RAdvent Calendar 2020 Is On

Yes, it’s happening again.

The fun silliness never stops. During those long, empty lockdown days I amused myself with yet another iteration of the RAdvent Calendar. With three years under my belt, I felt this is an established “tradition”, so I had to come up with yet another fest of cheese and cheer.

As in previous years, the RAdvent Calendar is hosted on tuerchen.com. Above you see this year’s look – with the teeny tiniest preview. But no no no, you can’t open the little doors yet. The RAdvent Calendar will only activate on December 1st. One door a day – with the customary dad joke fun that I am famous for.

Well, me and Adam Price…

Anyway, the RAdvent Calendar is there for you, free of charge, of course, and will hopefully cheer you up every day from 1 to 24 December. You can already bookmark the RAdvent Calendar site if you access it HERE. And if you really can’t wait the last 48 hours, well, you could of course always check out what I got up to in the previous years. The 2017 calendar images are HERE. And HERE are some images from the 2019 calendar.

Have fun, enjoy and remember – the jokes are *meant* to be as bad as they come across 😉


21 thoughts on “RAdvent Calendar 2020 Is On

  1. You are a marvel Guylty. Your RAdvent calendar is part of my Christmas countdown (puns included), thank you for producing it this year (as well as organising the fund-raiser). The main photograph is beautiful and I also love the flashing emerging RA gif (not that he is flashing!)


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