A Novel? A Netflix Show? A Nempty Theatre

Goodness me, the news are coming thick and fast. For someone who doesn’t like chat shows, Richard is definitely the go-to man for all the Vanya promo. Once again! I mean, it feels kind of familiar in that Richard has had quite a bit of promo put on his shoulders before, for other projects. And always delivered really nicely. Considering that he must have had a whole day of radio interviews (Radio Derby, Radio Cornwall, Radio Nottingham – the latter not broadcast yet), he keeps it light and entertaining. His gorgeous voice is made for radio, of course, and contrary to his self-description he comes across as eloquent and chatty, possibly even witty. Anyway, in case you haven’t heard it yet, here is the link to today’s chat with Emma Gill on BBC Radio Cornwall. The show is called “Midmorning on BBC Radio Cornwall”, so you need to click on that segment. The interview with Richard is at 11:44 and lasts about 10 minutes. Listen right until the end – there is a very funny bit, kind of like an audio “blooper reel”.

Have you finished listening? Then whoa, that’s a shocker… a new Netflix show???? Oh goody goody goody – I wouldn’t mind seeing another series with Richard on telly. Any guesses to what it might be? Do we have to delve into his recent Twitter follows again? The question is, though – when are they going to film it??? Or is the film industry exempt from Covid restrictions?

Talking of which – greetings from proper lockdown, people. The whole country is back in lockdown – although you wouldn’t think it if you heard the traffic outside of my window. (During the first lockdown in March/April, there were literally NO cars on the street. It was silent. Well, I guess people are more blasé now, or they simply don’t care.) Anyway, just to say I won’t be seeing UV in the cinema then on Tuesday. (Haven’t heard anything from the cinema yet – they should really get in touch with their punters and reimburse the ticket prices 😡). So I was delighted to see instead that Richard shared some images from the filming of UV on IG.

Go to picture 3 and 4. I was shocked to see how small the Harold Pinter Theatre looks from the stage! And combined with Richard’s explanation that in his dressing room he had a tannoy via which he was able to hear the audience as it used to come into the theatre prior to the performance, I felt like “oh my god, we are so *discernible*”… Well, depends on where those microphones are that pick up the audience sound.

Anyway, novel and Netflix, bring it on, Richard. I’m actually more interested in those than in the umpteenth audiobook that is unavailable in Europe. Oh, and have you tried turning it off and on again? Works wonders! 😘

PS: Just a tiny little timid notice that I restocked some RA fan face masks on Etsy. Grey ones gone, but some white ones (with the Astrov tree – totally topical, as always…) left.


8 thoughts on “A Novel? A Netflix Show? A Nempty Theatre

  1. Thanks for letting me hear the radio interview
    It is a tiny theatre and my friend and I walked about a bit before the play started imagining the best seats to buy for the next viewing, well that didn’t happen! It was really difficult to walk across the front of the theatre because the floor boards from the country house set, over hung the edge of the auditorium at head height!
    It’s good to hear Netflix wanted him to do more


    • The advantage of that small theatre is that you are actually relatively close-up to the stage, even from the side and first balconies. I have sat on either (for another play, too) and was pleasantly surprised how good the seats were. – When I say “good”, I mean that in terms of view. Otherwise the seats and rows are very narrow and somewhat uncomfortable, I find. And I’m not even particularly tall… (5’6)


  2. i like the photoshop of Lucas’s laptop on fire 🙂
    re the Netflix show, could it be Now and Then or something else? guess we have to wait until he’s able to disclose more (he’s not said a peep about Now and Then though has he?)
    it’s definitely weird how tiny the theatre looks from the stage, though when i was sat in the 3rd/4th row I was surprised at how close it was (yes i know…bit silly)


  3. At the moment the Odeon cinema is still open for Sunday 1st November , fingers crossed.
    We haven’t heard much about the Doctor Who project either, or filming in Spain in February for The Man from Rome.
    Cheap afternoon serials are starting up in my area obviously they have found a way, remember Doctors RA’s awful callous Locum Doctor role well that’s still going lol)


    • Fingers crossed. It looks as if UK isn’t going into lockdown, anyway, so I am sure it’s going ahead for you guys!
      Yes, where is the Man from Rome? I take it that all filming has been suspended… That’s really bad, though, because I am sure that these postponements often also result in financiers pulling their money out of projects. Fingers crossed that it still happens.


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