One More Sleep to #2020RABirthdayAuctions

Let’s just have one more post before the fun starts tomorrow. Important note at the end of this post!

I have spent the day being somewhat creative. Apart from an article that I had to pen for work, I was working on a little something since yesterday.

I’m telling myself I was tinkering because I needed to test something for my “business” making and selling those mini books. I’ve made literally hundreds of such mini book pins (mostly not Armitage related, though) at this stage. It involves printing the covers myself, and I wanted to test making them slightly more water-resistant by covering them with matte medium. Experiment successful – it works. But the truth is, I decided to make a couple of freebies to go into the packages that I am hoping to send at the end of the week once all the auctions have – hopefully – finished successfully. No commercial scope here, just a little bit of fun I had. Can you guess what this is?

Just for fun, a few mini book pins. I just think this book – the original with *Mrs Armitage, Queen of the Road* was a favourite of my kids – is too funny. In case you haven’t quite spotted it, in my version Mr Armitage is the king of the road:

So, yep, I have 18 of these and they will be distributed among the auction winners. Maybe just a little motivation for people to bid and get involved in the auctions. (There is another type of extra once I have run out of these.)

Secondly – the DONATE Button

I have been asked to provide a donate button again for anyone who would like to chip into the fundraiser. The easiest way to facilitate that is a dedicated Paypal donate button which will be live and easily accessible on this blog from tomorrow. It will be located in the right side bar above the mission statement. (You may need to scroll down a little bit in order to see it.)

If you click on the donate button, you will be taken directly to my Paypal site where you can make your donation via your own Paypal account or with a credit card if you so wish. For our convenience, the transaction is automatically labelled  “#2020RABirthdayAuctions” including a silly typo which I was too lazy to correct. But at least you’ll know now that that is the genuine donation account *haha*.  All donations collected there will go into the final donation fund in their entirety. Please note that I will disable the button Saturday, 22nd August 2020, 1pm the latest, as I am aiming to transfer our proceeds from auctions and donations sometime during the afternoon.

Note on Auction Starts

Just FYI: The plan is to start taking the auctions live from mid- or late afternoon (IST/Irish Standard Time) – a decision merely based on convenience, especially as the auctions will then, logically, also end at a similar time three days later. So please don’t be worried or annoyed in case there is no auction live yet when you wake up tomorrow morning. You can expect the auctions to go live Monday 17 August – but depending on time zones it may be a different time of day for you.

Right, that’s enough administration for today. I have a few more auction listings to prepare.



17 thoughts on “One More Sleep to #2020RABirthdayAuctions

  1. I’m sooooo excited!!!! Woohoo!!

    And those books are to die for. I will beg, borrow or bribe to get one. Name your price. 💶💶💶


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  3. Matte medium to cover those mini books, making them slightly more water-resistant is a GREAT IDEA.
    My mini UV book was flooded. Water in London theater on the actors heads and water on the mini birch forest covert too… I was so sorry to destroy your crafting skills.
    Bonnes enchères!
    Le compte à rebours peut démarrer. Good luck every body!


    • Yep, it’s an issue I have been worried about for a while now. I finally decided to experiment, and I think the books actually even look better and clearer with a layer of matte medium on it..


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