2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

Is this a new photo?

Well, not new as in “taken yesterday” #WhereIsRomanticHeroHairGone

This is obviously also taken at the same time as Richard’s visit to the Audible HQ in New York (?) last autumn. I don’t remember seeing this exact picture then, though. And I would’ve thought I’d remember because I am quite taken with the nice shirt he is wearing. Who am I kidding? I am quite taken with the contents of that nice shirt… Just the right amount of stubble to unite both Team Lawn and Team Shrubbery in admiration. And a hair colour that looks surprisingly light – his own, prior to dyeing? Personally, I think that the photographer should’ve made Richard turn around a little bit so that we could get more of a glimpse of what is inside the open collar but all in all I think this is a neat picture even if slightly on the “passport photo angle”. Anyway – what are your thoughts?

Moving on to this week’s round-up:

  1. Antigonemorris makes a valid point on whether to watch My Zoe or not. (Although I share her point, I think I won’t be able to resist…)
  2. Mzperx0506universe has turned the Astrov stills b/w – they look great
  3. Here is a scene from TS giffed by riepu10. And it is one of those scenes where I am only noticing the intensity of things now that I can watch a gif repeat itself. Adam looks shaken and tired, and a lot of that is actually just in his eyes. Acting with his eyes only…
  4. And then there is this guy, also acted with eyes (mainly). Picture set by thewarriorandtheking
  5. Oh – my – goodness. I am so glad I came across antigonemorris (from #1 above). She is writing a Guy of Gisborne fic. Part 6 appeared on my dash first. I read it because it was NOT a reader insert (which I am currently not so keen on – sorry, no disrespect to all the other fan fic writers, it’s just that I personally feel more “in the story” when it is 3rd person POV). And I really liked it. Nicely written etc. So I trawled through antigone’s tumblr to find part 1. Which is this link. I really liked what I read, and I recommend you have a look!
  6. This could be part of a fan challenge. How would you answer this question by an anon to fizzyxcustard?
  7. Right, this is not new at all. It’s a set of gifs showing RA and RH-co stars at the National TV awards 2006. However, I have been staring at these gifs by riepu10 in fascination, just watching Richard, of course, and how he is reacting to the scene. And then comparing with JA. I’ve got to say that had I seen RA back then, I would’ve fallen for him right there and then
  8. And more intense Adam, this time courtesy of drldeboer in a set of pictures. Awww, I feel like reaching into picture three and giving Adam a big squeeze for reassurance
  9. Let’s go back to a few “favourite Gisborne” gifs by circusgifs. (Sorry, there is a bit of a Gisborne theme going on here today…)
  10. *chuckles* yeah, that’s What a Guy Wants. Posted by nfcomics
  11. Oldie but goldie… circusgifs’ finest
  12. You can never have too much close-up Porter. Gif by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  13. *umph* and just for no discernible reason *at all*, here is Proctor by circusgifs. Nothing else to add today

Sorry, yes, there were a few oldies in there. But I think they are well worth looking at again and again… Right!?

Have a lovely Sunday, all!

Sonja ❤


15 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

    • You know, even *I* am in two minds over picking Sir Guy for #6. As much as I love him – some of the medieval Neanderthal attitude might be a bit hard to take in the long run. I think I am veering towards Porter at the moment…


  1. Innovation Cathedral is in Newark, New Jersey -so across from NY
    I think that’s as close as natural for him and I like it alot-it suits his complexion. He seemed very serene that day lol


    • Ha! That’s it. Newark, NJ. I knew that NYC was not quite right. Thanks for that, Rachel. (Still sniggering over “innovation cathedral” – all those stupid corporate names…)
      Yep, looks alright. I have to admit I am so used to the darker colour, that I am not necessarily a big fan of his natural colour. (I’ll change my mind on that as soon as he becomes a silver fox, though.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Newark had the worst rioting in the 1960s and is standing out this week for its relative calm. Clearly the city has done a lot of things right in the last 50 years, and is on the rise — as it should be, given its spectacular location on the U.S. east coast and proximity to a major, major international airport. But I, too, roll my eyes at “innovation cathedral,” though I applaud Audible’s “adaptive reuse” of an existing building, including its fancy windows. Even if they have no religious context left, maybe some people will look at the images in the windows every now and then and wonder what they “mean,” so their message continues rather than ending up as landfill. American capitalism is usually so painfully overbearing with its “branding” and marketing, but Audible’s presence in Newark looks like it will net out as an overall win — and it will save a few hundred employees from having to commute into Manhattan every day, which is a niiiiiice win for them.


  2. Some stunning works of art in your Round-up Cathedral, Guylty, thank you. I’m not a big fan of his lighter hair or the shirt but he makes me want to smile back (and stroke his stubble).
    6) I honestly can’t choose – I want nearly all of them ( greedy me). I’ll just choose Richard and ask him to be different characters. Then I can also persuade him to dress as a pirate or wear a tricorn hat – I’m sure he won’t mind!


  3. It’s still and always Guy for me – must be the 2% Neanderthal genes in me. 🙂

    Great roundup as usual, btw. ⭐️ Thank you, Guylty.


  4. Having just listened to The Jane Austen Society I am imagining Richard as Dr Benjamin Gray a delightful mix of caring doctor and romantic soul but with a secret addiction.
    It’s a shame no photographs accompany the audiobooks.


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