Running Out Of Headlines to Say There Are New Pics of RA Again

*coughs* I think An Le has discovered the power of the RArmy πŸ˜‚.

More outtakes, freshly posted

Just in case:

Ok, that blue velvet jacket is a crime against humanity even if worn by RA and the ‘deep thinker’ pose does not really convince me. I am going in for the wide smile in the last image – very reminiscent of Sarah Dunn, again. And yeah, could be posed, too, but the picture is a typical example why I prefer images of RA where he doesn’t look at the camera. When he is ‘less aware’ he always looks better imo. Not sure why the coffee drinking image has been included except for wrist porn. Don’t like the two other b/w images, although their saving grace is that RA looks somewhat chunky and masculine in them, so eh… yeah… that kind of works…

Excuse me while I go take a shower.

Anyway, I take the opportunity to also add to this post thatΒ all RA fan masks have been put in the post and are on the way to the generous buyers! My spontaneous fundraising sale has been a great success. Thank you for helping out by buying a mask. The monies generated will go into the postage fund of the upcoming birthday auctions, i.e. we will be able to offer the auction items without postage costs – because we have this fund to draw from. The accounts are as followed:

Sales on Etsy generated 253.71 €. Private sales generated 116.78 €. (The numbers are uneven because sales fees and VAT have already been deducted. The numbers are net profit.) The postage of 26 items came to 44.20 €. So the final result of the postage fundraiser is 326.29 €. I have high hopes that this is enough to send all auction items to their winners.

So, we can start counting down to the auctions then. 12 days til #2020RABirthdayAuctions!


43 thoughts on “Running Out Of Headlines to Say There Are New Pics of RA Again

  1. Photos later, but first: Only twelve days until the auction?? Eep! It’s getting real.

    Now photos: The blue jacket is, something. I’m really wondering what that photo shoot was about? Apparently it’s what the Harlan Coben β€˜folk albumβ€˜ shot was from as well. Curiouser and curiouser.


    • I’ve been wondering about the point of the shoot, too. Here’s my guess: Since there are so many images drip-drapping down to us over time, and also judged by the amount of costume changes in the shoot, I am beginning to think that this was a shoot organised by RA and his publicist themselves. It’s 7 years since he last had a shoot with a variety of images (Ascroft, 2013), so it was about time that he got a new one. The purpose of a self-organised shoot is, of course, that his agent/publicist can then pass on these images to journalists/media who are reporting about him. That way they can not only control his image (literally) in the media but it also means that the media/magazines/journos don’t have to pay money for the illustrations of their articles. It would fit with the timing of it, too – at the end of 2019, just as RA was gearing up for a role on stage as well as his headlining role in The Stranger >> they were right to assume that there would be reporting on RA in connection with those two major performances.
      Mind you – I could be completely wrong and this was a fashion shoot that was scrapped due to Covid?

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      • That’s a very interesting scenario to contemplate. I’m just trying to think back: Nine of the Vanya stuff was accompanied by any of these, was it? The one had its own awkward chair photo, the other one featured a photo from the shoot at TIFF in the blue checkered suit. I don’t recall the rest.


        • So, isch hab da noch mal nachgeguckt. Oops, English. I’ve scrolled through RAnet for clarification. Actually, on 12 February one of the An Le images (green shirt, RA gazing into the infinite distance) was uploaded as RA’s new IMDb picture. Question is – who maintains that page? The artist himself (or by extension his agent?) or IMDb? But even if the latter, I would assume that that supports my theory – that the shoot was paid for by RA himself, in order to create new PR images for when he is interviewed etc.

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      • I wondered the same too, who was paying for this shoot? I agree that it is very quite plausible that RA and his publicist organised the shoot. I think he”s trying a bit too hard in the photos to emit the Byronesque vibe; it comes across as contrived and a bit artsy fartsy IMO.
        Beardy RA just doesn’T do it for me. But he does look quite the hunk in that dark shirt which I like. πŸ˜†I agree I prefer images of him unguarded rather than posed. I have to say that the RA smoulder to camera is wearing a bit thin on me. I’d like to see the real man for a change rather than what he’s trying to sell… (because personally I am just not buying it).


        • Zigzag, you are expressing exactly what I am thinking, too – from the contrived intensity and not buying the smoulder, via the beard hate, to the chunky hunk and the preference for something that feels a bit more authentic. I can’t say that I actively *dislike* these images. But most of them leave me cold. I only really like the ones that are either smiley or more incidental.


  2. When I look at the bright blue jacket I think that it is corduroy not velvet. Which in my option still makes it bad. I have not worn cords since the 80’s and not about to now. My husband has a pair of hunter green cords that one of his cousins gave him and and I would cringe when he would wear them. He has not worn them in years thank goodness, but would really like them disappear some day so he never does again. I know you can buy corduroy pants, jacket at least in outdoor gear stores like LL Bean a US company. I do like bright blue but not there.


    • *eeek* I think you are right, Katie. That is corduroy, not velvet. (I hadn’t noticed it because I never bothered enlarging that image because I was put off immediately πŸ˜‚.) Makes it marginally better than velvet, although I really, really struggle to embrace corduroy. I have visions of my own early 1980s beige corduroy trousers 🀒 as a child… Fingers crossed that you can surreptitiously get rid of your husband’s cords πŸ˜‚
      BTW – how did the job interview go?


