Just for Amusement

Good morning. Ah, it’s wonderful when troubled waters are calm again. How about a little bit of harmless entertainment?

Have you seen Ella’s blog post yesterday? For the VoD fans among you, she found an interesting side note, regarding Geraldine’s house. The house, located in the village of Dibley Turville is up for sale. For a look at the interior, please hop over to Ella’s blog. She mostly writes in German, but you can find the link to an article about the house for sale in her second paragraph.

Pity the house doesn’t come with any former TDH occupants, otherwise you could recreate this…

This next little thing has only the most tenuous of links but hey, anything that makes you smile and think of the crush, right? I was taking a walk with Little Miss Guylty yesterday and she all of a sudden came out with some memories of one of her favourite picture books as a child. Mrs Armitage, Queen of the Road.

It’s a really fun children’s book about Mrs Armitage who is given an old banger of a car by her Uncle Cosmo. She sets off in the car with her dog Breakspear but is an atrocious driver. She bumps into many things, loses many car parts, meets all kinds of people along the way and becomes the queen of the road. – It’s written and illustrated by Quentin Blake, a cartoonist who is also famous for his illustrations for Roald Dahl’s books. Anyway, the book was a big hit in our house way before Mama Guylty discovered the *other* Armitage and it kind of amuses me to think of “the other Armitage’s” mum as the heroine of this tale. Since the book was only published in the early 2000s, I wonder whether RA is aware of it. Maybe he discovered it while googling himself, as he does, not – and gave it to his nephews for a present? Or a thoughtful fan has gifted it to him. There are a couple of other Mrs Armitage books out there, but this one is the classic. In any case, it amused me, and here it is, read and shown on YT.


Have a smily, happy day!


10 thoughts on “Just for Amusement

  1. In the current tweeter habbits of our guy, maybe you should recommend it to him as a book to narrate. He asked a while back for recommendations, including children’s books, and he might like the idea.

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      • I say go for it. What have you got to lose? I mean, you don’t have to post it as a reply to his tweer, but say just what you wrote here – that you were reminded of it.
        But obviously only if you feel like it. It is just an idea.

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    • Oh yes, the illustrations work so well with Dahl’s books. It’s a pity that we tend to forget the names of the illustrators so easily and only remember the writer. It was actually my daughter who pointed out to me that Quentin Blake was Dahl’s illustrator. She probably noticed the similarities of the illustrations way back when she was a child and thus figured out it was the same artist…


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