RA Pocket Shrine 225/? – Doctor’s Orders

The whole virus-enforced retreat into our domestic lives has been really good for my creativity. Over the summer, most of my creative energy went into my Etsy enterprise, and I was busy making my mini books, or sewing face masks, or tinkering with junk journals. My shrining activities kind of fell a bit by the wayside. But a couple of weeks ago I found myself in shrine-making mode again because I still have a shrine promised for one of my fandom friends.

The shrine making always starts with a look at my collection of mint tins, choosing the right size and kind of mint tin to house the latest design in. My large box of mint tins is a bit of a rabbit hole. As soon as I started looking for a suitable tin to enshrine Dr Astrov in [Spoiler: not the doctor in the title of this post!], I came across lots of other beauties. I ended up taking 6 tins from the box, and in a bit of a shrining frenzy created 4 shrines in a couple of days. Today’s shrine was actually not the one I was *planning* to make that day. It came about spontaneously because I do not know the recipient very well, but I saw a tweet on my TL, and it touched me. A fellow fan sister of ours was recovering from a very serious illness and her cousin posted on Twitter that any well-wishes were welcome. And so shrine #225 was born.

I personalised the shrine for “LS”, and to wish her a speedy recovery, I brought Dr Track on board.I mean, seriously, with Dr Track leaning over you, appearing like a gorilla in the mist demi-god on a cloud, is there anything else to do but to obey doctor’s orders?

Dreamy. That neck is made for kissing. Seriously, I think I’d be much better about going to the doctor’s if I had a medical professional like Alec Track looking after me…

I sent the shrine to Lucy, and I hope that she is going to be better, soon. If you would like to send her your get-well wishes, I’m sure she will appreciate them.

So, best wishes to Lucy – and everyone else who may currently be fighting illness. 



30 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 225/? – Doctor’s Orders

  1. Aww… that’s wonderful. You are a good woman, my friend. I’m sure Lucy will be thrilled. May this kindness be returned to you a hundredfold. ❤️


  2. It’s a lovely shrine and a lovely gesture, I’m sure it will give Lucy a boost, and I wish her all the best for her recovery. I know from receiving my own surprise RAPS when I had surgeries back in 2014 (you’ve been making them a long time!!!) the delight it brings, mine was like a little talisman. 😘


    • Six years *eeek*. I am surprised myself – both that I am still interested in making them (because I have a short attention span…) and that others still like them, too 🙂


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