Catching up with our Recent Discussion

In case you haven’t macheted your way through the comments on the recent discussion about the fundraiser, I wanted to just quickly summarise the gist of conclusions – also as a “note to self” for the next time when the fundraiser comes ’round.

Daniel in the jungle, machete just out of sight

Baffling Raffling

So, although the raffle suggestion was deemed a very good idea in order to open up the involvement in the fundraiser to more budgets, it turned out that there are legal restrictions regarding raffles. So raffles do not seem to be a feasible addition to the fundraiser: In almost all jurisdictions raffles that require payment in exchange for a ticket, are deemed “gambling” because the draw involves an element of chance. As such, they are lotteries that require a license. I think that would be taking our fun and amateurish fundraiser a step too far. So the raffle idea is out.

Fixed it with Fixed Price

However, several commenters mooted the idea of a fixed-price sale instead. That sounds like a great alternative to a raffle. The idea here is to have a separate sale of items, all for a fixed price each. In order to get the best return of investment while still keeping the price low enough to allow anyone the chance to buy an item and thus contribute to the final donation, the items for the fixed price sale will have to be…

  • small – so they can fit into a small envelope and keep postage costs low
  • easily made – so that it is feasible for (some of) us to make a number of these items
  • made from non-expensive materials – so that there is a profit in the sale of these items.

With some experience with a fixed-price already under my belt (selling the RA-themed mini book brooches last year to fund the RAnet make-over, as well as the RA face masks for this year’s postage fund), Etsy has proven to be easy in terms of payment and order processing. Fees will be incurred, but they are less than on eBay and they are automatically deducted from each sale, so at least the sum transferred to me will be the final number. No guessing like on eBay.

The Low Down

The conclusion of it all is that the fixed-price sale looks like the ideal addition to the fundraiser. We can still do the auctions as a major cash-builder and a fun and exciting event to watch, yet we can also provide the sale as an alternative way of contributing to the donation when the auction prices are going beyond individual budgets. Win-win.

So, thank you to all who have chimed in on this discussion. I think we have taken a step forward – even though it is still 10 months until the next fundraiser will come up. But hey, always good to be prepared early 😉


30 thoughts on “Catching up with our Recent Discussion

  1. Thank you for this recap. Excellent to have a succinct summary of our collective brainstorming session in one neat post.
    And although we still have a lot of time to go, it doesn’t hurt to have a think and maybe play with some craft ideas, so we don’t end up under pressure later on. I will definitely see what the old noggin has to offer ideas-wise.

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    • Now now, let’s not lower ourselves to that level 😉. I suspect the anon was less interested in inclusivity and more in insults, but who knows what’s going on in their life to make them be so deliberately nasty to others…

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  2. Unfortunately, I am a pessimist at heart and can see those who can afford to pay auction prices going for the set-price items. I hope I am wrong.

    Thanks again for all you do, Sonja!!


    • Well, there is no way of preventing that, and I don’t think that we *should* prevent that. If we are doing this for inclusivity’s sake, then we can’t do it by *excluding* yet another group. Personally I don’t think that will happen because the set-price items will differ from the auction items in that they will be small items that are made in larger number. I don’t think it makes sense to sell collectible and rare fan items cheaply, so those will still be going into an auction.


      • see this is where i think something we can mass produce cheaply but is special to the auction is the best way forward. Being able to buy a trinket as a reminder of that years auction wouldn’t stop me bidding (and hopefully winning) on something expensive that i loved in the auction


    • Ah, thanks Olga 😘
      Oh, Christmas auction… do you think there is any demand for that? I do have items available for selling, but I don’t want to create an overkill or make people feel under pressure for spending money. But if there is a demand, a Christmas fundraiser can be arranged.


  3. Thank you for all the thought you’ve put into this even though sadly the initial prompt was couched in nastiness. The fixed price sale is worth a shot, but if it doesn’t work out, you can always say you’ve tried, and return to just the auction.


    • Yep, exactly that, Mezz. It doesn’t hurt to try it out. It’s a win-win in any case. I don’t mind having a go and trying to be more inclusive about the fundraiser. We’ll see whether it actually works.


  4. Can I ask whether you think Dublin’s tougher measures are working?
    I live in a county with low numbers of infection but our Council are applying to Boris to raise our level of measures to that of the highly populated urban areas, if they have their way no -one who isn’t working will be allowed to socialise with anyone they don’t live with. We have a grim winter to look forward too.


    • Clear answer: NO, it doesn’t work. I just read this morning that our government health adviser have described the virus as “out of control”. Well, that is because *we* have let it go out of control. 😡 I’m really pissed off with the lack of compliance among the population – and the lack of decision-making from the government. It’s pretty clear that they needed to go back to a major lockdown as early as beginning of September. And now we are entering the cold season, and we are back to four-figure infections per day.
      Current news are that some of the RURAL counties have raised the covid restriction level to 4 (out of 5) while Dublin, the most populated of counties, is still at level 3. F*cking eejits. 🤬


  5. Wow. Who knew raffles could become so complicated? Plus no brownie points for a raffle for charity. The world is so complicated. Thank you dear Guylty for all your research and keeping all of us safe from the long arm of the law.


  6. Sorry to vent here but I am now living under strict rules which make no sense to me. I can eat in a pub or restaurant with strangers or my partner but not my daughter who lives across the town to me.
    The inmates are running the asylum!


    • That’s absolutely ridiculous, I agree. Well, anything to keep the economy alive, right? (Not that the economy is going to die sooner or later, anyway, if the people who *create* economy are dead 🤬) It’s quite clear everywhere that the priority is to keep the economy alive, not the people.


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