2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #37

There we have it. Dublin is back in lockdown, more or less. Despite warnings and requests for cooperation, the rising Covid infection numbers did not motivate people to take more care and keep their distance. From yesterday, Dublin has been placed under stricter restrictions than the rest of the country. We are back to working from home (unless essential), home visits of only up to 6 people from 1 household, no indoor or outdoor organised gatherings, restaurants and cafés have closed their indoor facilities and may only serve outdoors or for take-away. Schools remain open, but college (due to open next week) will conduct most classes online. Sigh. If I am honest, I’d rather that the restrictions were even more draconian – so that we could sit it out over three weeks and then make a giant leap forward. But as it is, the policy makers always bow to business and economic pressure. But I admit, maybe it is easy for me to say I don’t mind restrictions. My work happens from home, anyway, and I do not have young children who still attend school.

At least one worry is off my mind, however. Sorry for using the C-word already but My mother is most probably set for Christmas. We always celebrate the holiday with my mother who visits here in Ireland. This year, I don’t think it is advisable for her (as a 71 yo) to travel by plane, nor is it really feasible for me (with a vulnerable husband). I am an only child, and so is my mother, so there are no close relatives, bar my mum’s sister-in-law and her daughter (who have in all these years *not once* offered that my mother spend the holidays with them). I was wrecking my brain how to make sure my mum, who loves Christmas, is not alone over the holidays. The solution has come by way of my son. He is set to go to Germany to spend a year (hopefully studying, or else working) in Berlin. He won’t have the time for two weeks quarantine each if he were to travel home for the holidays and then back to Berlin. And so the stars have aligned and he is going to spend Christmas with his “Oma” (German for ‘granny’) instead. All concerned are apparently very happy about this plan. *phew*.

Sorry for the tangent, let’s check tumblr for the weekly goodie list…

  1. The tumblr Hobbit group rewatched BOTFA and lathalea has compiled their comments and quips, like last week. The Thorin meme in the middle of the post had me laugh out loud!
  2. I totally love gif queen riepu10’s gif set from the Follett promo. Nine times the fun
  3. #TeamLawn rejoices! A post by throntoncrusadepost. (Intriguing tumblr name, that…)
  4. This week astrovian is gone into Richard with dogs… cat lovers, look away 😉
  5. Richard looking down, courtesy of mzperx0506universe. Screenshots from Follett PR
  6. Hm, I have to admit that Billie Piper did not come to *my* mind, but as for the genre, I fully agree with gingerteaonthetardis
  7. This post does not contain Richard only, but otherwise is very apt. Posted by charming-merlin
  8. Oooh, angry Guy knows what he wants *coughs*. By nfcomics
  9. So, that’s why he is wearing those leathers… What a Guy Wants by nfcomics, again

And because a single digit tumblr best of is really too short, HERE is a link to Zee’s latest update to her Aside from Heaven (a continuation of the Manna from Heaven series). This is chapter 29, and the Aside is heading towards a close at this point.

Just as a quick weekly re-cap of general RA news – this week the Beatrix Potter Stories for Audible, of which Richard was one of the performers, has gone live. Another audio collection of short stories that Richard has been involved in, Reality and other Stories, is available for pre-order and releases on October 1, 2020. Those of you based in the UK or Ireland can also book tickets to see the filmed version of Uncle Vanya which will be shown in cinemas in UK and Ireland on October 27, 2020. This is one of the rare cases where I approve of Ireland being lumped in with the UK. Here’s hoping that the play will after that also be shown in other territories. Maybe if we make it a success now, it will be broadened to other countries? I’ve bought two tickets because Mr Guylty strangely, unfathomably wants to see the play. Whether we will actually go, is another story. Who knows where we are with lockdown in 5 weeks’ time…

Otherwise, I hope you have added a comment to yesterday’s shrine post in order to be in the raffle. I took time off the internet yesterday evening, so I better go over there and reply to comments now. Ouch, that’s if my aching arm allows me. I spent yesterday and today sewing new masks, and I really need to get myself a new rotary cutter. I can’t always depend on my lovely friends to send me wonderful presents with useful tools… Big thank you to Helen for reacting to my whining last week, and putting two fabulous pliers into your box of thoughtful gifts 😘. They work a treat, and I immediately used them to make several more earrings 😁.

Have a lovely Sunday, stay safe, stay happy,

Sonja ❤


45 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #37

  1. 😞. If only people would do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do! (Did I ever mention to you that my kids are planning to emigrate to Ireland? The apparently have citizenship by descent through their paternal grandmother and are thoroughly disillusioned with the state of affairs here.).

    I’ve finally figured out how to reset post notifications, so unfortunately you’ll be seeing more of me in these parts! 😜

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    • Oh hooray, they are welcome here, any time. And your mini-me actually already has the right name for that 😉. I totally approve, also hoping that they can then naturalise their mother in turn 😁
      But in all seriousness – I am not surprised that (some) young Americans are looking for ways out. From where I am standing, it looks as if the country is divided and possibly heading for some unstable times. If your kids have a realistic chance of changing their future, they should grab it.
      And what “unfortunately”???? I’d be delighted. I *always, always* miss you – although I am extremely guilty of not picking up pen and paper (or a keyboard, for that matter) to simply correspond off-blog with you. Much love to you!

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  2. Oh dear. It’s all very worrying. I’m so glad to hear that you mum will have some family for Christmas though – sounds like a great solution.

