Dispatch Notices and More Proceeds Hints #2020RABirthdayAuctions

The records keep coming and coming. I have more good news to spread, and I’ll say it right at the beginning of this post. We are actually looking at a final tally that will cross the threshold into the 3,000s! Despite considerable eBay, Paypal and postage costs (final accounts in a different post), it is the amazing voluntary donations that are pushing us to new heights for our final donation. More of those have come in overnight and during today, and – here’s another amazing hint – the donations alone are a four-digit number. 😱

Richard says ‘oh MY’…

Once again, no definite numbers and accounts yet – the donations are open until tomorrow midday – but I have the figures under control. They are currently “resting in my account” sneaky reference to Irish cult TV show Father Ted . The transfer will happen tomorrow afternoon/early evening and will be conducted via Margaret Armitage’s Tribute page. I’ll leave a note there so you will be able to see it yourself – and of course I’ll post here, too, once the transfer has gone through.


A huge thank you to all auction winners. I was amazed and absolutely delighted how swiftly you paid your eBay invoices. Fantastic work on your part, thank you very much. It made it much easier (and faster) for me to transfer the money into the account from where it can be donated to LOROS, and it also meant that I was able to deal with posting the items today.

Good news for all auction winners: The majority of parcels are already under way. I literally spent all day today packing parcels. I had 20 in total to prepare (due to some buyers having won multiple auctions that could be combined in just *one* shipment, as well as the fact that 10 items are shipped from Germany or UK). It turned out to be a bit of a puzzle game – trying to fit all items into a box or other shipping receptacle that will keep the precious items safe, yet are most economic in terms of sizing. But success – as of 3pm this afternoon, (almost) all the items that were with me have been shipped. If you had won items that were held in Ireland, you should’ve received a notification from eBay by now that says that the item(s) is/are dispatched. If you haven’t – please check on eBay again or let me know. (Two items are still held with me – and I have been in touch with the two auction winners already.)

I am knackered. The excitement of yesterday evening! And after today’s manic packaging exercise my office looks like a bomb site.

Notice that long green piece of paper hanging from the back of my desk chair? That’s the receipt from the post office. 😂 The postmistress – not the mean old dragon one but a young woman in a different PO – was so sweet and patient with me, even though she had to mark the tracking numbers etc. by hand for me. I think I spent something like half an hour in there. (I went back afterwards and handed in a voucher for the local Café Nero – she was just so lovely and deserved a treat.)

Anyway, no further waffle. Just to say that I have read all your comments and apologise for not having replied yet. Will do tomorrow!

For now I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I am transferring your fantastic donation to LOROS. 


17 thoughts on “Dispatch Notices and More Proceeds Hints #2020RABirthdayAuctions

    • Yep, quite exhausting. But all worth it. The auctions really run by themselves – technology does the trick. The only thing that is nerve-wracking is the frenzy at the end when all the auction ends coincide. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t schedule auctions to end at (roughly) the same time and give myself ample time to deal with the accounts/invoicing/admin. But the nature of the fundraiser means that everything culminates at the same time. Exhausting – and yet exhilarating, too.

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  1. Fantastic news!! This is so exciting. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have dared dream it would be so huge.

    Thank you for all your hard work. You’re amazing.


    • Yep. There I was, half way through the auctions, wondering whether we’d reach at least the same amount as last year. Hence my agitating for more bids. And then *boom*. I should’ve known… And yet, that is also the fun of it all – seeing it progress, watching the numbers rack up. All thanks to the generous bidders and donors. It’s just fab.

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  2. Thank you for your hard work! 👍🏻 You must be very very tired but the process was fantastically fun and the results are amazing! As I said earlier, you are a STAR ⭐️ 🌟 💫 Have a good rest. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️


    • I was absolutely shattered yesterday – packing and shipping takes a while. And then it is also a bit nerve-wrecking because I am always afraid I might mix something up. But it’s out of my hands now and I am happy.
      So so grateful to the supporters and community who have made it all possible.

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  3. It’s a tribute to the kindness of most everyone in the RArmy that they came together as one to make this year’s auctions such an astonishing success. You, Sonja, are high quality human being. Your inner drive and kindness inspire us. I’m in awe of your many talents and virtues. Thank you for bringing out the best in us!


    • Aw, B – too much credit 😉. It’s a community effort, and I am happy to facilitate the generosity that so many people in this fandom possess. It’s been a pleasure, once again. Massive thanks to all supporters.

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  4. Thank you for all your hard work. What a wonderful way to celebrate RAs birthday. I tried my had at the auction, but didn’t win anything. Oh, well, it was fun anyway. I went straight to the donate button to donate for his birthday. Thank you again.


    • Sorry you lost out in the auctions. But every bid put in, contributed to the final price, so thank you for trying and supporting the fundraiser that way, Dele. And a big thank you for the donation – the final sum will stun you! xx


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