#2020DecemberFundraiser Kick Off

It’s the 1st of December – that means:

Fundraiser fun is starting today!

Running for the next three days to conclude on Friday, 4th December, we are kicking off today with auctions over on eBay. A total of 18 individual auctions have been listed. More than I had thought – but with all those donations of items and hand-crafted gems coming in, I wanted to make a wide range of items available. Among them you will find “traditional” fan items such as DVDs or memorabilia, but also hand-crafted, one-off items that have been lovingly created by our fan sisters. My thanks go to this year’s auction contributors: Aninomori, Esther, Pamela, Zed Eff Eye, Kate, Besotted, Yve and Deirdre. (We have further contributors to the second leg of our fundraiser, the fixed-price sale from Friday, who will be credited then.) This fundraiser would not be possible without you all. Thank you!

Apart from the eBay auctions, we will also sell lower priced items as simple purchasing transactions via Etsy. Once again our fan sisters have been busy and created a wonderful array of gorgeous items. All items have a set price and are priced in such a way that they include regular postage anywhere in the world. More about this on Friday when the fixed-price sale goes live.

As usual, please note that the fan items on offer in the eBay auctions are pre-loved unless described otherwise. That means there may be signs of use on the items, as per item descriptions. For the hand-made items it goes without saying that they might deviate in details – but are perfect in imperfection! As usual I have taken the liberty of setting a starting price for the auctions. These reflect regular prices of the items as researched on eBay/Amazon and are an attempt by me to guarantee a nice minimum donation.

The proceeds of the auctions and fixed-price sale are to benefit the hospice care charity LOROS, in lieu of Christmas presents for Richard. The donation will be made after all auctions and the fixed-price sale have ended on Monday. I will notify you here on blog once that is done. (Should there still be any of the fixed-price items be left unsold, I will possibly leave them online. The proceeds will simply be donated at a later stage.) Postage is included in the prices you pay as buyers. The costs for postage & packing as well as fees for eBay and Etsy to be deducted from the proceeds.

Bidding and buying is open for all, anywhere in the world. As always, I also appreciate your non-monetary support in the shape of tweets, FB posts, blogs etc. Your voice is just as important as your purse! Let’s have fun and do good in one fell swoop.

You can find all auctions in an overview on my eBay page HERE. But for your convenience I have written a summary of all the auctions. You can find a picture, description and link to each individual auction in this post below. Larger and more images of the items as well as further information on the actual items you are bidding on, can be found in the respective eBay listings. Remember that we send anywhere in the world, even if the listing should say otherwise. I have made sure to enable “worldwide shipping” on all items (except for one item that is clearly labelled such), so hopefully the confusion of last auction will be avoided! Please note that the #2020DecemberAuctions are a private and non-commercial fundraiser. The items will be carefully packaged and sent anywhere in the world. For tracking, choose the respective postage option at check-out. Extra costs will incur! Please note: No returns possible as this is a charity project.

Click on the numbered headlines below to be transferred directly to the respective listings. I have grouped them in chronological order of auction start:


Audio CD – BBC Robin Hood – Episode 1 “Will you tolerate this?”

Richard Armitage reads the story of Robin Hood, based on the BBC series from 2005. Also included on the CD is a short interview with Richard.  1 hour and 40 minutes of hot chocolate for your ears. Donated by Kate.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:35:26 GMT

Robin Hood DVD – Season 1
Treat yourself to a Guy Christmas. This is a DVD set of the BBC’s 2006 season 1 of Robin Hood. The DVD is used and in good condition.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:40:30 GMT

Hand-stitched journal cover/folder

This is a precious, one off journal cover or fabric folder. Hand-made by Yve, you can slide a journal into it or simply use it as a folder to store paper and keepsakes – your secrets and dreams. The dimensions of the folder are 7×11 inches.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:42:08 GMT

Handmade Astrov Dome

This gorgeous piece of fan art is a one-off created by Kate: Inside the glass dome is a cut-out of Dr Astrov from Uncle Vanya, as played by Richard Armitage. The good doctor has his bag with his maps, surveying the world from under a tree. The dimensions of this object are 11cm in height and 6.5cm in diameter.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:43:46 GMT

Austen Fan Pack 1

A small fan pack for fans of Jane Austen, this is the 2017 annual report of the Jane Austen Society, and a pair of hand-made earrings that feature the first edition covers of Jane Austen’s Emma. The Austen Society report contains many articles on current research into Jane Austen’s life and work. The earrings are unworn and new, hand-made items, with tiny covers about 1.5x1cm in size. Austen report donated by Zed Eff Eye.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:44:42 GMT

Austen Fan Pack 2

Also donated by Zed Eff Eye, this is a fan pack of the 2018 annual report of the Jane Austen Society, and a pair of hand-made earrings.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:45:28 GMT

Genuine Richard Armitage Autograph

This is definitely a rarity if there ever was one: A genuine signature by Richard Armitage on a first day cover on the bicentenary of the first visit of John Wesley to the Isle of Man in 1777. Richard’s signature is on the front of the envelope. Inside the envelope is a card that details the history of the Wesley visit.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:46:19 GMT

Crucible Theatre Programme

For those who remember what I dubbed “the summer of love”, this is a genuine programme of the 2014 production of The Crucible in the Old Vic in Loncon, starring Richard Armitage. The programme is in great condition, with tiny wear and tear from me reading it in the theatre on the night.

