I Really Like Those New Pictures

Too lazy to screen shoot the whole lot. Click through the original tweet below.

I’ll only include this one. I mean the blank, not the Rachel one. It automatically gets included in the embedded tweet. 

Love that whole look – the short hair, the tamed shrubbery. The man is photogenic in every possible way.

As for Audible? Seriously? What Besotted said in the comments the other day, applies – looks like a fan account. Ah, I forgot. Audible themselves have admitted they are a fan account…😂

The question remains: Why the massive Armitage promo??????????? I am curious.

44 thoughts on “I Really Like Those New Pictures

      • Dunno. I don’t like their product, I don’t like the company’s politics as a whole, and we’ve seen variations on most of these images already, so … ?


        • I like the pics, but honestly I don’t see the point of writing my name on his picture? What for? I mean, maybe if he held a blank sign, it would make sense. But my name on Ricard Armitage’s photo? Makes no sense to me. It’s supposed to
          Be funny, I guess, but I am evidently an old fogie who’s lost touch with what the young ‘uns like *shrugs*


        • Aw, well, and that seems to be the one that has most fans in raptures…
          Tbh honest, I haven’t really looked at any of the pics in depth. I liked the shoot back when it happened, mainly because I like the tidy look on him. Have to have a look tomorrow.


    • Yep, it’s the same outfit from back then. I like the shirts. The trousers not so much *hehe*.
      I’m just slightly mystified at the edits… too fan-art-sy for a professional company…


  1. OMG, thank you all for ‘splaining this to me. I thought the names were of characters from Audible productions which he had read/performed. We are supposed to put OUR names on these photos? FF’s sake, why? If Audible thinks they are successfully pandering to us, don’t they also read the reactions at places like this to see that they are failing big time? Oh, by the way, that last shot: I agree with Kate. Major smoulder there, I will take that one. And if that means I prefer my men a little knocked out, well I will own that — the better to bend you to my will, dear. 😘


    • I was wondering whether they were character names, but I don’t think that he voiced a Jordan or a Payton or a Ben? But yes, we are supposed to out our own name on the pictures.
      I don’t think that sort of marketing is meant to go beyond catching the Twitter audience’s attention for longer than 5 seconds. And I doubt that Audible would check reactions beyond Twitter. I guess they are playing to the audience there, which is very appreciative of such edits.


  2. G: Thank you for keeping your eye on the target. You’re right. The real question here is, “Why is Audible promoting him?” Are they getting ready to announce a new product? He has had that home audio studio set up long enough to finish recording something, hasn’t he?

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    • It’s also curious that it is *both* Audible UK *and* Audible US who have made two major Twitter campaigns with Armitage the last few days. Unless Audible’s Twitter slaves for UK and US are both major Armitage fans, I assume they are gearing up for something. With his new home studio in place, he could’ve been narrating something new…

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  3. Yes, I wonder what Audible are up to, perhaps RA fans are not spending enough and they want to keep him in our minds – ho ho. The names hardly represent his fan-base and look tacky on his sacred image. Saying that, I love the pictures, even with beard and sleepy-eyes. The one where he is touching his ear, Liv, make me smile as he looks like a model in a TV commercial. (I agree about the trousers.)


  4. I’m probably wrong..but weren’t gear pics taken when his Mum was not long for this world? Which goes towards explaining how thin he became and sad he looks?
    The choice of names overall was weird. ..except one of course! It definitely didn’t make much sense tbh as a advertising idea.
    Hair and shrubbery wise he looks divine.


    • No, you are absolutely right. This is from the Dec 2016 BTS video by Audible (US) – that does explain why he was so thin that time.
      The name choices – maybe more geared towards the US market?

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  5. Very strange. I thought they must be character names too. If not, then wtf? Why would I want him to be Sue or want to be him? That’s just weird. (Audible Canada’s tweets are much more boring and no RA. Maybe that’s a good thing.)

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  6. Nice pics but didn’t get the point of the names, he did look very swish in these, elegant and all that. But maybe the unkempt look is more him? 🙂 But it did make me think which book have i missed out on now? Maybe they just want to boos the sales for the recent ones..


  7. Late comment again but gosh. Audible. I feel like they’re off-strat with their marketing. They want online engagement but this is too much pandering to fans, it’s a bit cringey. I didn’t even bother to look at the tweet haha. I do remember these photos though.


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