2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #45

Brrr, anyone else have got this automatic reaction of 😬 when the number 45 pops up anywhere? As in, “what has he done now?” Poor innocent number, tainted forever.

Are you already in the Christmas present swing? I have been on a major spree lately. I had to get started early this year because Master Guylty is, as you know, living in Berlin this year, and in order to get the customary (and customised) advent calendar to him in time (factoring in any Covid-related postal delays), I had to get cracking on the gifts early. Add to that that Master Guylty’s birthday is also on the 2nd of December, so another parcel is due. The advent calendar is on its way; the birthday parcel will have to go out early next week. So for that I got a few bits and pieces, ordered from Jamartfactory (shouted out recently HERE). Another small business shout-out at the bottom of this post.

But first, another round-up.

  1. 😳 Um, yeah, well. I understand the sentiment, although personally I’d rather hold on to my pelvis 😁. Post by chiatepes
  2. TBT BS promo time. Short hair, stubble. Just the way I like it. Gif set by riepu10
  3. Interesting – this had gone past me. Apparently IMDb has got some sort of “movie poster” for Now & Then. Looks rather placeholder-ish to me. Discovered and posted by richardarmitagefanpage
  4. Richardarmitagefanpage also posts this new picture of RA on the set of UATSC with diver/stunt man. I saw it on Twitter but didn’t want to repost after I had inadvertently realised that the stunt guy is a jingoistic Brexiteer and does not deserve any attention
  5. *muhaha* An imagined conversation between Marian and Guy… by thorntoncrusadepost
  6. Oh, *ouch*. What do you think, does the douchebag tag extend to Claude Becker’s politics? Post by incorrectoceans8
  7. *snorts* I had no idea that the “wagon” epithet translated to America, too. Or to 12th century England. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  8. Sweet observation re. Guy by buildarocketboys
  9. LOL, and just because I am in the mood for cheeky, here is another What a Guy Wants quip by nfcomics
  10. Oh goodness. I love that everything and anything is possible in fan art. Glorious piece of Bagginshield by crowrelli
  11. *giggles* Not *that* kind of hot… posted by st4rladyocs
  12. And incorrect-lotr-trash has this little conversation gem that made me giggle

Enjoy the giggles and enjoy the weekend. But before you do – here is today’s small business shout-out. With Love and a Needle is a RL friend of mine who does the cutest things – with love and a needle ❤️ 🧵. She repurposes garments and creates custom designs, often based on her customers drawings or specifications. So – sustainability and creativity in one.

Have a lovely weekend,

Sonja ❤


14 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #45

  1. I love What a Guy Wants. It’s so outrageous, yet it rings so true, and always good for a guilty giggle. You just know that in a universe not so far away, this was what would be happening.

    Lots of other goodies here, thank you Guylty. Nice to see the shrubbery pruned in #2, and the shirt shows up those baby blues.
    PS I knew about wagons from the likes of Marion Keyes et al.

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  2. Fun stuff this week. I could use a laugh dealing with all the crazy in the US. The number 45 is ruined for me for sure. I will always associate it with orange blobs with fish mouths. Eeek. I’m counting the days until the Mango Menace aka the Nectarine Nemesis aka the Orange Ogre is gone….

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  3. I didn’t get the significance of 45, thinking it was something to do with RA’s tweets, so I Googled it and discovered that ’45 is the natural number following 44 and followed by 46′ (you don’t say) and that, of course, Trump is the 45th president – doh!
    6) Nah, even if Becker were able to vote, he’d find it too tiresome to forsake the mirror for the polling booth.
    12) Love the quickie! 
    Thanks for a smiley round-up, Guylty!


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