2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

Did you enjoy yesterday’s RA Blog Reunion Day? I have to say I found it really lovely – to read so many blog posts on one day, catching up with bloggers, and reading so many good stories and entertaining content. It really reminded me of ‘the olden days’. No, I am not saying everything was better then. Things were different, fandom was different. (An interesting description and remarks on fandom back then is included in Servetus’ Blog Reunion post. Check it out.) I think there was a certain feeling of “safety in numbers”, of not feeling quite so exposed and “weird” for being an Armitage blogger because there were a handful of others who posted about him, too. I guess I am a bit of a herd animal… After I had posted yesterday, a few more bloggers added to the pool. In case you haven’t read via the hashtag #RABlogReunion on Twitter, here are a few more links for your consideration:

Maria Grazia at Fly High

Phyllys Faves

Fanny / iz4blue

Fabo at White Rose Writings

Lots of still-active bloggers also took part – you know where to find them 😉. Suffice to say the idea was brilliant, so a big thank you once again to Nat for instigating.

And now the Saturday round-up.

We needed a new header:

  1. Not new, but those blue eyes… Large picture, 2012? posted by mzperx0506universe
  2. Including a piece of fan fic here – makes a nice change because it is written in 1st person. Francis Dolarhyde, written by fizzyxcustard for Lyn’s Writing Event
  3. A little bit of young Claude Monet giffed by riepu10
  4. Richardarmitagefanpage has noticed that CJ Tudor’s The Other People has a new cover illustration
  5. Egotistically including this set of gifs here because it is exactly the episode of Spooks season 3 that pulled me into the abyss. This is where I fell for Lucas North, and then got lost in a rabbit hole online. Gif set by riepu10
  6. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put four images of RA in his grey Burberry coat in a set. Feels a bit hot right now. But well, hot is apt
  7. A nice set of screenshots of Richard in snow white, taken from the most recent video message. Posted by mzperx0506universe
  8. Jeepers Creepers. This picture is 10 years old. RA photographed by Perou. Posted by Richard-crispin-armitage
  9. I find it really, really strange to see Richard with dark eyes. He is, however, stunningly attractive in these screenshots (?) by ausschweifendemotte
  10. And more of the same. Seriously – it’s weird. It looks like him, and yet it also doesn’t. Also by ausschweifendemotte
  11. Um. UNF. *coughs* Guy of Gisborne all tied up. Pic set by narnvaeron
  12. And the 3D effect in this gif by narnvaeron is really cool

There we are. A little bit late today due to an unexpected broadband outage and an annoying sore throat.

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Sonja ❤


39 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

  1. #5 I posted part 2/2 on Friday, but Tumblr seems to hate me and that post doesn’t show on the tag or even on the dashboards. I posted and deleted it more than 10 times, but nothing changed. There’s something wrong with Tumblr at the moment.

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  2. Thanks Guylty, some luscious pics here!
    5) I’m not surprised that Lucas in that episode was to blame. Resistance would have been futile. It is one of my favourite ones, we see a great range of emotions, he is simply chilling – that scene at Malcolm’s! – but oh he was hot (Lucas, not Malcolm).
    9) Yes, James is strangely and disturbingly attractive. With the contacts he looks even more like my brown-eyed father. I would love to know the reason why RA’s eye colour was changed.
    12) I’m quite overcome by that thrusting sword!


    • re his eye colour in My Zoe- i reckon it’s cause the daughter eyes are brown and either Richard or Julie needed to change eye colour and I guess not many naturally fair haired people have brown eyes…just my reasoning


      • I think you’re right Rachel. If I remember my high school science lessons correctly, it’s to do with blue eyes being a recessive gene, brown the dominant. Blue + blue = blue, brown + blue = brown. So either Richard or Julie had to change.

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          • Mezz is right, but it’s not that “simple”. Blue is recessive gene and if both parents have blue eyes, all their children are blue eyes. But brown eyed parents can children with blue eyes. It depends what genes they get.
            BrBr = Brown eyes
            BrBl = Brown eyes
            BlBl = Blue eyes
            So if both parents are BrBl, children’s can be BrBr, BrBl or BlBl.
            If parents are BrBr and BrBl, children’s can be BrBr or BrBl.
            Children can have blue eyes only if both parents are BlBl

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            • I posted that comment too quickly before it was ready. That last point is: children can have blue eyes if their parents are BlBl or BrBl


                • Theoretically, yes. But optically it probably made sense because she mentioned the eyes specifically iirc and people react well to simple visual clues. (I haven’t watched it yet, so not sure if that scene made the movie.)

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                  • Oh I don’t remember eye colour being mentioned, perhaps that would explain it. Interestingly Gemma Arterton and Daniel Brühl both have brown eyes, so maybe it was a style thing or the near future is only inhabited by brown-eyed people. Now, what about parents with green eyes ….?


            • Actually, it is even more complex than that because the genetic information for eye color is located in at least three separate genes. But blue eyes are far less likely in kids if both parents have brown eyes.


    • 5) That episode was so confusing to me. It was the first one I saw, and so I had no context whatever. I did not know whether Lucas was good or bad, and his actions in the episode are not even ambiguous. SPOILER He *does* let her die. But wow, RA really got me there.
      9) I just looked at those screenshots again, and I just can’t get over how different he looks. Dang, I am just not flexible enough to enjoy the brown eyes… (I am glad, however, that RA does NOT remind me of my father. As much as I loved the latter *grins*)


  3. Thanks for the roundup, Guylty, a lovely bunch of treats. I hope the sore throat is better now. 💕
    #11 Poor Gizzy, I can’t begin to imagine why he got tied up so often, can you? And it being originally broadcast on a Saturday teatime and all.
    #5 Noooooo!
    And #2 A big 👍 for fizzyxcustard’s fanfic, that last line was a doozie, *shiver* If anyone’s interested, there are more fics from Lyn’s event over on AO3.

    Thanks too for the list from the blog reunion. Lots for me to discover there.


    • I’m back in business, sore throat and stupid thoughts have been eradicated 😁
      #11 All that bondage on family time TV… seriously… It also makes me wonder what RA thought about that. Was it lost on him?
      Great tip re. the fan fics also published on AO3. All in one place.
      Hope you enjoyed catching up on the old blogs, Jenny!


    • I’m back in business. Those stupid throat bacteria must have affected my brain, too. 😂 Well, or definitely my mood. But a secret weapon cheered me up again. Thanks 😘


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