This auction ends Friday 4 Dec, 2020 15:47:07 GMT

RA Playing Cards

A unique piece of fan memorabilia, this set of playing cards has been especially created by Esther for the auctions. Each of the cards in this standard deck of 52 cards, has a different photo of Richard Armitage in one of his various roles, featuring Guy of Gisborne, John Porter, Dr Astrov and many more. The cherry on top: The Joker cards are decorated with a picture of the actor himself!

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:49:23 GMT

Empire Magazine – Hobbit Cover – Thorin Oakenshield

A rare memento of the Hobbit frenzy in 2014, this is the January 2015 issue of Empire magazine with Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield on the cover. The magazine mentions Richard in several articles. The magazine comes with a green flag that was handed out to fans at the Los Angeles premiere of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies in December 2014 – a true fan item that features the slogan “one last time”.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:47:58 GMT

Hand-made Hobbit Keychain

A one-off by Aninomori, this gorgeous keychain features a shiny acorn and the map of Middle Earth. Extends about 10.5cm/4.5” when dangling. Super cute for all fans of Bilbo Baggins and the Hobbit.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:50:18 GMT

Metro newspaper

This issue of the UK edition of Metro contains an interview with Richard Armitage. Dated October 22, 2020, this is a new item with all pages intact. It comes with a small fan badge that reads “Keep calm – I’m an Armitage Angel” and was donated by Pamela.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:51:03 GMT

Nowhere in Particular – wooden sign

A piece of fan art for fans of Harry Kennedy, the handsome strange/husband of the Vicor of Dibley, played by Richard Armitage. This sign was made by Kate and consists of painted wood, with hand-applied letters reading “Nowhere in Particular”. The dimensions are 35x13cm. (My pretty Victorian mantle is not included in the lot 😂.)

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:52:44 GMT

Peaches Washbag

For all lovers of peaches and other fuzzy orbs, here is something for you – a cute washbag with a peach pattern. The washbag’s dimensions are 17x10x10cm. The bag closes with a gold zipper adorned with an adorable pompom. It includes a packet of Haribo peaches sugar sweets. Donated by Kate.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:53:30 GMT

ETA: Apologies, I have forgotten a third part of the peaches pack in my photos. This cool hand-made card is also in the washbag:

I am not revealing the inside of that pocket…

Spooks BBC – season 7 DVD

For all fans of Lucas North, this is a DVD box set of season 7 of BBC spy drama Spooks, starring Richard Armitage. This is a Region 2 DVD set, so please make sure you are able to play it in your hardware before bidding. Donated by Deirdre.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:54:12 GMT

RA Pocket Shrine – Astrov BTS

At Guylty Pleasure, we are all about the stealth. And this RAPS is so stealthy, it hasn’t even been revealed yet! You know the drill – the pocket shrine is a mixed media collage contained in a tin. This one features RA as Dr Astrov – behind the scenes. Reveal coming tomorrow but photos obviously already visible on eBay.

This auction ends Friday 4 Dec, 2020 15:54:54 GMT

Times Magazine – 17 October 2020

This is an issue of Times magazine from 17 October 2020, featuring an interview with Richard Armitage. The magazine is fully intact and new and was donated by Zed Eff Eye.

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:55:38 GMT

Uncle Vanya – Paperback script

The official script of Uncle Vanya as revised by Conor McPherson was published by Nick Hern Books (2020). Deirdre kindly donated this unread, unused and entirely new paperback. The script is accompanied by one of the theatre’s promotional flyers for the show, as well as a fridge magnet from the Arts charity project “The show must go on”, benefitting support funds for the theatre community. (Magnet donated by Zed Eff Eye.)

This auction ends Friday 04 Dec, 2020 15:56:38 GMT

So please check out the auctions – and have fun bidding, watching, cheering!

PS: If you do not wish to bid on an item but would like to contribute with a donation, you can do so via this specific link to my Paypal account. Your donation will be added to the final sum and go to LOROS in its entirety. A click on the donation image below will take you to my Paypal site where you can donate a sum of your choice. Note: The donation button is linked with my Paypal account in order to collect all proceeds/donation in one place.

Edit: OMG, I am obviously living in the past. Had to correct the auction end day to FRIDAY 😂


42 thoughts on “#2020DecemberFundraiser Kick Off

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  2. So many goodies! The dome you made is gorgeous, Kate! Also, love the wash bag – I have a bowl of peaches on the kitchen bench but they’re not what immediately came to mind when I read the listing title lol. Good luck with your bidding everyone! 😀


    • Dang, the issues with links to eBay seem to be persistent. I have no idea why that is, especially as I took extra care to check that everything was set for worldwide shipping, where applicable. Thanks for letting me know. Must update your link suggestion in my latest post.


    • Me too, Sue. I have to say that it is great that we now get so many hand-crafted donations, too. I mean, I love the general memorabilia, and they are always big sellers. They are absolute staples that we can’t do without. But the hand-made items allow more people to participate, so that is a definite advantage. And the resulting items are special. I’m glad you found a few appealing items there, too 🙂

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