      • Still waiting to hear on the job. I did text one of my references to let her know that I used her again on a different job application. She had got a call from the school that she had to call them back on Thursday. So as of then I was still in the running. I now that my reference would give me a good one. Hopefully know early next week. School starts soon. It is a school job and I did ask questions about how they did therapy during the shut down in case it happens again. Will let you know when I know. This is also the reference that was my fieldwork educator when I worked with pediatrics, so they want her input on how well I worked with children.

        Yes those 80’s cords in many colors, light blue, tan, I might have had black but all I can remember is the light colored ones. No thanks. Not sure how I knew it was corduroy but did even enlarge the picture.


          • I just heard this morning. I got the job!!! What a great birthday gift two days early. I will be going back to work for the school district. I work two years as a cook , then seven years for a company who ran the lunch program for the school. I can go to all four buildings but will spend most my time in the two buildings that I worked at before, so I will know some of the staff all ready. The nice thing being a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) is that as a therapist there is more than one setting we can work in. I also wanted to work with children. I will get payed less due to being off during the summers and holidays but to get started in the field and get my first year done will be great. The first year I have to have an OTR in the building or school district for my supervision after that it will not as tight. I start next week with new hire orientation and then staff days for getting ready for school. There is so much to be planned if things change. As of last week in person school will run Monday-Thursday with Friday an online day. All staff has to come to school but not students. There is also plans in works if it all has to go online. The parents do have the choice to have there child go all online but need to let the school know by this Friday. So some therapy may be done online to start.

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            • Congratulations, Katie. Wow, that’s fantastic news. So pleased to hear it. Finally all that hard work you have put in over the last years, is paying off. For almost as long as I can remember you as a fellow fan, you have been studying for your new qualifications. It is brilliant to now know that you have finally arrived at a new job. It sounds pretty good to me, especially the fact that it is in a school that you are already familiar with. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will run smoothly, what with the pandemic making everything harder and more complex to organise. But hopefully, that will be over some time.
              Congrats again! And all the best for the new job!


              • Thank You. It seems that I was in school forever. Part of that working full time with part time classes, and the last two years going to school full time and working part time at the college. It feels great to get a start. I was starting to think I would have to take a any job then hopefully find one in the field using my degree.

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  3. Ode to Blue Velvet

    Once upon a shoot slightly dreary,
    RA pondered bored and weary.
    β€œI’m not sure about this shade of blue,
    And the velvet looks a little lame too.
    Would the jacket be a fan favorite?
    Oh shit, I’m overthinking it. β€œ

    Kathy Jones

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    • *laugh out loud* Oh shit indeed. And that actually applies to me, too. Totally overthinking it. Who knows – maybe RA was ‘dressed’ by his styling ‘mum’ 😬


  4. First I thought: Oh come on, a third day in a row? Don’t insult us, people.
    Then I thought: Who am I kidding? I’m always happy with new photos, and I’ve been bored for a few weeks. This is a godsend. YES, I will react like a slobbering dog. Bring them on!!!

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    • Yep, everything has its pro and cons. I mean, it’s obvious that An Le has copped on that he gets lots of views and interactions on his IG when he posts RA. (No wonder – his other stuff are either Vogue covers or ads. All very nicely photographed, I am sure, but why should anyone interact with such posts, I don’t know.) So he’s playing to the gallery. And hell yeah, the gallery likes to see what he is peddling.


  5. I like the last one it reminds me of a very old photo where he is perched on a wooden crate? wearing a pair of converse without socks, may have been Sarah Dunn.


  6. the smiley one is almost a dupe for Sarah D’s on the crate, still a pretty boy now, eh?
    The others oh well, proof of prettiness i suppose. I don’t mind corduroy as much but it’s an unusual colour if corduroy and velvet should only be worn in black or blood red πŸ˜‰ I think the blue would be ok if it wasn’t for the godawful poo-coloured jumper thing underneath, that needs to be burned , now! Not an acceptable colour on any pale person, period. And sitting on a dark red seat of some sort, only makes the colouring worse.

    If you are right about the purpose of the shoot, and you very well might be, then i guess this proves he still has the leading man looks. Let the role offers roll in please πŸ˜‰


    • Oh, when he flashes one of his rare smiles, he is very much the pretty boy. (And therein lies the crux of the matter, methinks. Maybe he believes it makes him too totty if he smiles?) The Sarah Dunn box picture was what came to my mind, too.
      LOL at the “poo-coloured jumper”. Bingo. I don’t really think that colour suits his complexion at all. And the blue is not really flattering imo. (I’d even prefer the purple check suit from Toronto to this…)
      Totally leading man material. Can easily play characters a decade younger than his real age. Hollywood, please take note.


      • I like him so much when he laughs naturally or so, his whole face comes alive, wrinkles and all πŸ™‚ It’s probably the eternal dilemma for all actors in terms of photo portfolio for work, unless taken from work stuff they never represent the actual talent and skills but only the exterior. But only fair for press to use more recent photos of him and not the ones from Spooks or Thorin times, though he has hardly changed πŸ˜‰ apart from the bear! ggg


        • That’s it. He looks alive when he smiles and laughs, whereas a lot of the more serious expressions appear carved in stone. Still very pretty, of course, but somehow the life imbued in a laugh is irresistible.
          You are right – I am glad that most of the quality press use current imagery and do not fall back on (free of charge but) outdated press photos.

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