RA Pocket Shrine 220/? – Untie

Did you see Ani’s latest unbearably cute cartoon?

You really have to look at all the details there, including the text on the letter, the sweating, the feet in socks, and the tongue of concentration. Oh, and Pinot Noir! And not that I have ever known Mama Armitage, but I think Ani has caught her really well in her sketch. Mr A even liked the sketch by way of a RT he had been tagged in. Lovely!

Myself, I have also been working on some fan art. Inspired by chocolate, btw. Here goes.


The tin had a nice design, so I left it untouched. (In hindsight, maybe another character might have made more sense for it, but well…) Instead we find this guy:

Mr Thornton in the scene that makes you love him upon *second* viewing. On first viewing it may be the “Look back, lock back at me” moment, and then most definitely “The Kiss”…

Well, let’s move on to the wedding night.

Ooops. Well, just because I wanted to bring in an interactive element. The neckerchief can be loosened. (It’s not that easy to tie a nice knot, though.)

Something for the Thornton lovers. I think I’ll keep it in the archive for an upcoming auction.

Meanwhile, let me share some flowers with you. Just because they bring joy. (They arrived late last evening as a big surprise at my house. Not fandom-related. But only after I received them I realised how much I have been missing flowers. I don’t buy them that often, but usually I buy a bunch of tulips here and there during spring. With all shops closed this year, there was no such thing. All the more surprising to receive this bouquet from a friend.)



25 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 220/? – Untie

  1. Ah, lovely. Both the shrine (be still my heart) and the tulips. I’ve been treating myself because a local flower farm has started to do home deliveries because the shops they normally sell though are shut. You sign up in advance then put a bucket of water in your front garden the night before they are due and like magic, in the morning it has a lovely bouquet of seasonal flowers 😃


    • What a gorgeous idea by the local flower farm. I love it. I particularly love the element of surprise there – and the fact that the flowers turn up as if by magic. Also, great way to support a local business!


    • I like that businesses have diversified, but I am in North Essex and fresh fish doesn’t have the appeal of flowers!
      I have heard about the ‘dial up Mr Whippy ice-cream’ where they deliver to your door but I hate to think how much that costs lol


  2. Beautiful shrines and beautiful flowers! 🌷❤️
    I absolutely love Ani’s cartoon (every single detail) and I’m happy that Richard has seen it 😊
    Stay safe 🙏🏻❤️

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    • I am so glad that you tweeted Ani’s picture at him – and he even reacted to it. It’s such a cute thing, and also really heart-warming to see her remembered so fondly by fans. (At least I hope that that is what he took from it.)


  3. Oh, lovely Thornton. And the sweet background is top! I volunteer to help him with his cravat. I’ll have that untied in a jiffy. 😉

    I love tulips 🌷🌷🌷

    And Ani’s latest is so sweet. ♥️♥️♥️


    • Eagle eyes!!! Yes, Thornton’s chocolates were the inspiration. I mean, it’s an old joke, but it thrills me every time I see Thornton’s chocolates in a shop here. Silly.
      Untying that cravat – I mean, even *I* would love to do that, given the chance.

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      • You cannot hide a box of chocolates from me. 😆 I totally love that connection. It’s not silly at all. I remember RDC. You’d knocked on the door, we had hugged and then flopped down on the bed and one of the first things you retrieved from your bag was a large box of Thorntons. Those were the days. 😘

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  4. This is fun. Thanks for entertaining me. And by the way, here’s a story about that proposal scene. I screened my N&S DVDs for a group of friends one time. When RA blurted out “I want to marry you, because I love you!” I stopped the show for a small lecture, Jane Austen style. “Ladies, if a gorgeous man EVER shouts that at you, ignore the so-called anger and take its meaning literally. He’s gorgeous. He loves you. Marry him! Do NOT turn your back and behave all huffy! This does not happen every day, and may never happen again in your life! Seize the opportunity!”

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  5. Oh Ani’s cartoon… It is perfect! What a lovely way to depict the fond memory RA recalled of he and his Mum reading and responding to fan mail. How wonderful it was brought to his attention by Olga.

    Since I moved away from the Midwest I don’t get to see tulips in spring anymore (too hot) so seeing these are a real treat.

    Beautiful Mr Thornton- how could anyone in their right mind reject HIM? Gorgeous shrine as always, G. Untie me, indeed 😍


    • The cartoon was just so good… and it is not every day that we see Mama Armitage, who is actually rather fondly remembered by many fans, even though we never knew her personally, in a piece of fan art. I thought Ani did this with much sweetness.
      Oh, I had never really considered that tulips are “regionally restricted” – but it makes sense. I guess you get to see lots of tropical flowers instead?


  6. Gorgeous shrine and the tulips are too. Poor Thornton. I thought Margaret treated him very contempuously in that scene. I never liked her much, but I hated her in that instance, and repeated viewings don’t change my opinion.
    It was a mix of feeling teary and being unable to stop smiling when I saw that cartoon, it was just so sweet. Because he’d mentioned it in an interview, I often imagined Richard and his mum sitting at the kitchen table going through his fan mail, especially when my own photo was returned with his signature.


    • I just didn’t get how Margaret was that inconsiderate in the scene. Ok, she didn’t like the man, but to assume an offer of marriage is an affront… takes a bit of hubris. Yes, I didn’t really feel much sympathy for her, either.
      The cartoon really was so lovely – to remember Mama Armitage was simply sweet. Like you say, I also believe that some of my letters (with requests for signatures) went through her hands. In fact, ever since she fell ill and then passed away, my requests for signatures have never been answered even though I sent the obligatory stamped envelope etc. I have given up on that. Sad.


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