2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #39

This week I slightly dropped the ball. After kicking off the discussion about the fundraiser last week, I tried to keep up with the comments but still haven’t replied to each and every one of them. An ongoing project. I also need to reply to a number of e-mails that have reached me – they are not forgotten, just waiting for a moment for a proper answer. There are also big thanks due to Hariclea, Helen and Donna for gorgeous happy mail that reached me in the last while. It’s all those comments, e-mails and snail mail surprises that cancel out the less pretty side of the internet. A huge thanks to you all ❤️, combined with my apologies for being so slow.

Two peas in a pod – rare private glimpse, already a few years old

I was also distracted during the first half of the week because my first-born was setting off on his year abroad and I wanted to spend as much time with him before his departure, as possible. Master Guylty has been a student for the past three years. He has decided to take this year off from his studies and experience life abroad, his reasoning being that he doesn’t want Covid and the restrictions connected to the pandemic spoil his last year in university. On Wednesday he set off to Berlin. While he is fully bilingual (English/German), attended a German school and spent all his childhood summers in Germany, he has never lived in Germany full-time. Not counting his early infancy – we left Germany when he was 9 months old. He can now live up to his German passport 😉. And while his ex-pat mother is going to lose her right to vote in the German general elections in 2024, he will now gain German voting rights for the first time thanks to living in Germany. Well, at least *one* member of the extended Guylty family will have a say in German elections then. – Of course that isn’t his primary motivation to go to Germany. While his socialisation is fully Irish (and he would probably answer the question about his nationality with “Irish”), he wants to experience the other half of his heritage. Not that I have anything to do with Berlin, but well, I guess Berlin is a cool place to be when you are 21… Oh, while I am spouting private stuff, the crown prince has just released an EP with his band, recently recorded in a Northern Irish farmhouse. It’s all a bit… um… experimental, and never mind the weird band name (…), but if you want to gift him a click, here is “Pompeii Wellness Concept” on Spotify. Master Guylty is the guitarist.

That said, let’s finally get into the tumblr goodness of week 40.

  1. Starting off with a post that seems to be Day 1 of a new (?) 28 Day Challenge? Knights-of-sherwood-forest looks at their favourite season of RH. I suppose you could join the challenge if you felt like it
  2. Here is the full challenge list, also posted by knights-of-sherwood-forest, FYI
  3. Who is Rebecca Ferguson? Posted by iliteratures
  4. Loving riepu10’s picture set of Richard and books
  5. The Hobbit cast then and now, featuring Richard. Posted by richardarmitagefanpage, there is a misnomer in there. That’s not Armitage. That’s Dorian Gray!
  6. Muhahahaha, yep, with that flick of the hair, it sounds about right what big-bad-bhardwaj put into Thorin’s mouth
  7. Can there ever be too many of those gifs taken from the Follett publication day video? I mean, even the fresh aqua green background cheers me up every time I see it. Posted by millburned
  8. *coughs* same applies to this gif set by riepu10. Seen before, sure, but… reasons
  9. Some sort of Marvel reference in this set of edits by lyannainsomnia. I don’t get the reference but I lile the look of this
  10. Yeah, he likes to pull faces… Pic set by astrovian
  11. Interesting: I could get on board with casting RA as Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes film. Pic set by marvelousandproud
  12. Awww, Guyyyyyyy – so romantic today in nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants
  13. I haven’t read this myself yet, but this looks like a new Guy fic, posted by rosemunds
  14. And for the fan fictionally inclined, here is another Guy fic. Not read yet, but looks like a sweet story from his childhood? Posted by buildarocketboys
  15. Interesting little grid by chaoticbitheatrekid. Goth? ✔️

Leaving it there. I hope you have a lovely weekend, all! I’ll try to tick off my list of comments/mails to be written. I also want to summarise our fundraiser discussions in a separate post, but that will have to wait until next week, probably.

Sonja ❤️


23 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #39

  1. What a beautiful picture! You ARE two peas in a pod!👍🏻 Like the music btw 😉
    As to the RA photos for the site, I usually save everything to the iCloud, so I have to download and sort them first. I do my best, but I hope someone else also will help with the photos 🙏🏻
    Have a nice weekend! ❤️🤗


    • Oooh, that would be very helpful, Olga… The truth is, I have *some* of those UV pictures downloaded myself – but definitely not all because I only pick and choose myself. There’s no hurry, anyway. There are plenty of other things I can tweak on RAnet *sweats*


  2. Thank you so much for the mentions once again. You are too nice to me with this.

    There aren’t really that many new things to gif at the moment. I’ve been thinking that is there really any point to gif anything old because someone better has done it already. And with a new stuff you always have to be careful not to spoil it for anyone.


