#2020RABirthdayAuctions – One Week From Now

Mark your calendars, ladies. The annual fan fun aka birthday auctions are on, soon. Here is the official trailer:

Well, that was just for fun, so here is the low down, in writing: This year’s auctions on the occasion of Richard’s birthday will take place from

Monday, 17 August til Thursday, 20 August


The auctions have been timed to last three full days, from Monday evening until Thursday evening. That will give the auction winners time to pay for their items and allow me to package everything up and take it to the post office on Friday. It also facilitates me to process all the generated sums, add voluntary donations and substract fees and other costs in order to have a final donation amount ready for announcement and transfer on Richard’s actual birthday on Saturday, 22 August – as our birthday present for him.

We have not yet made a decision on who to benefit with our fundraiser this year. In 2018 we donated to LOROS, the Leicester-area hospice care charity that looked after Mrs Armitage. We were able to donate more than Β£2,000 to LOROS! Other potential beneficiaries are Richard’s chosen charities on JustGiving – some of whom we have benefitted with previous auction proceeds, for instance Shelter last year. Both LOROS or one of the JustGiving based charities are my preferred beneficiaries because they have online donation sites, so that way I can transfer the money to them easily while at the same time providing visibility for all contributors – the donation sum would be published with a note on those sites, so you can be sure that I have actually transferred the raised funds to where they belong. If you have any preferences, let me know via the little poll below.

As for the customary tease: It is now official – we will have 40 auctions on the go! Hope you have got a little bit of all that money that you saved during lockdown set aside πŸ˜‰


[Edited for a correction]


20 thoughts on “#2020RABirthdayAuctions – One Week From Now

  1. I love the video! It’s fantastic! Hilarious! And encouraging! I will participate for sure 😊 Thank you for doing this, dear Sonja!πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈπŸ€—


  2. I love the trailer. So funny and upbeat. Exactly what we need to get us in the mood. [Thank you for the writing credit. πŸ˜‚ Much appreciated.]

    I am sooo curious to see everything. Eeep! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»


    • Ok, full disclosure – that video is just me and iMovie. Essentially just a template that the user fills with their own text and images. So, the tech stuff was all done by Apple, I am merely responsible for the story πŸ˜‰
      And I agree – I was very pleased that the soft/suggestive jazz sax comes on just as Porter appears with a bunch of flowers. To tell you the truth, I almost switched out that picture with a sexier one – like Daniel Miller lounging on the hotel bed… But then I thought, nah, not birthday enough…


  3. well there’s definitley something there i want to bid on! i think there will be some strong competition though!
    also….signed poster….i’m thinking that may benefit from some tweeting as i think that is quite an item!
    the video is a cool thing to do-eye catching
    what year is this now for the auctions? and what is the running total over the years? i’m thinking you’ve probably raised a hell of a lot over that time?


    • I think you are right, Rachel. And maybe I should actually write a post about some of the items that might be of interest in a slightly more general public than just our fandom. Apart from the poster there are a few other items that might attract attention from Tolkien or Hannibal fans. And it might worth while giving them a bit more notice??? (I have put that on my list now.)
      As for your questions – I organised my first auction spontaneously in early 2014 as a fundraiser for Nepal. So initially it was not connected to birthdays. The running total of donations raised (excluding the RAnet fundraiser last December) is a whopping Β£10,400!

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