#2020DecemberFundRAiser – 18 Hours In

Good morning with a little, first update on the December FundRAiser. As soon as we kicked off yesterday afternoon with the eBay auctions, the first bids started coming in. A massive big thank you to all of you who have spread the word on your various platforms, and to those who have got the auctions off the ground by placing a bid.

As always, I like to give a small update on the morning, even though we are only 18 hours in, yet. Nonetheless, there are already some items that garner more attention than others, and it is fun to watch that. We currently have a clear “star item” 😉 in the unique set of RA playing cards. They soared in price from an original 20 Euro starting bid to a current 78.50 Euro. Many thanks to the bidders! ❤️  You can bid on this item HERE.

Also getting some kind attention, is the RAPS of BTS Astrov. It started yesterday on 20 Euro and has now more than doubled in price to 51.50 Euro. I’ll write my customary reveal post later today, but at this point a big thank you to all bidders on this item. 😘 You can see it on eBay HERE.

My personal big surprise at number 3 of the current high-seller list, is this item: Richard’s signature on a quirky first-day cover on the occasion of the bicentenary of John Wesley’s visit to the Isle of Man. Who would’ve thought? But then again, it’s Richard’s autograph 😉. Thank you to the bidders. 😍 Bidding for this item HERE.


At this point, 17 out of all 18 auctions have received a bid. That means there is one item still “unloved” 😉. Can I draw our American fan sisters’ attention to the Robin Hood season 1 box set? This is an item that is available for shipment in the US only, hence its appeal is slightly more limited. However, Guy surely deserves some love, right? 😌 It is currently waiting for a first bid of 10 Euro HERE.

We haven’t quite reached a milestone/landmark/milepost yet. The current auction total sits at 462.50 Euro – my hope/dream would be, to push it over the 500 Euro mark today 🙏🏻. So if you haven’t looked yet, please check out the auctions on my eBay site. Note: Apparently there are visibility issues with individual auctions again. I have been notified by several people that not all 18 auctions show up for them when they access eBay via my seller site on the platform. Try this link. Users in the USA should be able to see a total of 18 auctions; users outside the US should see 17 (due to one item being restricted in terms of shipment, see RH DVD above). The safest way to access the auctions is thus to go via the links in yesterday’s post. I have been told that that works.

Cheerio to all bidders, donors and followers!


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