TBT Hannibal: Colleague Compliments + News: RA Writes a Crime Novel (Apparently) 😲

On the back of my whining from Monday, I have just remembered a little antidote that I had held back for a slow day. A month ago, Lurkerella got in touch, asking whether I was familiar with the “Feeding Hannibal” blog by food artist Janice Poon. I remembered reading it back in the day. Can you believe that Hannibal was already five years ago??? However, I went back to it and decided to scan it for any mentions of Richard. And the loot from that session now comes in handy as I was complaining there was not enough praise for him in recent reviews (…). Want some more extolling of the man’s qualities? Well, here’s his work colleague on…

…his manner

… his professional perfectionism

… his professional kindness

… and his bum fans

[For link to the individual blog post/source click the photos]

[click to enlarge] I still find that superimposed red dragon symbol hilarious. RA must have added that to his selfie himself. Which is kind of unnecessary – there was nothing to be seen there in the first place. He’s chosen the angle so very well…

Particularly the last quote there is nice, because it includes us, as fans. (That is, btw, one of the strong characteristics of the way the makers of Hannibal interacted with the public – they were always supportive of fans, not least because they knew very well that the fans are the vocal part of the audience who pushed Hannibal wherever possible.) And even uses us as a compliment – as in “Richard deserves his loyal fans because he is a nice man”. Well, thank you, Janice, that is nicely said.

And so, as a fan, I do enjoy reading that someone who *knows* RA personally and professionally, confirms that he is a good guy, even “adored” by those who had to work closest with on him (see right). It’s the nearest we can get to an honest character judgment – coming from someone who works *alongside* him, rather than an industry observer such as interviewers and journalists. It’s still to be taken with a grain of salt, of course. Nothing is ever objective, and how well do colleagues know each other, even in the the intimacy of a film set? But hey, I take it.






Oh, and just before I go: New interview in Metro UK today, I have just seen:

A CRIME THRILLER NOVEL?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? *screams* WTF, Richard, you really have used the lockdown well!!!!!!!!


30 thoughts on “TBT Hannibal: Colleague Compliments + News: RA Writes a Crime Novel (Apparently) 😲

  1. First—producing two shows? Can we finally get a name for that elusive company then? It’s been almost two years.

    Second—a crime novel? Inspired by Joy Ellis? Or Agatha Christie? I’m intrigued and afraid that a) it will never happen or b) I might not like it. *gulp*


  2. I can’t read the article. Print to small and when I try to enlarge it, it distorts. Someday (soon I hope) someone will write it up.

    I love that his coworkers just adore him. No sign of any transgressions. Says so much.


  3. Thank you Guylty!
    That leg is really massive 😂 It’s always lovely read colleagues and crew members praising RA. Very curious about the book.


    • No wonder RA had a bone to pick with Janice Poon 😉
      That book is going to haunt RA – at least if he doesn’t publish it. We’ve been hankering after reading his notes for years and years…


  4. Disappointed to hear he lives in New York
    After seeing the news about him having an electric car charging point installed I believed him to be in the UK
    I still haven’t booked for the cinema although my friend is up for it, we can go to the cinema but can’t take a coffee together, daft!

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    • I felt a bit of initial disappointment, too, but then I thought that he probably divides his time between the UK and NY? I mean, if his partner is based in NY, it’s only understandable that he keeps a flat there. Yet Daddy Armitage is in UK, as is a lot of his work, so he probably wants to be able to stay there, too. So, two flats? (Because honestly, would you really want/need a car in NY???)


  5. Thank you Guylty for sharing these lovely comments about Richard. I loved it when Bryan Fuller, I think, said that Richard terrified the crew during one scene and they were surprised how different he was in person (although, perhaps they shouldn’t have been – he is an actor!). And, yes, Richard Armitage, author! I wonder if he will narrate the audio book.


    • I’ve never forgotten that quote, but I have never found out which scene that actually was. Was it the very first scene, outside, in the cold, after Dolarhyde has killed the first family?
      Richard narrating his own audio book – sounds a bit like canibalising his own work 😂


        • Ya, iirc, the scene that was bandied around at the time, was the scene with Chilton. I always assumed it was the bit where he stands behind Chilton, head half obscured by that stocking (?), bending down very close to Chilton’s head… That was scary indeed.

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