    • I think you are doing it just right, Paula. Even if it is scenes from old films/series, it’s always nice to be reminded of them. We wouldn’t be fans if we didn’t like old characters, too. And you always find new ways of combining pictures etc. I have no complaints whatsoever!


  3. What a wonderful pic of you and your handsome son girl! Hard to let them go but you know deep down, in order for them to have their own lives, you have to let go.

    I read 14th entry on your list and thought it was sweet too. If nothing else is written on that one, it’s still a good excerpt (peek) into the heart of Gisborne’s childhood.


    • Absolutely right, Mimi. It feels a bit strange to say “my son lives in Germany”, but every time I feel a bit sad about that, I remind myself that I spent two separate years abroad when I was a student – at a time when technology had not made keeping in touch as easy as it is now. It’s a fantastic experience to move abroad and go it alone. I’m delighted he has chosen to do so.
      I have to read that fan fic – today might be the perfect day for it, chilly and wet outside…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Odd how we see things. When I was 14, not even 5′ yet, I would take a train from where my family lived to where I was attending an all girl Catholic school. When I arrived, I would hire one of the cabs lined up outside the train station to where I was living. (Loved it too, so many good memories.) Thought I was all grown up. Yet, when my nephew was 13 and taller than I was at 14, my sister would let him visit me for the summer and I was super over protective. I wouldn’t even let him hang out in the mall arcade by himself. He bridled a bit saying he was ‘old enough’ but I insisted telling him, his mother would kill me if I sent him home molested. It always made him laugh and he would relent and let me go with him or have on of my employees go with him if I couldn’t.

        Totally off topic: I tend to listen to audiobooks, NPR, documentaries, review podcasts, when I’m working.
        Got clued in to a website that offers free audiobooks to listen to online and even tho I’ve read all of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (as it was first published even) decided to listen to the dramatization. Was not expecting any surprises, but was happy to hear Kat Dennings as Death. About 55min in the 3rd part listed on the menu. Plus a great poem/song I’d totally forgotten about. Fun Fun Fun 🎃 https://tokybook.com/the-sandman/


  4. Lovely picture of you and your son – he is a chip off your block! I hope he has a wonderful time living in Germany. So good to spread the wings.
    Re no. 10, I scrooled down and the gifs from the Crucible caught my eye….topless Procter! Phoarrrr!! But what is Anna Madeley serving up? Hope RA didn’t have to eat it whilst in character because it looks truly revolting! (It would make me gag).
    Re no. 7, I think the aqua green background brings out all the red/pink undertones in RA’s skin and his lips?


    • Yep, my son has definitely got the maternal genes. (My daughter is slightly more paternally influenced…) I’m sure he’ll make the most of his year off.
      As for food in the Crucible – I remember that at the time audience members who were sitting near the table remarked on how delicious the food smelt. Apparently it was a proper stew, cooked from scratch every night. Yeah, stews don’t look that appetising, but I vaguely remember RA saying that he ate it with gusto.
      Good point on the aqua background !


  5. Lovely round-up thanks Guylty
    2) Robin Hood Challenge favourite bad guy? “Um, er –  ooh! That’s hard”
    11) Yes I like the idea of MoRiAty too!
    I can see the family resemblance and ‘Bally Fever’ was great, nice and powerful.


    • re. 2) – 😂 indeed. Not much thinking needed.
      Moriarty – another baddie. But RA would totally rock the role with his dark handsome looks. I’d love to see a slightly more “mature” Sherlock interpretation. Not that I have any issue with Cumberbatch’s version. He was great. But it could be interesting to see yet another version of the story, with yet another twist.
      Ballyfever is my favourite, too. The two middle songs are rather… eh… strange…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. How very cool that your son is doing this, Guytly! Does he have contacts in Berlin or is he just going and seeing where his luck takes him? He’s a handsome young man and looks very much like you, btw.


    • He missed out on an Erasmus year (because he had a girlfriend at the time and there was no option for them to study in the same place), so I’m delighted he has now copped on and organised an alternative. He chose Berlin because one of his schoolfriends has been living there for 2 years and he has visited Berlin quite a few times, so he feels somewhat familiar with the place. And well, Berlin is still pretty cool, hence the attraction…
      Yep, he comes after my side of the family *grins* – eh, not in handsomeness, but in features.


    • What the… Well, actually not surprising, given that people have been unable to attend indoor events the last 6 months. I had a look and yes, the Irish Cineworld site is affected, too.
      As for UV – luckily that was not playing in Cineworld in Ireland but in Vue. Here’s hoping that it will remain open. Mind you – the National Public Health Executive has yesterday advised the Irish government that the country should go into COMPLETE lockdown for 4 weeks. The numbers have been rising so sharply since September that they are worried that the health system will not be able to cope. If we go back to Level 5, UV will not show here, too…


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