    #3 and #4 are my top choices this week 😊
    Glad the pliers have arrived safely! 🙂


    • Yep, at least some things have worked out fine.
      And that parcel was a huge surprise. I love your “occasional box of useless bits and pieces”. Although they were far from useless this time. Those pliers are top class. Makes it so much easier to fiddle with the jump rings. Thank you so much for that – that was such a thoughtful gift xxx

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  3. Sigh so sorry about the lockdown We’re heading there too except our gvmt dithering as usual 😣 Glad to hear Xmas arrangements are ok. My dad wants me there one way or another so i will have to make the trip and use up all holidays as i have to quarantine 2 weeks when i get there too. How i am going to do the latter no idea. And based on current reduced flights travel will take all day and i might be forced tp stay at airport over night to make it back. I hope to find appropriate ppe to actually protect myself but what i need is not currently available in any shop to buy. I’ve got 3 months to stress about it.

    Glad the UV is available. I don’t think the uk chains are the main cinemas from the looks of it. I hope we will have enough advance notice of the BBC broadcast fingers x and that many prople will be able to see it! I’m still at home basically as without a car is have to use public transport to go anywhere and it’s too busy for me yp feel safe with the way people behave. So stuck in local neighbourhood and there isn’t a cinema at all nearby. Also here people don’t have to wear masks inside as they still sell drinks and food so it’s not safe either 😦 it’s going to be a difficult winter i fear…


    • Actually, when I think of what the situation is like where you are, I feel slightly humbled. Dublin is definitely so much smaller than London, so things are on a different scale where you are. And similar with your travel plans re. Christmas. It’s definitely a much bigger trip for you – including quarantines and very convoluted routes etc. I hope you will find a solution that is workable.
      The BBC broadcast is really the preferred option, I have to say, because then more people could get access to the piece. I really wonder how they are going to comply with the safety precautions in the cinema here. I’d probably prefer it if masks were mandatory, but I have no idea whether they are…


      • I think so if I’m stuck on planes and airport for likely 6-8h and given there are countless examples of packed planes and not everyone wearing a mask i have to try and get ffp2 ones but understandably they are only available for medical personnel. And even if available to wear it correctly it has to ve fitted. It’s just stressful as i get flight sickness so have to take tablets so drink water etc and it’s too long a flight not to drink liquid etc. Just worried of the limits of how one can protect oneself safely in a long journey and the fact that realistically i will have to accept the risk.


  4. that’s good news re your son at Xmas-it’s going to be tough on a lot of people. I’m lucky that i really only have a very small family group. I think lockdown will occur in many parts of the UK soon, but businesses won’t close this time. I’m grateful i work in an environment where i can trust my co workers are careful and have general good cross infection control-even though we can’t socially distance with patients-i feel moderatley safe.
    Hopefully we will go to see UV in the cinema-i was surprised when my boyfriend said he wanted to go see it aswell (i think RA is growing on him-he quite often says nice things about his acting these days!)


    • Christmas is definitely going to be a tough test. It’ll be strange not to have my mum here, and we have already been thinking of inviting a single-mum friend of mine with her daughter, just to make an unusual, unnormal Christmas a bit more fun.
      Nice that BF is coming along to share watching that play with you! I was surprised, too, when Mr Guylty expressed interest. He always loves it when I organise theatre outings, but RA tends to be a turn-off for him *haha*. He must be really starved of theatre if he wants to come along now…

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  5. It is so depressing to be edging into lockdown again but inevitable. Thanks for great round-up Guylty. 1) is hilarious and I agree 100% about Alfrid, a pointless annoyance. 2) Gorgeous, and I’m still getting George Best vibes. 3) Team Lawn rules! 9) I agree 100% about the leather trousers.


  6. Good news about the UV tickets – I hope they manage to make cinemas feel safe before the date comes round. Great too that your mum won’t be alone for Christmas. I hope everyone else will find a solution that feels right for them. Poor Hariclea – a long plane journey in a mask sounds so hard. It looks like a FaceTime Christmas for the Jenny household. Another one who had no idea we’d be here back in March.

    Thanks for the roundup – I’ve only dipped into the Guy bits as I’m busy and shouldn’t be here, but I shall enjoy the rest with a cuppa later on. Hear hear on the leather trousers though.


    • Christmas is going to be different this year… I have to be honest and say that I am quite relieved I won’t have to make the journey. I just don’t think I’d feel safe in a plane at the moment… Good point about the FaceTime. Probably will be used here, too.


  7. I’m happy to hear you’ve been able to get tickets for Uncle Vanya, hope everything falls into place for you. It doesn’t seem that it will be shown as a mainstream release, maybe in arthouse cinemas in Melbourne, such as where I saw The Crucible. However, I won’t be in any hurry to visit down there, even if they do open up the “ring of steel” to allow regional people in, so am keeping my fingers crossed for a BBC release here.
    Also happy to hear Christmas is sorted for your mum and that she won’t be alone. 🙂


    • You are actually quite right, Mezz. I mean, I more or less spontaneously bought the tickets and then thought to myself that I am not sure I am that comfortable with the thought of sitting in an enclosed indoor space for a couple of hours, even if there are 2m spaces around each seat. I’ll decide on the day whether we’ll go or not…


  8. Thank you for the roundup. I wish I was more of a Hobbit nerd, that rewatch recap sounds hilarious, but somewhat over my head.

    I’m glad that Mama and Master Guylty are teaming up for Christmas. That sounds like a great solution to an unfortunate situation.

    I’m not holding my breath for Vaya in these parts. Even if it does come to good ol’ Tshermeny, I doubt it’ll be available JWD. 😢


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