Half Time And We’ve Made Another Landmark #2020RABirthdayAuctions

Good morning, good morning. It sounds somewhat contradictory, but during the auctions I always *enjoy* going offline. Because when I come back from my short absence, there usually are new movements in the auctions to look forward to. And so it is this morning. Big time. We are now more or less half way through the auctions which will come to an end at 6.40pm (IST) tomorrow. And we have reached another landmark with the auctions.

When I went to bed last night, I threw out a last little tweet hinting that we might reach the landmark soon, and apparently overnight, some action ensued. More about that in the stats below, but first to say that the result of the latest action is that we have

passed the 1,500 Euro mark.

As of time of posting, the bid total stands at 1,568 Euro! That converts into 1,413 £ or 1,870 $. That is amazing. For entertainment, let’s look at

Some stats

  • Small, but what a performance – the Thornton snow box is killing it!

    A major push has been come from a bidding war for the Thornton snow box. This is the item that has attracted the highest number of bids (48) and is now standing at a whopping 228.50 Euro. A huge thanks to the bidders on this fabulous item.

  • The number of views is probably also an indicator of how interesting an item is to the bidding public. The top position here is also held by the Thornton snow box with 154 views, followed by the Mr Thornton jewellery pendant (151) and the signed Castlevania poster (138).
  • Some other notable increases in value have been experienced by a few items that started with a modest 10 Euro starting price and are now set to generate a wonderful price. The Uncle Vanya poster has quintupled in price to 52 Euro, as has the Witchfinders audio book CD with 51.50 Euro, and the uber-cool Sir Guy Lego figurine has tripled in value to 30 Euro.
  • The total number of bids on *all* auctions combined at the moment is 396. Thank you to everyone who has put in a bid so far. You rock!


After the impressive numbers above, I hasten to point out that we still have some very nicely priced items in our auctions. Just in case you have a little bit of budget put aside for donating, you could consider putting in a bid for one of those items instead – and even receive something in return.










  • You could get both a fab hand-felted piece of fan art *and* a DVD for 30 Euro in the Cold Feet fan pack.




  • And since Mr Thornton seems to be the star of this auction, it might only take 35 Euro to get you this tiny, yet big impact hand-made Thornton bottle




Just sayin’… 😉


However, you can also add to the fund via a donation only. We have had some donations already come in via the donation button in the right side bar of this blog. The donation fund currently stands at a wonderful 151.81 Euro, generated by four generous donors. Massive thanks to you, too! These donations will be combined with the auction proceeds for the final sum. (They are not yet calculated into the landmark sum above!)

After the excitement this morning, my plan today is to do a bit of tweeting about the auctions. I intend to address the Castlevania, Hannibal and Hobbit fandoms.

A big thank you to all who are supporting the fundraiser with their donations, bids, tweets, blogs and cheers. I hope you are having as much fun as I am!



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