Richard Gives Us A Glimpse Of His Wardrobe… eh… Studio

Now, this is something to brighten up a Thursday. Not only because of the shining white shirt. Or the luxurious mane. But this article by Radio Times includes a fabulous little video of Richard not only talking about his latest Audible recording, but he even gives us a tour of his “home studio”.

Man, he really looks like a demi-god in white there *fans and then thuds anyway*


  • I’m still not convinced that that is a wardrobe 😂. It’s massive. But I am glad to see that RA has all the top paraphernalia for audio recording there. Røde and all. Very impressive.
  • Also, as usual loving his little shpiel about the book (or short stories) he is reading. As always very eloquent.
  • I thought it was interesting to see him read that little excerpt – he really couldn’t help but *act* what he read, looking up to the horizon and gesticulating. Definitely an audio book performer, not a mere narrator.
  • And now, Richard, that wasn’t so hard, was it, making a little clip to let us see what you are up to? Quite fun. I really liked it. (And I appreciate that you put on a fresh white shirt, just for us!) Thank you!

40 thoughts on “Richard Gives Us A Glimpse Of His Wardrobe… eh… Studio

  1. Thank you for this. I wish he understood how much it means to us to watch a short video like this one. It is especially comforting to hear from him during this pandemic. A few tears may have escaped here and there…


  2. Damn fine picture! Wowza. I love his hair longer like this and he does look superb in a white shirt. This audio book sounds really great. I wonder how much he gets paid for the audiobook narrations?


    • I never thought it was that lucrative. Probably depends individually in the bankability of the performer. I wonder though, whether he has a contract that gives him a cut on the proceeds? Might explain the effort he puts into promoting Audible over his TV and film work?


  3. I have to admit this made me a little weak in the knees. I wonder if his “wardrobe” is actually just a walk-in closet? It really was a welcome pleasure to get a peek at him working at home while looking so gorgeous and speaking so eloquently. Lovely.


    • It really looked like a closet to me, too, except that such are really not a thing in Europe. I wonder whether he has somehow put two wardrobes together back to back, leaving out the backs and accessing through one of doors. Talented DIYer that he is…?


      • Haha…you just made me think of Dr Scott White and his trusty hammer! He might just have the mad DIY skills to do it but I have a feeling he had help from whoever supplied him with the recording equipment/soundproofing supplies 😉


        • I think you could be right there… After many years of living comfortably, his DIY skills may be a little bit rusty. Not to mention lack of tools.


  4. Oh, it’s The Fans, the Rich and the Wardrobe, there before our very eyes. It’s almost a nineteenth century
    poet-ish/Thornton-esque white shirt – very appropriate for the reading matter.

    (Belated thankyous for the roundup and praise for the lovely RAPS. I’ve been out of action for a while.)


    • Oh, I hope you didn’t suffer anything heinous like the virus, Jenny 😱
      And oh yes, that white shirt is reaching a new high. Who would’ve thought? Works devastatingly well without a tie.


      • Just a migraine, fortunately, nothing to worry about, but they tend to hang on for a couple of days. So this was literally a sight for sore eyes! 😂 I hope you and everyone else are staying safe. 💕

        Kathy’s Ode was genius, meanwhile.


  5. Ode to the white shirt, the hair and Wardrobe.

    In his shirt so crisp and white,
    And glossy hair combed just right.
    RA is in his wardrobe recording,
    While fans are busy preordering.
    There’s a mystery that’s brewing,
    While his majesty we are viewing.
    Where do you suppose,
    He hangs up all his clothes?

    Kathy Jones

    If only the beard,
    Would disappear.


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  6. At least someone benefits from not getting a haircut for a couple of months! Love his longer locks (and the beard/shrubbery). And the white shirt, voice, excitement about this audiobook, etc. 🙂


    • This was definitely a mood lifter. He seemed very cheerful, too, chuckling about his make-shift studio. It’s always nice to see him in good form. And looking good, too.


  7. Lordy he’s gorgeous!! *flails* All that white really brings out his eyes. Is it possible that his lashes could be longer than I remember?!!


    • That whole impression was also created by the pristine white background he was sitting in front of. Wall of his room? Carefully chosen, so as to not give *anything* away of his personal environment 😁. Anyway, the whole thing looked kind of like heaven. It was only missing a few wispy clouds drifting across the screen ☁️

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