#FlatRichie Supports #2020RABirthdayAuctions, Too

Today’s teaser post comes courtesy of Flat Richie. Or I should rather say – Flat Richie is donating to the Birthday Auctions. When Flat Richie returned to me in March this year, he came laden with gifts. As the last stop on the around-the-world tour, I was allowed to take three items from the package. But that left a large number of items without a new owner.

So, with the approval of the participants in the Flat Richie chain parcel, it was decided to put the remaining items into this year’s charity auctions. As I have repeatedly said, we have so many auctions this year already. So I did not want to auction off the items individually. It would’ve been overkill, tbh. Instead I have created fan packs into which the Flat Richie items fit. Today I want to give you just another small glimpse of what will be on offer next week.

There is, for instance…

a yummy Hannibal fan pack.

The donated DVD of season 3 of Hannibal has been paired with a pack of recipe cards, some seasoning and a pack of paper napkins – for a truly elegant dinner experience…

Pilgrimage fan pack

Fans of Raymond de Merville might like this little franco-phile offer. A donated DVD of the film Pilgrimage is paired with a couple of offerings from Flat Richie. Just like Raymond was carrying a precious stone to Rome, Flat Richie supplies some leafy jewellery and a funky jewellery holder to carry said gems…

Playful Alice Odd Lot

And where it got too difficult to find any tenuous connection to RA’s oeuvre, I have simply compiled an odd lot such as this Alice Through the Looking Glass inspired collection of pretty things.

These are just three little examples to whet your appetite. There are nine fan packs in total, for a number of different chaRActers. Hopefully something for everyone. In any case, big thanks to the donors of the DVDs and the Flat Richie participants who gave the green light for donating the items to the auctions. Your donations make this annual fundraiser possible! Only three more sleeps and the auctions will start…

20 thoughts on “#FlatRichie Supports #2020RABirthdayAuctions, Too

  1. So much fabulous stuff! Love the idea of the packs, but the Lego Gizzy is my favourite item of all.Hoping you’re headed for a wonderful haul, Guylty, after your hard organising work and the generosity of everyone else.

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