Acknowledging the Acknowledgment

Yesterday evening I was chatting with my mum, explaining why I hadn’t had called for a few days. I told her about our fundraiser and that we had raised 3,500 Euro for charity as a birthday present for “that actor whom I like”. My mum’s first reaction: “Oh, does he know? Has he said thank you?” I said that he once “liked” a tweet last year that mentioned the auctions, and that he seems to be aware of them because he has thanked his fans in general terms for “auctions and fundraisers” before. And anyway, I hastened to explain, it was not about him but about charity. But… eh… directly, no. Mum: “…” 😕

And then I look at Twitter this morning, alarmed by the enormous amount of “XY and others liked your reply” notifications as well as several DMs. So, this is for you, really:


You can see the time stamps – 11.30pm. I had already turned in for the night and didn’t even notice it until this morning. I guess I have to update my mum now. I thought it was quite telling that Richard chose to reply to a tweet in which I actually expressly said that the fundraiser was “not about him”. Bit of a backhander from me there *coughs*. And the truth of the matter is – he may be the catalyst, the reason why we have come together in this community effort, but the objective of the auctions was always to raise funds to benefit a charity. I am glad that Richard sees it the same way – and that he is happy with that. However, I am delighted that he has given us a sign that he is aware of your incredible generosity and spirit of support for good causes. You deserve that!

I’d also like to acknowledge the acknowledgment of LOROS. They must have a really good social media volunteer who has been very appreciative all through the whole fundraiser, liking and reacting to many of the tweets that had @-tagged LOROS. They were aware of the fundraiser from the beginning, and replied to many of our tweets. And they may have provided the last little poke needed for Richard to express his own acknowledgment when they tweeted their tweet seen above. In any case, thank you to all of you who made a point of tweeting at LOROS, but also at Richard. His previous track record of reacting to tweets hasn’t be *that* great, so I have always been hesitant, but this year seems different, and I am actually really pleased that we now know that *he* knows.

Lastly, after I had transferred the donation yesterday, I received an automatic reply from LOROS. I’d like to share it with you:

I think our work here is done 😉.

Happy Sunday, all! 😘




23 thoughts on “Acknowledging the Acknowledgment

  1. This is truly wonderful Lovely of Richard and the hospice to acknowledge your amazing efforts – but truly wonderful of you all for organising and contributing to this fundraiser for a very worthy cause. God bless you all.


    • I really appreciate his QRT to LOROS that had me in the replies, too. The separate thank you was a nice touch, although absolutely not expected or necessary. (Especially with my backhander in it 🤣)

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  2. This is really a fitting end to this year’s auction efforts. ♥️
    And LOROS especially were so gracious throughout. I hope their SM team was caught up in the excitement a little bit and enjoyed themselves.


  3. That’s a great happy ending of another great action. It’s actually very impressive how this all works. From fans crafting and donating stuff, to auctioning it, to everybody being good in paying immediately. It’s really a good and trustful cooperation…and also lovely to know that it’s appreciated and seen…and 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to you for all your work and time and trust building❗️

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  4. Yay!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
    So pleased to see all your hard work acknowledged in this special way, Guylty, not forgetting the generosity of everyone else.


    • Those tweets are for all of us who have contributed to the fundraiser – and also to anyone who did it independently. But yes, I am delighted for us all. It’s nice to know that not only the beneficiary but also the catalyst have acknowledged the lovely donation.


  5. Wow, I did not expect this, but it really does give me kind of a warm fuzzy feeling that he does know, after all, and appreciates what we did. I’m sure the sheer amount staggered him a bit, but all to the good, and I hope it does help LOROS in the midst of this awful holocaust the world seems to be in the middle of right now. There are still people who care, even with too much evidence to the contrary.


  6. He better be grateful!!! 😬☝🏻Just joking 🙃 My motto is: don’t expect gratitude but be grateful if you get one. So his acknowledgment of our cause and his gratitude are highly appreciated. ❤️
    And you are a STAR ⭐️ 😁

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  7. While acknowledgement isn’t the motivation, it sure is lovely when it comes. The auction success was already gratifying but the appreciation put the cherry on top. (and it was extra special since Loros indicated their fundraising has been hit hard from Covid-19)

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  8. Congratulations to everyone who made the auction such a success. And of course, an acknowledgement from the man himself is a bonus. All of you rock, especially you, dear Guilty.


  9. Well done to you who organised the auction and to everyone who participated in it! I’m glad RA posted a thank you and acknowledgement – about time too IMO!
    Can’t help wondering whether his curiosity might be piqued to take a sneaky peek at your Guylty Pleasures blog (if he hasn’t done so already)??😆


  10. A belated congratulations on the successful fundraising! I wasn’t able to do much on or for his birthday, couldn’t even doodle as I had work and commissions to do 😦 I did donate to LOROS on my own (first time to be able to donate really! Finally got over the fear of transferring money internationally) Hope you stay safe and healthy, and hope to participate in the next fan events 😀


    • Many thanks, Nix, and please, no justifications or explanations necessary. There is *never* any obligation on taking part; and in any case, real life comes first. Sometimes it simply is not a good time. And your individual donation to LOROS is fantastic and much appreciated, I am sure.
      We’ll try our luck again next year 😉


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