All #2020RABirthdayAuctions Are Now In Their Final 24 Hours

A little update via blog on the progress of the birthday auctions – because, boy, we have had progress! It actually warrants a landmark of sorts.

We started the day with an already healthy half-way mark total of auction sales that had passed the 1,500 Euro threshold. Well, it didn’t stop there. Usually the second day of these auctions tends to be quite slow and not that much moves because bidders are waiting to go in “for the kill” during the last 10 minutes of an auction. But not today. My mobile (where the eBay app sends me notifications of bidding activity) kept flashing like a short-circuited Christmas tree. I intermittently forced myself away from all screens because I was getting overexcited. But as you can tell from this description, the movements were significant. So much so that the combined sum of donations and auction proceeds has pushed us over the 2,000 mark!!!!!!!! 

Thank you to all bidders, donors and supporters – you rock!

I’m going to spare you statistics for now and leave them until tomorrow morning, but here are a few notable facts of the day:

  • I did as I wrote in this morning’s post and tweeted at various fandoms on Twitter. I was delighted that Adam Deats not only liked but also RT my tweet.

Sure enough, the Castlevania poster *did* get a good boost in bids and currently sits at 71.50 Euro. That’s cool – because I like that we are not only looking at a lovely proceed of that particular auction, but I also think it is great when this poster actually goes to someone who is a fan and really appreciates the signed poster!

  • Without giving away details, I was also delighted to see that there are new people engaging with our auction – both in terms of bidding on the auctions, as well as reaching out to me on Twitter for questions and/or comments. I always love it when hitherto unknown to us fans delurk ;-). So, a particular welcome to you!
  • I am also very grateful for the fantastic reaction by fans, followers, readers and supporters – no sooner had I posted the stats this morning, new bids came in, and many on the items that I had highlighted. Many thanks for that!

So, the RA birthday auctions 2020 are now in their final 24 hours. Well, final 19 to 21 hours, as of posting this blog post! The count down is kind of on. It is just before 9pm here in Dublin, and I am going to remove myself from my iPhone for a couple of hours, cosying up to Mr Guylty on the couch for a bit of relaxation. I’ll check in again over on Twitter before I hit the sack.

But I am dreaming already. I am looking at the auction sales total right now, and we need less than 100 Euro to push us over the 2,000 Euro mark (not counting the donations!). So, so close. Is there a chance we could cross the line into 2,000 Euro in eBay? Should I take my phone with me to the couch? Or can I hope to wake up to the news tomorrow morning? I am keeping my fingers crossed and am hoping for some generous bids – maybe even from outside our own fandom – to push us over. I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning. Until then – sleep well in the knowledge that you have already met all my expectations and more!

15 thoughts on “All #2020RABirthdayAuctions Are Now In Their Final 24 Hours

  1. Such great news! I keep on checking back during the day to see how things are moving along and hoping no one will outbid the one thing I really want 😉 I’ll probably lose it at the last minute (I can only go so high), but then there will be other good things to go for as well in that last hour. As always, this is great fun. 🙂

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    • I agree, it is really exciting and it’s very hard to stay away. I am very very grateful that there is so much support for it. Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be a fantastic result, and I hope everyone who has been involved will have gotten something out of it 😊. Fingers crossed for your coveted item!!!

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  2. YAY, this is terrific!! I just joined in the bidding this afternoon and it´s so much fun, let´s see if I can call some item mine by tomorrow night. ;-)…


  3. For anyone who is worried about their internet service being wonky at end of auctions. I’ve used successfully for more than 20 years. You can place bids at any time and specify a time for them to go live.


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