Landmark #1 – #2020RABirthdayAuctions

Good morning, all. As in previous, I would like to keep you updated about the progress of the auctions. After milestones and mileposts in previous years, I’ll call my daily updates “landmarks” this year. And without further ado, I’d like to announce that we have reached the first landmark already.

This morning I have made a quick add-up of bids so far, and we have a great result already. With the bids as they stand after 15 hours of the auctions being online we have… *tada*

crossed the 1,000 Euro threshold.

All bids added up at this point give us a result of 1,020 Euro! A massive thank you to everyone who has put in a bid so far and contributed to this result!

Before I give you a few entertaining stats, I’d like to briefly apologise that some of the listings on eBay unfortunately have been set on the wrong shipping settings. First and foremost I’d like to reiterate here that bidding is open to anyone from anywhere in the world. We provide free international shipping even if the listing claims otherwise. You can bid on all our auctions regardless of where you are. We *will* ship to you, even though the listing may flash up a warning along the lines of “may not ship to [your location]”. This is a blip caused by eBay, even though I swear I took care when I set up the auctions yesterday. (The issue also affected last year’s auctions, and I had made a note of that.) I have been trying to reset the shipping options but unfortunately the eBay system currently does not allow me to do so. So please disregard the shipping notice that may come up when you attempt to bid. There is a total of 40 auctions online. If you can not see them when you access eBay, try the following:

  • I have been told that access works for some if they click on the individual links in my auction post yesterday.
  • As my eBay account is with eBay.IE (for Ireland), you could try to access the auctions via that site.
  • You could also access a listing overview via my eBay seller site

I will continue to try and reset the listings (because they may be time-sensitive) but for now I just want to reassure you that the listings are open to all.

And now the stats

The gorgeous Thornton pendant that refuses to show as the main image on eBay

  • First of all, *all* auctions have received a bid within the first 12 hours of being live. Many thanks to all bidders – that is a great reaction so far.
  • We got off to a flying start yesterday when the first bid already came in an hour *before* I had actually published my blog post that the auctions were live 😁.
  • The item with the highest number of bids is currently the Uncle Vanya poster which has had a stellar increase in price from the original 10 Euro starting price to a current high bid of 52. Euro!
  • Above mentioned first item to be bid on, is another auction favourite: The Sir Guy Lego figurine has attracted a lot of attention, many bids and is now listing at 28 Euro.
  • The most views have been attracted by the Mr Thornton jewellery pendant – which unfortunately is displayed with the wrong “main picture”. (Attempts at resetting that have been thwarted by the eBay system. Apologies.) It has had 96 views and currently lists for 26 Euro.
  • The highest bid is currently sitting on the Mr Thornton RAPS at 53 Euro.



So, we are off to a good start. A big thank you also to all who have reblogged my post, tweeted and retweeted on Twitter, and taken the news of our fundraiser to other sites. All promo is welcome and appreciated. Whether you can or want to bid or not, your promo support is a huge contribution to the success of this fundraiser, too.

It’s all very exciting already, and I am going to distract myself now with a bit of mundane house work. I’ll check in on Twitter and may come back with another post if we have more auction movements to applaud later today. Thank you for your contributions so far!



13 thoughts on “Landmark #1 – #2020RABirthdayAuctions

  1. Ummm, sorry about jumping the gun. 😬 I’m excited and had been hovering on your seller page (the beauty of being on vacation while this thing‘s happening).

    Very happy to hear that we’ve already passed the magic 1,000 mark. Whoop! 🙌🏻

    I’ll try and promote some individual lots on Twitter to help with the visibility issue.


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