind “Wald”beeren. “Bos” = Wald.
        Das Toastbrot war eine Ausnahme im Hause Guylty. Wunsch vom gälischen Gatten und dem Mischlingskind. Ich kann sonst gut drauf verzichten, aber bei Hagelslag ist das der Klassiker. Schmeckt aber auch auf getoastetem Vollkornbrot aus meiner Eigenproduktion 😋

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    • Mischen kling gut!
      Die fiesen Farben haben mich mit damals ca. 7 Jahren geradezu magnetisch angezogen, als ich zum ersten Mal die Vruchtenhagel kennenlernte.


  2. Oh my goodness, you made my evening with this post! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😃 😃 😃

    Yep, these sprinkles are totally unhealthy and extremely popular over here. Had I seen this post sooner I would’ve taken a picture of the sprinkles section in our supermarket to share here as well. I just got back as I always shop there in the evening, that’s when it’s the most quiet.

    My fave is the Puur chocolate sprinkles. I in fact just had some on toast for lunch today! They melt a bit on the butter that also melts and it’s oh so yummy.

    The last two called packs you shared called muisjes are what new parents treat their visitors to who come visit the newborn – pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys, both served on that round toast-biscuit (beschuit) you see on the pictures of the package. The aniseed is supposed to be good for breastfeeding (but I think that could also be something the Dutch say to justify eating this).

    Yeah, there is a lot of delicious, unhealthy typically Dutch food and now I can picture Richard with all of that as well! Yep, you made my evening. 🙂

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    • I am glad if I gave you a chuckle and a smile, Esther. That’s the least I can do in return for this wonderful package. I squeeked loudly when my hubs brought the package up from the postman. Luckily it was before we had had breakfast, so the toast went on immediately. What a pleasure it was to eat fresh vruchtenhagel again! (The last spoonfuls of the old vruchtenhagel that I found in my cupboard a few weeks ago, were sort of bland. And weirdly, all the orange colour had vanished, and the hagel bits were only pink and yellow… a mystery…)
      The Netherlands really likes aniseed, right? I mean, you also have the greatest variety of liquorice etc, if I remember correctly. So I am not surprised your have the muisjes to celebrate baby boys and girls. I kind of like the idea of that tradition. (Although I am not massively fond of aniseed.) Interesting, I also did not know that aniseed was good when breastfeeding.
      One day I will make it to the Netherlands and I will definitely go into a supermarket to check out the “hagel” aisle. I’ll probably find paradise there.
      Thank you once again – I am thrilled (and secretly considering to toast a slice of bread right now and indulge again). You really have brought me much joy! xxx

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      • Mr Esther is out taking a walk right now, but he’ll get a real kick out of this post too when I show him. Now he’ll know that sending the vruchtenhagel (which was lying about for two weeks or so before I finally made it to the post office!) was totally worth it. 🙂
        Do hubs and kids like it too or are you able to keep all the vruchtenhagel to yourself?
        Yeah, be sure to head into a Dutch supermarket when you do come to The Netherlands sometime! I’ll be glad to show you around and give recommendations. 🙂


        • Hehe, I hope Mr Esther is going to get a laugh out of these pictures!
          And no, I absolutely do NOT share my vruchtenhagel. It is jealously guarded by me, and I am not joking. Me only. (Ok, but it also happens to be the case that Mr Guylty and Little Miss are not really fond of sweet breakfast. So it works out fine.)
          And it’s a date! When I finally make it to the Netherlands, I’ll pencil in a supermarket visit with you, Esther 😄

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  3. What a lovely Esther surprise! It’s Lucas sprinkles for me (are they black or dark-brown?) although ‘they all’ look very tasty. I was offered sprinkles for breakfast with a boiled egg in Amsterdam and couldn’t bring myself to try it – but they were delicious on their own.

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  5. What a wonderful combination of yummyness…I’d suggest ‘Tiger Vlokken’ for Francis Dolarhyde and those dark sprinkles with little green ghosts (forgot the name, Ester will know them) for Trevor Belmont. We love them and Albert Hejn is the place to be in the Netherlands.


  6. I had no idea this is a thing, let alone a German one. Wow, it’s similar to the Pop Tarts that people est for breakfast here in the States. Esther is very sweet, and you certainly deserve that kindness. Enjoy! ❤️


    • Minor correction – not German but Dutch :-). But only similar to Pop Tarts in that it is pure sugar. Otherwise these sprinkles are more like hundreds and thousands and other cake decoration.

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