2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

After a few days of rain and overcast skies, today I woke up to a blue sky and sunshine. Good weather does wonders to my moods – and Mr Guylty’s as well, so we hopped into the car and went out for a walk in the middle of Dublin Bay.

A panoramic view of Dublin Bay, starting on the left with Howth and Poolbeg Lighthouse at the end of the pier, then the tiny Muglins rock, Dalkey Island, Dun Laoghaire, small and big Sugar Loaf mountains in the background, coming further round to Blackrock and Sandymount, the Dublin Mountains, and finally the power station and the entrance to the Liffey (click to enlarge – it’s a massive picture!)

The walk along the Great South Wall to Poolbeg Lighthouse is only 1 mile long, and with a few stops along the way to watch the terns, the sandpipers and the guillemots that are nesting along the pier, we had a leisurely hour’s walk there and back. And all before 10am. That sets you up well for the day and you feel you have earned your breakfast 😉. The temperatures were mild, but there was a little bit of wind. The older I get, the more sensitive I react to drafts – I had to wrap my scarf around my head. I felt a bit like the queen in her headscarves, so when we got back home, I immediately cut up an old t-shirt and sewed up a few simple “gaiter” scarves – basically a fabric tube that can be worn around your neck as a scarf, on your head like a hat or just like a head band, or you can pull it up over the back of your head to cover up. Folds up to the size of a packet of tissues and thus can be kept in the hand bag or a coat pocket. – A productive and healthy morning.

Let’s see how productive tumblr has been this week:

  1. This Thorin image is not new, but I had never really seen it so close up. There is something moving about the little messy hairs under Thorin’s lobe, and the plait hanging along his beard. Posted by ladyoakenshield
  2. Even if this is a repost, I really like the way mezzmerizedbyrichard has created these edits for VoD. Nice colours, nice choice of quotes, nice pictures
  3. Another one by mezzmerizedbyrichard – a transcript of what Richard said to the BBC’s Front Row about “Taking Risks”
  4. Rechurd-derpmitage with a cheeky chat-up line dedicated to John Standring. (And fellow fan Berta)
  5. Guy likes sleeping. Yeah, right. Nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants
  6. Fizzyxcustard shows off her cool Thorin coffee mug
  7. Claude Monet at sunrise. That’s basically what I looked like this morning when I realised the day was nice. Always worth seeing for the smiles. Gifs by riepu10
  8. Hehe, I thought this picture was hilarious. A BTS shot of Richard as Thorin in a fight scene. Posted by tolkien–behindthescenes
  9. Here’s some free Armitage audio: A recording of a T.S. Eliot poem that RA did a long time ago. Posted by p-isforpoetry
  10. Close-up of hands. Topless Daniel Miller. Need more prompts? Gif set by riepu10
  11. Roziwinchester googled Richard Armitage, and this is what came up *haha*

Short and sweet?!

I’ll try and go back to the comments now. Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Sonja ❤️


14 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

  1. No comments yet? About that stunning photo??? I haven’t read any of the links yet, because I’m stuck on that photo. I’m studying Dublin’s harbor on Google Earth and trying to figure out how you did it. Does your camera “bend” the pier to make what is actually all the Great South Wall look like it’s two pieces jutting out from your “central” viewpoint? Because otherwise, I can’t figure out how you got the lighthouse on the left and power plant on the right when they are actually in a straight line with each other. That power plant, though. I’m a sucker for 19th c industrial architecture, and that one looks like a honey with its artistically stone-faced walls.


    • First of all – so nice to know that my photo made you want to check out the geography on google earth! And you have really sussed the place out. The reason the photo is ‘bending’ reality, is that I took it in panorama mode. I.e. it is a 360 degree view of the bay. So you are right, lighthouse/pier and power station are in a straight line. The bend there is the distortion due to takothe photo in the round.


    • I can see you have researched this! Indeed, the ferries go/come from Liverpool. Incidentally I have never come into Dublin that way myself. But flying in from the East, i.e. England, you have a gorgeous view across the bay as well because the flight path is usually just above Howth, the peninsula that is seen on the left in my picture. The setting is pretty spectacular. And the power station – which I admittedly dis not like at first – has become something I strongly associate with Dublin. As do the Dubliners. The chimneys are not really in use anymore, but they are now classed an industrial monument and are a symbol for Dublin. So much so that my son actually has them tattooed on his belly 😂


  2. No wonder you had such a lovely start to your day – blue sky, sunshine and fresh sea air all do wonders for our mood. And that photo is stunning. It’s been twelve years and I can’t recall the sea below when we flew into Dublin from Gatwick, but I certainly remember the green countryside because the sight of it brought me to tears.
    Thank you for the link love!


    • You are right, Mezz – sometimes (depending on wind) the planes have to approach the airport from the West, and that takes them across the green fields. Seeing Ireland from above really proves that old “40 shades of green” thing.
      (And I know what you mean re. the tears – Ireland has had that effect on me since I came here for the first time at age 14. There is something deeply touching about the landscape here.)


  3. #1: I’m not so enamored of Thorin (don’t like any Tolkien, actually, so ignore me), but that expression on RA’s face. Wow, he really nailed that role. Even better than “nailed,” he turned that character into some other spectacular thing that wasn’t even in the source material, script, et al. — as he does with every role he takes on. We all know that. Preaching to the choir here.


    • Thorin was definitely one of his career highlights. And not in terms of box office or pop culture, but simply in how he “made” that character. The gold sickness scene really was theatre-worthy.


  4. looks like a super place for a walk, I have the same problem with cold winds now-i get quite severe neuralgia in the winter from a cold wind.
    thanks for the round up


  5. What a beautiful place to live, Guylty.
    Thank you (and Tumbleristas) for a great, varied, round-up – something for every RA fan. And it included my beloved Daniel Miller bed scene, which never fails to floor me. NFComics always chooses seriously good pics of Guy too.


    • That walk to the lighthouse is one of my favourite things to do in Dublin. On a sunny day, Ireland is really quite stunning.
      NFComics definitely knows how to illustrate the quips 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That panoramic view is amazing. Looks like you’re having some nice weather. It’s overcast here, but at least not raining anymore.

    I hadn’t seen the article about risk before. Interesting that he feels it wasn’t a good career move and made him look like a silly actor.

    I also hadn’t heard the TS Elliot poem before. A much better reading than the Love Poem collection.

    There’s something about RA as Monet, isn’t there? Such open joy, which isn’t something we get to see from him too often.

    Thanks for the Roundup!


    • The weather is very “Atlantic” at the moment. While continental Europe (and even the UK, by extension) are having a heat wave, Ireland is rather mild and wet at the moment. It’s the weather systems coming in from the Atlantic. And essentially, Ireland takes all the rain before the weather moves further into Europe. Meh.
      The thing about “risk” was really interesting – although I felt that he was overthinking it a bit. I would never have thought that by replicating this despicable form of torture, an actor is belittling the experience of victims of torture. But it just goes to show that he is sensitive to public opinion.
      It took me a long time to love Monet – or to even attempt watching it – just because the look put me off. But the role was so different from what he usually has to play. None of all that intense scowling and smouldering, but pure joy. It really is quite heart-warming! Might have to watch the show again some time. It’s been so long.


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