RA in Digital Theatre’s “Character Lock-in”

So, Richard would choose to be locked in with Scrooge?

My first thought: Well, Richard sure loves a challenge. But after seeing this little clip, I’d say he has chosen interestingly and thoughtfully. As he explains, Scrooge is a well-adept at keeping the world at a distance, so he’d be good for advice in that respect. And well, we don’t know what else DT has asked Richard about this character, so maybe there are other things that make the malicious old miser his obvious choice? I hope it’s not the old “anti-social” chestnut, though – or does Richard seriously think that he comes across as a people-hater?

Also – was that zoomed straight from Richard’s new wardrobe studio? It sounded remarkably sound-box-y, and just the dark, closed-in background looked like the kind of sound-proofing I have seen in studios.

If you are a teaching professional, you may be able to see more of Richard’s conversation with Digital Theatre. All us other ordinary folk have to hope for some more clips or disclosures from other people…

Off to go crying in a corner now…


29 thoughts on “RA in Digital Theatre’s “Character Lock-in”

    • Yep. (Although I thought he was waffling a little bit there.) My “crying in the corner” was referring to the screen shot which I coincidentally captured just at that moment. Looks like a sob story – with violins softly weeping in the background… 😉


            • I tried also, got the same sequence of screens, and had the same reaction: FU Digital. They think I am going to give up profiling date, including an email address (which will, no doubt, send me on one of those errands to click on an incoming email to “confirm” my registration), to watch a preview??? Get real.

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              • Back when they screwed North America over The Crucible, I unsubbed from their emails. I ended up having to unsub 4 times over the span of a few weeks and I left ‘feedback’ on their website over their inability to unsub someone from a list.

                An hour later, I got an email telling me in order to leave feedback, I had to join the website. I did so and when I was asked to resend my ‘feedback’, i did so – using as many curse words as I could possibly interject, most especially, the F word.

                Many hours after that, I got an email stating that my ‘feedback’ would be looked at the next possible working day. I’m like…. really?

                truth is, had they reached out to me, I would have bought the damn play anyway, but they didn’t so screw them.

                I found it most amusing when they decided to start charging for their online viewer. That didn’t go over well, and I think they’re pieces of shit anyhoo!


                • Yeah, that is definitely a massive saga that puts one off DT. It puts me off as well, even though it didn’t happen to me. And even though I was able to access Crucible at some point, I thought it was completely unprofessional and actually illegal of them to restrict access *after* they had taken payment from people. So I am not interested whatsoever in signing up for anything DT, and unless someone records the thing and passes it on BTS, I’m gonna ignore it.

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      • Not sure if it was the whole thing. Was about 2 mins long? I can’t remember where. I a not trying to be disengenuous — I’m not that savvy about any of this stuff (social media). It can’t be very deep, wherever it is/was, because I wasn’t trying to find it. I do know how to check my browser history, though, and, curiously, couldn’t find it there just now. Sorry. Will post again, if I stumble upon it again. Or maybe you all have seen a 2-minute thing and we don’t need “it?”


        • Yep, the 2 minute thingie is there when you click on the tweet that I embedded in the post. That’s all I have seen so far. (Not that impressed – weird choice of character, but as usual, he’s eloquent enough to explain why… 😂)


  1. Their website is really confusing, clicking Customer or Non-Customer seems to lead to the same page, which scrolls down to nothing of interest. I’ve said humbug once today and I’ll say it again – or something stronger!


    • I haven’t even tried that. DT has disqualified itself a long time ago. But what you are saying just seems to corroborate the general impression – amateurs. Humbug indeed.


  2. I tried Customer (as an existing one) which only led me to their productions and Non-customer, but I finally twigged after much frustration that it must have been for educators only. Still, two minutes of Richard is better than none at all 😉


  3. i like it when he sounds relaxed, he almost sounds like he’s on a train of thought rather than had the chance to decide what he’s going to say. It’s interesting because he’s less guarded like that. I guess for him it’s a nice opportunity to share his processes over this sort of thing and imagination that he uses when meeting ‘characters’ in stories

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