RA Pocket Shrine 228/? – The Pen

While we are still waiting for reliable results of the US presidential election, I need some distraction. Just something silly and positive and unpolitical. And so I bring you another shrine reveal.

This one has been waiting to be posted for a few weeks now. It was made for Miss LoLo – who is responsible for having made me fall in love with ink and fountain pen again. She wrote me a 20 page epic letter, handwritten in gorgeous inks of all colours. And I decided that I had just the right tin for a shrine for her…

This tin is not a mint tin. It came filled with fountain pen cartridges. Usually those cartridges don’t cost much, and you can get no-brand rip-offs for your fountain pen, but these cartridges came in a special little hinged tin. It’s much slimmer than a mint tin, and a little smaller, too. But because it had the Pelikan company logo on it, and since LoLo is familiar with all kinds of inks and fountain pen manufacturers, I decided to just leave the top untouched – I just decorated the other side.

So with this tin, the theme was kind of obvious.

Mr A with pen in hand… The document he has written, contains some meaningful quote about writing – but I can’t remember what it is ๐Ÿ˜‚. Maybe LoLo can enlighten us when she sees this.

But to finish the sentence “The pen is the…

Yup. I’m not even going to explain this any further. No regrets.

So that is RAPS 228. LoLo has already received it, and she much deserves a bit of cheer after a rather difficult year.

RAPS 229 is already waiting in the wings. But I need to make RAPS 230 before I can post. I better get my ass into gear.


23 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 228/? – The Pen

  1. I had a confusing moment of deja vu and then I remembered that I had seen it on Twitter when LoLo first shared it. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Itโ€™s still fabulous!!


    • I’m not even that much of a tongue fan, and often wonder why those gifs get shared so much, but in this case it fit the bill. At least I often find myself using the tongue when pondering how to phrase something ๐Ÿ˜

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    • You are so right. When it comes to writing, there is always the image of Mr Thornton with quill in hand. But no, I didn’t want to overuse that image – or create doubles to previous shrines, so it had to get a different twist. You could call it “a tongue twister” ๐Ÿ˜


  2. I recently bought myself a fountain pen with purple ink. It is non-refillable, unfortunately. But I do like it and it brings back memories of my grade school years. The first pen that I had in school was a blue cartridge fountain pen, which I loved writing with.


    • Oh no, what a pity that it is not refillable. Have you kind of gotten back into loving to write with a fountain pen? I know that people always say they prefer a ballpoint pen because you can write faster with it. But I am thinking that that is really only a concern when you are taking notes in a lecture or minutes in a meeting. For so many other notes that we take in our jobs, it would still be fine to use a fountain pen, even if it means we need to write more carefully. I hope you continue on with it?!

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      • It’s actually a disposable, so only around $4 CAD. I like the way it writes, but I find it a bit annoying that unless I remember to store it upright it takes a bit of time for the ink to flow. I have another pen with similar ink (but blue) which is a gel pen that I like better for taking notes.


        • Gel pens tend to write a bit faster, in my experience, so I know what you mean. The fountain pen forces you to slow down a bit. That way it also makes handwriting a bit prettier – or at least more legible. Pity that the pen can’t be refilled, especially if you like the way it writes.

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  3. Ode to Tongues

    Is the pen,
    The tongue of the mind?
    If you stick it out,
    What will you find?
    A fleeting thought,
    Just on the tip.
    Or a flash of tongue,
    To moisten a lip.
    A talented pen,
    May produce bliss.
    But can it compete,
    With a sloppy French kiss?

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