2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

Good morning to another weekly round-up! Are you already teased to the gills with the upcoming birthday auctions? Don’t worry, lads, I am giving you a day off today, and will refrain from further whetting your appetite. This is a round-up-only post, hooray. Let’s jump right in. 

But – oh dear – the haul wasn’t huge today.

  1. Riepu10 ticks all the boxes with profile and hand porn, courtesy of Mr Thornton
  2. Yeah, I agree with theultimatematequeso – that contortion scene in Hannibal was in-de-cent 😉
  3. This picture of Thorin posted by lathalea is a perfect example of Armitage acting with his eyes
  4. Apparently My Zoe has been picked up by a UK distributor! Post by richardarmitagefanpage
  5. ROFL. What the hell is that? Found by homelesscorpsebehindatrain
  6. Awww, how sweet. Little piece of Thorin fan art by shrimpsthings
  7. Another drldeboer capped scene from TS – albeit a painful one… Contains major spoiler, so don’t click if you haven’t seen the show yet
  8. “The crownless shall be king” – nice manip by mmirzasworld
  9. And for those of you who love dishevelled!RA best, here is another Adam Price scene, also capped by drledeboer
  10. A little bit of advertising here for alyssabethancourt, one of the resident writers of the fandom. The second part of her fantasy trilogy is coming out soon, and here she is actually linking to a gorgeous t-shirt, printed with the cover of her first novel
  11. I totally admit that I am only posting this for the fourth picture in this set by thewarriorandtheking
  12. Awwww… uncle Thorin… Cute! Cartoons by rutobuka2

Well, there will be other things entertaining us in the near future. So enjoy the peace and quiet of your weekend while you can. Next week is gonna be epic!!!!

Sonja ❤️


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