Eighth Blogiversary

Apparently today is my blogiversary. I tend to forget anniversaries, but WordPress reminded me.

This was my first ever post:

Hello A___world!

I am now on WordPress but this is not a blog, just an info page. If you want to follow me regularly, you can do that on me + richard where I post my *ooof* series of picture analyses every week. See you there, Guylty ❤


To this: In the past eight years I have apparently written a total of 857,318 words in 1,366 individual blog posts. If only I could focus such literary energy on something that made me rich and famous… My blog posts have been viewed 711,453 times with a total of 132,399 visitors. Which brings me to the point of the whole thing. A blog only works if it has readers. Well, that’s my opinion of it – because I enjoy the interaction with other people. So when I write something, I like to hear what other people think about a) the topic I have chosen and b) my opinion on that topic. So thank you for not only reading here but also engaging in discussion, arguments and lots of silliness.

*Your* most-viewed blog post of the past eight years is last year’s “Richard Goes Charity“. Not much writing there on my part, but one wonders whether the *real* attraction is the smiling young man in the accompanying photos… 2,429 views.

Surprisingly, the above-mentioned post did not attract the highest number of comments, though. That award goes to a rather inconspicuous post from almost exactly two years ago, entitled Quick Mid-Week Mix, which contained spoilers for the third season of BS. 346 comments.

Perfect opportunity to sneak in photo of Daniel when times were still good

Your favourite reason to visit my blog remain the weekly round-ups, though, at least judging by these stats:

So there we have it. Another year done. Thanks for reading here. Time to adjust the badge.



49 thoughts on “Eighth Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations, my friend. 🏆 That’s at least ten novels worth of writing there. Wow!!
    This is still my favorite place in the fandom. Keep it up. 😘😘😘


    • Well, I can only say that I am really happy that the blog has enabled me to meet so many interesting people – online and in the real world, as you said. That’s the best by-product of it all.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy blogiversary Guylty!! Thank you for all that you do for our RA community, and for eight years of fun, giggles, and fandom friendship xx
    (eight years too for me on Tumblr…….where did the time go?!!)


    • Thank you – and yes, where did time go? Mind you, it feels like aeons since I started out on tumblr. Probably because I am not much active there anymore. But tumblr is where it all started for me – the blog came later. So it will always hold a special place in my heart…


  3. Happy blogiversary and congratulations! This reminds me, I think I missed my own blogiversary. Anyway, this is not about me but about you. Thanks for the posts and photo analyses and the fun and the lovely crafting and all the charity auctions! May you continue to do this for a long while yet. 🙂


  4. Hallo Schatzi!!!! Hoch die Tassen! Noch’n Feiertag im tristen November!
    Das’n Ding!! Happy anniversary! Happiness all around that you are still blogging, keeping us greedy….. slinky girls (blink, blink!!) of this so called, world famous “Richie Army” always on the funny side and most of it all ….on our toes with your talent and all those whooshing (salient) events!!
    This is soooooooo good! You know what I’m looking for…;-) Big, big hugs


    • Prost, prost – das haben wir uns verdient 😉
      It’s fun for me when I know it is fun for you. I am very grateful to have met such nice people through my blog – literally. Here’s hoping for more such real life meet-ups next year, Linda… x


  5. Many congratulations on your blogiversary, Guylty. Grateful thanks for all the timely information, good-natured discussions and fun. It’s been a great eight years, and here’s to many more. ❤️


  6. Happy blogiversary and many thoughts and topics for much more blogging years. I don’t comment regularly but I read constantly and your posts always let me have a good time. So a good new year of blogging!


  7. Congratulations on 8 fabulous years! Your blog makes fangirling simply delightful. Whether sharing news, photos, the latest craft creations or just opening a topic for discussion, I always feel the richer for having stopped to visit. Cheers and best wishes for many more years of inspiration and fun. ❤️


    • Many thanks, D – it’s fun for me, I love the mixture of silliness, swooning and occasional serious discussion. It’s become a real part of my life… as have my readers 🙂


  8. I could have sworn I gave you my congratulations in a timely manner. But there is no evidence that I did. It’s been such fun watching you streak through Richardverse like a blazing comet of creativity. I hope you continue for a long time. We need your humor in the world. Love and miss you.


    • Hehe, there you go, and I haven’t *thanked* you for your lovely comment in a timely manner… It’s been such fun so far. Ok, occasional bust-ups excluded. But as long as it’s fun, it will continue.
      Much love to you xx


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