2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

Ooooh, number 25. Let’s celebrate! New picture?

I’m not sure what the source of this image is, but I like the natural hair colour in this. And I am laughing at the casual little scarf. So “artist”. Or German. That’s what my Irish children claim. They say you can always tell a German by the fact that they are wearing scarves. Never noticed it myself. But yeah, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, right.

I’m wondering whether Richard has gone missing in his ivory tower wardrobe? Or maybe he is so excited about his new home studio being set up (as he said in that Empire podcast the other day) that he has had no time to come online and RT the Quark and Now & Then news. I’d love to see him give a push to these projects.

On to tumblr.

  1. *hahaha* Including this for the imagined fan reaction in this post by cool-stuffanthings. Yep, the RArmy already knows!
  2. Trying to remember who mentioned in the comments that they loved Daniel Miller post-coital with cigarette in an image last week? Was that you, Armidreamer? In that case, I am including the whole gif set, as posted by riepu10, here for you
  3. Isn’t quite true for myself (I have had two babies, so there has been a lot of naked butt in my life 😂) but just including this here for the quip. Posted by maxkiki
  4. Richardarmitagefanpage took screen shots of the production video posted by RED the other day. Not sure whether these scenes were unseen, but hey, any excuse, right?
  5. I liked antigonemorris’ analysis of Marian and Guy in this post (long but lots of pretty pictures)
  6. I loved this picture of Guy, posted by nightshadow993
  7. *khehehehe* “magnificent beast”… I’m sure that’s What a Guy Wants… literally. By nfcomics
  8. Already posted by jakeborellis last year, but that first gif… 😂 PS: Anyone else getting distracted by the Adam’s apple?
  9. And how’s this repost by riepu10 for a throw-back? That beard? Is even worse than the usual shrubbery, if you ask me. Also – it needs a hashtag, although I doubt that there is a #TeamHellstrip
  10. Jeepers, Portah had quite an array of sunglasses, didn’t he? And not a Mykita in sight… Posted by marrasquutamo
  11. This is another very old manip, and it doesn’t even apply to right now (with all those new projects announced) but for future reference I give you this image by enikoni
  12. Another oldie, but hey, it’s always good to practice your ABCs, right? By mezzmerizedbyrichard
  13. And leaving you with the latest instalment of antigonemorris’ Guy fan fic

That’s it – 13 for luck. I think I’ll go back to counting the hairs in that new picture of Richard’s. It’s imperative that such information is gathered.

Lotsa love,

Sonja ❤️

58 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

  1. Myself and Deidree on twitter menioned, at the same funnily, that the pic is old but new to us..he did a selfie in the outfit outside Audible and he’s in same outfit for the pics Big Finish used for The Martian Invasion of Earth 😊 I find it fascinating how different his face looks in all three pictures


  2. #1 A production company is using a manipulation for a legitimate promotional photo? They gone fan art on us! How are we going to know which images are “real” in the future??? Couldn’t they have dropped in his own left hand from something? They should hire Mat Khal to make all RA images from here forward, she’s better at it! Does anyone know what the source photo is? Was there an earlier casting of this character whom it was shot with? (I don’t know Dr. Who stuff at all so don’t know what’s original, what’s a spin-off, etc.)


      • Do you think they are using this because they can’t schedule a photoshoot for him due to Coronavirus lockdown? That’s choice, isn’t it? Finally someone understands our world of can’t get at the goods!!!


        • Probably that. And I am wondering whether that was another one of his wardrobe recordings – hence there was no opportunity to take even a quick picture in the studio with him…


      • To be fair, it’s not that bad actually, and who else will study this as closely as we will? Probably no one. The manipulator did a good job of changing his skin from too red to too yellow, which matches the yellowness of the rest of the photo. It’s only because we know his skin better than our own that we notice the neck is not correct. But why couldn’t they keep the neck from the source photo of RA, which is great! And that hand. Sorry to whoever actually owns that hand, but not seeing RA’s actual, glorious, beautiful, gentle, sensitive hand makes me cringe every time I look. This hand is almost as clunky as that prosthetic he wore as Thorin. Sigh.


        • It’s a disposable image in the sense that it was just used to illustrate a tweet. It’s not going to be part of the “gallery of handsomeness” otherwise.


          • Should I listen to this thing? I’m not a fan of audio-only, but will check it out if others are enthusiastic. Also, do I need to know anything about Dr. Who first? I hate to open this can of worms, but…if the answer is “yes,” where should I start with Dr. Who?


            • Tricky to answer this. From the fan POV, I’d say *any* project that RA is in, is worth listening to. (Meh, although that sometimes results in disappointment. I’ll only say ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Jane Austen Society’ – which I both found way below par.) However, Dr Who really is not for everyone tbh. First of all it’s sci-fi, and basically aimed at children/young adults. I first came across it in my teens on German telly, and it really didn’t appeal to me at all. I only got into it when my daughter became a big fan and the show was constantly playing on our TV. So the honest answer is – no, you don’t *have to* listen to this. But if you do, I don’t think you really need to go back and sit through the whole 50 years of Dr Who. All you need to know is this: The doctor is a time travelling trouble shooter who goes through all sorts of adventures. He comes from the planet of Gallifrey and is a Time Lord, i.e. he is able to time travel and has a different perception of time than we do. The character that RA is voicing, is the leader of the Time Lords and a bit ambiguous whether he is a good or a bad actor. If you decide to listen to this, I think you can probably get away with looking up terms and characters on wikipedia/internet as you go along.


  3. #7. Had known Mimi Cruz — whose silly comments always make me laugh out loud, especially the puns — when I was in junior high, I might have been one of the cool kids sitting in the back of the school bus reading comics. Sigh.
    #8. Yes, I am.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Completely agree with you re. Mimi. I had a brief graphic novel phase in my late teens/early twenties – but very brief. I wish I had known more though.


