White Shirt Love Forever

If you can’t get enough of the white shirt, then we are in the same boat. My, it really cheered me up yesterday. Man, my finger hurt from all the screen shots.

Too much of a good thing?

Never! (And yes, I am deliberately leaving the sneer in there – just because I think it’s funny and breaks the demi-god image a little bit.)

And for a bit more context:

I deliberately caught that thumb porn in there. I mean, the perspective of the shot is skewed, but man, he’s got large hands…

Rescued from yesterday’s post, here is Kathy’s latest ode. Magnificent. It poses the searing existential questions of our time.

Maybe, if the lockdown continues and the wardrobe studio remains, that will eventually result in RA running out of clothes??? (There is some sort of fallacy in my argument there, not sure where, but, well…)

Also – I have had a wonderful surprise delivered this morning. Apparently this has been travelling for three (3!) weeks to get here from Finland:

Hot and sour? Aptly describes my favourite bad boy.

Isn’t he gorgeous? He was put together by Paula aka riepu10, and she has not only sent *me* one of these darling Lego figurines but an additional one to go into this year’s RA birthday auction. Isn’t that brilliant? (If you want to see more of her hilarious Lego versions of RA, click HERE to see her tweet.) In the meantime, a huge big thank you to Paula for this wonderful (and liquorice sweet) surprise! xx


11 thoughts on “White Shirt Love Forever

  1. I am enjoying the white shirt too! It must be a pretty deep wardrobe to fit his recording gear, a chair and his frame. He must have rigged up lighting in there too. I have to admire his ingenuity… along with his chiselled manly profile and his flowing locks! I had to do a short piece to camera for a video assignment and I had to write myself a script, rehearse it, but I still stumbled and mumbled my way through it. I guess he probably has to go through a similar process to make it sound natural, off the cuff??
    On a separate note, (and I realise that we’ll never really know,) but I can’t help wondering whether he has been in lockdown by himself? What about his father? And how his long distance relationship is faring? Presumably OK because he seems quite happy!


    • That wardrobe is definitely not an off-the-peg solution. I am wondering whether he basically pushed two back-less wardrobes together to create some sort of “den” 😁inside, and then somehow hung it with all that noise absorbing fabric.
      As for his eloquence – I know what you mean, Zigzag, but I actually believe it is a matter of routine. He has had enough experience of speaking to interviewers, and even if there is no interviewer in this clip, he probably had a plan what he was going to say.
      I have the same questions about his lockdown experience. My hunch is that he is on his own in London, just based on the assumption that even with theatres closed due to the virus, he had a contract until the beginning of May and thus had to stay put. Probably a difficult period when you are in a (relatively new?) relationship…


  2. I think he appears to be coping very well in lockdown, I was reading yesterday about different types of people coping better than others and I think he fits the type, likes his own company, tends to be an introvert, DIY skills lol


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