2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

Goodness! With all that excitement going on, I almost forgot the weekly round-up. And meh, I just noticed that Richard has already tweeted his birthday thanks. Um – fairly early in the day.

Oh, *um* and is that a little nod to us, the auctions mentioned? If so – hey, hooray, that’s a first!

But dang, my birthday post is not ready yet, and the birthday present is not yet wrapped and tied with a bow aka final sum transferred. I’ll get it done later although I am still missing one payment, and I’ll write a post here when it has been done.

But now the round-up. Here it comes. I expect this to be heavily dominated by birthday wishes…

  1. Starting off with our lovely riepu10’s birthday gifs for Richard. Love it
  2. Followed by another firm tumblr favourite of mine, mezzmerizedbyrichard, with her birthday card for Richard
  3. Here is a sweet manip by richardarmitagefanpage with one of the recent An Le photos
  4. Even if it’s not animated, but these Proctor screen shots are a *must*. By astrovian
  5. And these. Also by astrovian
  6. Thewarriorandtheking notices some interesting anatomical (not the right word, but you’ll see what I mean) similarities between Richard and Thorin
  7. An update by astrovian on the fate of Uncle Vanya in the Harold Pinter Theatre
  8. Can’t ignore a post that puts Richard and Anthony Head in the same set of gifs. Posted by 51kas81
  9. Richardarmitagefanpage has more screenshots from that Spacesweepers press conference which Richard joined remotely
  10. And this is the screenshot from that briefing that has been making the rounds already. Not sure whether ausschweifendemotte has enhanced this, but Richard’s wisps of grey look more pronounced here. Can’t say that it detracts from his gorgeousness, though
  11. Another one by ausschweifendemotte. Where is this from, anyone know?
  12. Oooh, here’s some quality John Porter, made by riepu10. That’s one of those scenes where you get the whole range of emotion on Richard’s face in a matter of 5 seconds
  13. LOL – mininottingham is obviously on summer holidays
  14. *sniggers* Nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants with the sort of quip that many a woman may have heard in her life… (and totally clean, btw!)
  15. Go ahead, thanoshadtosnaptwiceforyou, write that fic. When it comes to Guy of Gisborne, “outdated” has never really made much of a difference to us!
  16. I like this sketch by rowrowthehoehoe and the question beneath it

Leaving it at that because I want to get the post out there. Not as many birthday wishes as I had expected – we’ll probably see more of them in next week’s round-up. Meh, can I just say that I dislike tumblr’s latest design update? The overview page for the followed hashtags has become much smaller because they are pushing recommendations in a new big side bar. That results in the preview images (that used to show parts of the accompanying texts of the images) being much smaller. Not good, tumblr, very annoying.

Anyway – will be posting later re. donation finals and transfer. It’s a good thing that my family has left me home alone for the weekend. While they are going canoeing down a river and camping overnight, I am going to tidy up that mess of an office, sew some new face masks and transfer the donation.

Toodle pip!

Sonja ❤️


14 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

  1. #4 and #5, holy petunias! As if it wasn’t already way too hot in SoCal! I can’t see #10 and #11 because I’m not in the Tumbledryer but will trust you, as always.

    I immediately noticed the shout-out for the auctions, too! He must have been paying better attention this year. I sure wouldn’t mind toasting to him with a glass of that fancy champagne. I wonder what he was doing with that bottle at such a time in the morning, assuming that he is in London again. Looking forward to what’s to come? Still drinking from the night before? Both?!

    Hope that you get at least a few minutes just to yourself, dear lady. You deserve it!! 💜


    • The time stamp on his tweet confused me, too. Hehe, a little bit overhasty, saying thank you on the *morning* of his birthday? 😉 Unless he is celebrating it in Australia where it is now already evening? 🤔 🤨 😉 OTOH – if celebrating in London, champagne for breakfast is a nice touch. Sonja approves. And yep, the mention of “auctions” was noted.


  2. I know it’s not why you do it, but I’m so glad Richard acknowledged the auction this year – it was a mighty effort, and why I’m proud to be a part of this little corner of the fandom.
    I think you would’ve been forgiven if you missed the roundup this week! 😉 Another good one, with a few posts I’d missed, and thank you for the link love, I can get a head start on things like his birthday because of the earlier time zone 😊 Great gifs of Paula’s as usual, love the Proctor stills, and #10? the wisps of grey show in the original photo, and they don’t detract from his gorgeousness one little bit *sigh*
    As for Tumblr’s new format – bleurrggh. I’ve complained a few times about the tag search function, they respond but have never actually addressed the issue. If you follow the RA tag, the grid results are a squished up mess (I go for the scroll now) and you get four recommended blogs. If you don’t follow the tag, and type “richard armitage” in the search, you get the original grid layout (although the default is most popular not most recent) and the lovely long line of relevant blogs across the top. Stupid changes for the sake of change, no improvement – the site has gone backwards. End of whinge!!
    Enjoy your “me time”, you deserve it!


    • And your comment was even written before Richard tweeted directly at us, thanking us for the fundraiser – so, *yay* definitely delighted that he has noticed and acknowledged the fundraiser.
      The Proctor stills are *always* good, aren’t they, even though we have seen it all before.
      The grey bits don’t detract at all – and tbh, I wish that more celebs kept their grey streaks. Not only because it’s attractive in its own way, but because it would be a stand against this ridiculous cult of youth…
      Ah, thanks for weighing in on the tumblr redesign. I had no idea that a simple search would bring back the old layout. I have to remember that because this new format is just stupid. You are absolutely right – just superficial redesign without actually tackling the real problems.


  3. Nice roundup 😊. I also thoutght it was a nod to “our” auction and that he saw (followed?) what was going on 💕… and yes, he WAS quite early 😉😊…


  4. And you found time to do the round-up, full of scrumptious RA pics! Thanks Guylty! And is that an acknowledgement of the auction/s we see? His message did seem rather quick off the mark, lovely though it was. Perhaps he wanted to get it over with before some serious quaffing. I think he said recently that he was in London again.
    4) Seriously gorgeous shots of Proctor. I’d loved to know the ‘official’ rationale behind RA stripping-off for the washing scene. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from sitting inches away from his intimate ablutions, even though I squirmed with embarrassment.
    9) I‘m liking the wisps of grey in the recent screenshot (my greys are in the same places as his and Thorin’s too!). RA reminds me of the footballer, George Best, in these images particularly in pic 6.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, the round-up was a bit of a distraction strategy, too. All I had on my list yesterday, was the transfer of the donation. And yet I always have some vague technophobic reservations when it comes to the last step. (And justifiedly so – there was a last-minute technical snag that really had me moan in frustration yesterday. I’ll write about it another time.)
      Yeah, I thought he was in London too – early morning champagne breakfast 😉 and then getting the birthday wishes out of the way 😉
      I agree, I’d love to hear why Yael Farber put that washing scene into the play like that. However, it *is* part of the original play: “Proctor‘s house, eight days later. Elizabeth is heard softly singing to the children. John
      Proctor enters D.R., carrying his gun, and leans it against a bench. Crosses to the wash
      stand, pours water into it from pitcher. As he is washing, Elizabeth‘s footsteps are
      heard. Elizabeth enters, D.L.” I’m sure it didn’t hurt the ticket sales *coughs*
      Oh yes, George Best. He was a bit of a looker in his day, too…

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