    • I was always the kid that wanted to be left alone to read, (I read the cereal box at breakfast instead of engage with anyone) if I wasn’t involved in schoolwork or a project. There is just so much excellent stuff to read, I can never get enough; so yeah, comics, Mad Magazine, horror/crime/mystery fiction. Oh, I’d talk to other kids, if they were interested in what I was interested in. I guess I’m selfish that way. Haha


  4. Phew, is it hot in here? My god Guylty, what are you trying to do to us? But thank you, smoking-hot Daniel is one of my very favourites- an absolute slayer. And so many gorgeous Guy pics- those eyes! But they are tempered by #TeamHellStrip, that ‘pubic’ beard is an absolute shocker – and RA himself once said he disliked facial topiary, so it must have been hard for him to wear it. It’s a shame because he has such a dirty look in his eyes.
    Men wearing those scarves (or any fussily worn scarf) are a turn-off for me and I don’t know if it is a particular German fashion, or generally other-European, but it is true that they aren’t common in these isles- except in actors’ photo-shoots or TV dramas. I love the rest of his pic though – such scorching intensity.


    • IKR. That Daniel scene from BS1 never loses its power. He just looks so young and yummy in that, and bad ass, to an extent, with his naughty cigarette. Smoking hot indeed.
      “Pubic beard” *muhahaha* – absolute abomination. It does make me wonder though, whether Mr Fastest-Beard-Grower-in-the-World actually grew it rather than had it stuck on… Strangely, I always think that that beard made him look much older at the beginning of BTS, whereas he looks younger later on in the plot…
      Ha! So you are confirming my kids’ impression re. the scarves? LOL. I have to admit that *usually* I would actually like scarves – but not on a Brit. It’s incongruous.

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  5. Does anyone remember Guy’s yellow scarf of abomination in RHS1? Thankfully he soon ditched it as detrimental to the Hot Henchman look.

    Also, Portah’s sunglasses. I never realised he had so many pairs. Questions should have been asked in The House over the cost to the taxpayer. Unless he had a GoFundMe of course.

    Lots of lovely stuff here, Guylty, thanks so much for searching it out for us. I loved antigonemorris’s ’ thoughtful post on Marian and Guy, though I think she was a little too hard on her. And she has a new chapter of her fic out as well.


    • Oh yes, wasn’t it dubbed “the mustard scarf of evil” or something like that? Completely weird. Not only was it that odd mustard colour (only later swapped for a burgundy red in the wedding scene – whatever that was meant to symbolise…) but it was also such a strange, anachronistic fabric/material… I suppose they were giving him that ‘kerchief in order to make him look like a cavalier (knight) or something like it… superweird.
      Yep, makes you wonder what else MI6 is sponsoring apart from Portah’s sunglass addiction…
      Yep, I read antigone’s fan fic. Found it only after I had finished my round-up.


  6. Like Antigonemorris’ thoughts on Marian and agree with her assessment. I’ve probably said it before, but I think whoever wrote the Marian character has issues with women.

    I say that as someone that has a long history of not being nice to men in general. Example: “You can’t give me a ride home from campus unless you drive a Porsche. And it if you show up in anything else, just keep on driving.” I really did say that to a man that kept trying to talk to me on campus while waiting for my roommate.

    Okay, my justification was that I was 17 my freshman year and never dated, so thought I didn’t have to give the time of day to any dude I wasn’t interested in.

    I wasn’t interested in dating _at_all_ then either. I was (am) boring too, only wanted to study and read. I guess I’ve never really had nice manners when it comes to that sort of thing, cause now that I think about it, I’ve said meaner things to men asking me out when I was at work. But I’d never use anyone . . . (well I did go to dinner with some dudes if I was hungry) but never misled anyone into thinking they had a chance with me. Which is why I agree so much with Antigonemorris’ observations.


      • I agree with you. I don’t regret shutting down a dude trying to get into my pants. More to give you a glimpse into my lack of kindness and willingness to play along with those dudes. Haha 😁
        I get how a young girl like Marian wouldn’t immediately respond warmly to begin with, no matter how hot the man, especially when you know what’s in store for you as a woman. Yet she goes beyond being a reluctant future wife-baby-mama; she mercilessly uses Guy.


    • Well, the writers were definitely confused when it came to their “strong female character”. I mean, I did like that they allowed Marian to be the Nightwatch Man so that she was actually an agent in her own right. But in her interaction with Guy she was certainly put into a rather compromised position, morally speaking. Even if he was a despicable henchman, the way she treated him (and abused/misused him), reflected badly on her. I’m not sure whether that was really the writer having some kind of inherent misogynist tendency – or whether he really just didn’t care enough to think about the consequences… In any case, I do agree with antigone that Marian really undermined Guy. But I also concede that I am looking at all of this with a lot of love for Guy…

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      • You put it so much more succinctly than I do! 👍🏼
        Yeah, Marian is too harsh on Guy even when she knows he isn’t a bad man.
        Also yes, thought it was cool Marian was the Nightwatchman for years before Robin came back. His causal dismissal of her abilities would have gotten him a swift kick from me on a regular basis . . . if I was in her boots. 😁

        I do think I’m probs being a bit too emo in disliking Marian’s character because I ♥️ Guy so much. (Sob) Hahaha


  7. Somehow it appears to me as if I haven’t seen Mezzy’s gorgeous Armitage alphabet before….What an absolut cracker!! (….2013!!)


  8. PS.: Finally worked myself through this fine collection and through all the highly interesting comments..;-) Kind of feels like a sentimental time travel tonight….


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