Thornton’s Pearls Raffle Results

Good morning, let’s start the new week with the results of the raffle for the two RAPS minis from the Thornton’s Pearls series. First of all, thank you for all your lovely comments. I went through them all again for the purpose of compiling the list of names to input into Randompicker. I was delighted to see so many people participating. 😘

Randompicker has spoken. The system has picked two names out of the hat, and assigned a shrine each to them. (That way I didn’t have the tough task of figuring out which shrine to send to whom.) So here we go:

Congrats to Kathy and Lurkerella. Many thanks to everyone else for taking part. (I must make a few more of the minis and get a big raffle going…)

The draw protocol with all the details of this raffle can be found here:

Happy Monday, all!


24 thoughts on “Thornton’s Pearls Raffle Results

    • It would be lovely to have more than just one prize to give away – would make it much less frustrating for the people who enter the raffle. Mhhhh, I might have some ideas…


  1. Oh my gosh. Never expected to win such a treasure. Thornton enshrined in our hearts and tins forever. This occasion deserves an ode. Thank you Guylty, you are the best.

    Ode to Random Acts of Luck

    Oh happy day,
    Hip hip hurray!
    How lucky can I be?
    Thank you, computer,
    For picking me.
    Could you help me,
    Win the lottery?

    Kathy Jones


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