Calling the #Hobbit and #Castlevania Fandoms

The suggestion came up in the comments (thank you, Rachel) that some of the items in the auctions overlap with other fandoms. So, today’s spotlight teaser pre-RA birthday auctions is on a few items that might be of interest to fans from outside our own Armitage-centric community. In case this post does indeed reach someone from the Hobbit and Castlevania fandom: This is just to let you know that we have a charity auction coming up next week and we will be selling a number of items on eBay you might find interesting. The eBay auctions are a fundraiser in aid of LOROS, a hospice care provider in the UK.


First up, we have a unique and cool signed Castlevania poster. Among the signatures are Samuel and Adam Deats, the directors behind the Castlevania animation on Netflix.

The Hobbit

Not just Armitage, but also Hobbit fans might be interested in two magazines that we have dug out of the fan archives and are offering in two separate auctions. The 2012  “Hobbit Collectors Edition” of The Rolling Stone, includes a double spread about Thorin/Armitage, 2 posters (dwarves, map of Middle Earth) and is a rare piece of memorabilia at this stage.

Also in the auctions: The Hobbit edition of Entertainment Weekly, #1237, from 14 Dec 2012. It has Thorin on the cover and lots of TH articles inside.

These items will be available for bidding in our charity auctions from Monday 17 August until Thursday 20 August. In case you are interested, please bookmark my eBay page. There is nothing there for sale, yet, but will be next week!

If you think this of interest for other fans in your fandoms, please share. We are grateful if we can widen our reach and raise more funds for our chosen charity. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Calling the #Hobbit and #Castlevania Fandoms

  1. ohh that Castlevania poster! Hmm, do you have a twitter link for this? some might be interested and i see a lot of castlevania fans in twitter.


    • I tagged the post with the Castlevania hashtag, which would hopefully make it “findable” for Castlevania fans. But as soon as the auction for the poster is live on Monday, I will definitely tweet the link separately and hashtag it #Castlevania, too.


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