2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #20

How are you all doing? It was an exciting week for us fans, with that video dropping. Really has kept me smiling for the last few days, and so much so that I don’t even mind that tumblr this week is not a huge long list. Ha – do you think there is a strategy in that? Richard makes himself really scarce on SM, only tweets adverts and praise for actors he is friendly with. Which means as soon as he posts a little video, the starved fans are even more delighted? 😂 Probably not a conscious strategy, just his reluctance to be self-referential online.

Let’s have a look at tumblr.

  1. Heavenly Richard giffed by mezzmerizedbyrichard. I am mesmerised, too
  2. The RA writing event continues. Check the latest submissions via the hashtag here
  3. An interesting comment/question addressed to dabisburntnut on Richard’s IG. Tbh I had no idea he subscribed to the Kardashians 🤮
  4. Yes, yes, yes, I take them all even though I have thoroughly screen shot this myself. Richard’s latest video, screen capped by richardarmitagefanpage
  5. Some of these head canon asks are really interesting. Here is fizzyxcustard answering dabisburntnut’s question about Guy and body worshipping
  6. This also contains a white shirt. Maybe not quite as sexy as you thought… 😂 Gifs by riepu10
  7. Here’s a little John Porter scenario written by dabisburntnut
  8. I always love a look in fellow fans’ houses. Here is a picture of thewarriorandtheking’s office – nicely decorated
  9. For those of you who haven’t seen this on Twitter – this is a hilarious gif by riepu10, adjusted with a false movie quote by mujertropical
  10. Looking at these gifs by riepu10 of Francis Dolarhyde in his den, I am still marvelling at the amazing props dept. on Hannibal. And at the amazing pecs 😂
  11. Really loved this b/w screenshot/image of Dr Scott White by richard-crispin-armitage

Not much, but if you delve into the fan fiction, you could easily fill a couple of hours.

Have a good weekend, all, and stay safe!

Sonja ❤



18 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #20

  1. Another great roundup, short and sweet. #9 is hilarious. Thankyou for another inclusion, there was no resisting “heavenly Richard.” 😉


  2. Honestly not sure how porn is worse than the Kard🤢shians. I had read that somewhere before. Bit weird.

    Lovely gifs including that other white shirt. He leaps with such joy there.

    Te that question: Now I can’t stop thinking about kissing Guy’s hands. 🥰


    • The Kardashians are a kind of porn of their own, imo. Celebrity glamour porn or something like that. Or possibly also Stupid Rich People porn.
      Kissing Guy’s hands – there are worse things…


      • StupidRichPeoplePorn is definitely the best description.

        Oh, kissing Guy’s hands sounds very pleasurable. 💋✋🏻


  3. Lovely roundup as always, Guylty.
    #1 & 4 – I reckon Persil would pay good money for the white shirt pics (other detergent manufacturers are available.)
    #2 That pirate fic was great – I’m sure the others are too, but I haven’t had time to read them. #7 The Porter scenario was lovely as well. Gentle and understated but very him.
    #5 Da ei basia mille…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. First, I’m honored that my silly fake quote made it into your list. (Thank you, Kate, for thinking about asking Paula to put the words on the gif! – B.)

    As for Richard following the Kardashian woman, remember that Kim made a cameo at the Met Gals scene in Ocean’s 8. I’m pretty sure it’s a matter of networking, of making connections.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Violet, just now discovering you, mujertropical and B. are one and the same! (I’m hardly on Twitter these days) Miss you on Tumblr, like so many of the “originals.”


  5. Thanks for the round-up Guylty
    1) Mesmerising indeed, so dashing – sigh
    2) Fanfic for piRAtes I do like
    3) It actually amuses me to imagine him settling down to watch the Kardashians. I’m more surprised about all the fashion follows.
    3) Mesmerising indeed, so dashing – sigh
    5) Heh, heh, the nightshirt is not quite as mesmerising, except perhaps the last one where the light tantalisingly outlines his body
    9} Those short shorts were truly disturbing!


  6. It is Bank holiday Monday, the weather is lovely and I am desperate for a change of scenery!
    At the start of lockdown I took my car off the road saying we could get by with only one. Now I am living with a husband who doesn’t want to go further than his allotment!
    I feel I have been dealt a double whammy my husband had only been retired two months when we went into lockdown and I am about to climb the walls.


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