Happy Mail & 🌳🌲 for #FlatRichie

When you receive Sgt Portah in the post, that really counts as happy mail, doesn’t it?

My mantlepiece in my study has been redecorated. One of Ani’s RA drawings had to make way for Sgt. Portah, courtesy of Kate. (You can actually see the insides of the card – which I selfishly kept to myself here – on her blog! In a video!!)  Besides a whole batch of die cut bits and pieces for my journal making, she actually managed to send me a plant cutting from her wax flower. The plant has been settled in a glass by the window.

I am astonished that the plant has survived the week-long journey. It was well-wrapped and watered in its packaging, but nevertheless it was also without any light while travelling in the mail…

Attn: Flat Richie participants

Speaking of mail and plants – Kate just reminded me in the comments of a little idea that had been thrown around while Flat Richie was circumnavigating the world. I have finally added up the whole journey. In total, Flat Richie travelled a whopping 105,120.9 km (65,319.1m). That is as the crow flies, i.e. not taking into account that there is no direct line between A and B anywhere in the world. For comparison: The Earth’s circumference is 40,000km (24,900m). So, Flat Richie has circumnavigated the world two and a half times! That is one heavy carbon foot print. Which is where Kate’s reminder comes back: In a bid to offset Flat Richie’s carbon footprint, there was talk of planting a tree (or several trees), giving some much needed oxygen back to the Earth. If you have a garden and feel like it, you could plant a little seedling maybe. It might have the added bonus of being a (hopefully pleasant) reminder of our little fan mail chain. You could christen the tree “Richard”, and in years to come maybe you could place a nice bench under it as a spot for quiet contemplation – or hopeless giggles over the silly mischief we got up to in 2018/19. Or, alternatively, I have been thinking of sponsoring a tree as our “carbon atonement”. If there is any interest at all, and in case you do not have a garden yourself where you can plant a tree, we could actually also club together and sponsor a tree together?! If you remember, Richard himself advertised the UK Woodland Trust late last year when he went on a research trip for Astrov. The Woodland Trust offers “tree dedication” where you can dedicate a tree to an occasion or person for as little as £20. My garden is not going to allow for tree planting, I suspect, so I am going along the sponsorship/dedication route. I am also happy to go it together with you in case others would like to set off the Flat Richie carbon footprint by way of donating to the Woodland Trust? I have chosen the one above as an example because it is situated in the UK. I was actually looking for a tree sponsorship in the park where he planted seedlings himself, but unfortunately Tring Park does not offer such. There are, of course, similar woodland trusts in other countries, in case you would rather like to sponsor a tree closer to your home. And needless to say, there is no obligation to do this, to donate, or to take part in a potential community donation, whatsoever. You have all done your duty when you packed Flat Richie and sent him on his way last year. That was all that was required. Any carbon atonement is just a voluntary bonus. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Pretty tree in Bag End



11 thoughts on “Happy Mail & 🌳🌲 for #FlatRichie

  1. You are very welcome. I had great fun making Portah and I’m elated that Planty Jr. survived the journey. He’s a credit to his kind. Wax flowers are hardy.

    I will definitely be planting a tree in my yard as a friend for Harvey and Co. but I’m in if we get a few people together for a communal Richie tree.


  2. I love your Portah mantlepiece and I’m jealous of your wax flower! Kate has given me a link to find out about them – I guess if you can grow one in Dublin I can grow one in England 😊

    What a great idea to plant trees. I’d be in if people wanted to club together for the woodland trust… I do have a garden but there’s not really room for another tree.


    • I had never heard of these plants before. Fingers crossed that this specimen will survive – not only the journey but also my care *coughs*. I am not known for my green fingers…
      Cool re. the tree sponsorship. I’ll keep you posted, Helen xx


  3. Ode to Mantles

    John Porter was a great soldier,
    Whose exploits could not have been bolder.
    Often he battled,
    And never got rattled.
    Through it all,
    He would sexily smolder.
    If only I had a proper space,
    To put John in an honored place.
    But my mantle is full,
    Where can he go?
    I guess he’ll stay in the closet.

    Kathy Jones


    Liked by 1 person

    • Kathy, your punchlines are just the business 😂. That is spot on. (I’d probably also crouch in a closet, though, if that was where the sexy smoulder was to be seen…)


  4. Love Portah, happy mail indeed!
    The Woodland Trust is a great idea to offset Flat Richie’s carbon footprint, I’d be happy to contribute. I’d love to plant another tree in our garden, but hubby has taken a few out (overcrowding, sick etc) so every time I suggest this, that or another tree, hubby just looks at me – enough already! I’ll look into tree sponsoring/planting schemes here, they would be especially important after the bushfires I would imagine.


    • That is a great point, Mezz. I am sure there are great places in Australia that would benefit from a donation for reforestation. (Hehe, and maybe you can just sneak in a tiny tree in your own garden – maybe just bury an acorn and secretly tend it for a year or two 😉)


  5. Portah makes perfect happy mail and the flower is lovely, I’d never heard of it before. I think a Ritchie-tree is a fantastic idea and would love to take part. I’m ashamed to say that the carbon-footprint of FR’s journey hadn’t occurred to me ( and 2 1/2 circumference- gulp) so I think a tree/trees would be an important off-set, as well as a lasting memorial to RA and the fandom. It’s a shame it/they couldn’t nestle closely to his tree!


    • Yay – great. Looks as if we might get a few of us together to sponsor a tree. That would be lovely, especially if we can bill it like a little memorial. I am going to come back to it in another post soon.

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