RA Pocket Shrine 229/? – Astrov BTS

Usually I reveal the shrines *before* I throw them into an auction, but this time it somehow fell by the wayside. So I am now catching up with this shrine that I made on the occasion of Uncle Vanya being released in the cinema at the end of October. I had a cunning plan that involved a selfie and mirror tiles… And for that I needed a slightly bigger tin than usual.

Not sure whether Astrov really followed his dreams, but well, the chap who plays him, is dreamy 😍 … at least for us, in this iteration.

There he is, sitting in front of his dressing room mirror. Zoom in to see the details…

And this is what is on his dressing table. The manuscript can actually be opened. There are some surprises in there for the new owner of the shrine.

There, with candles on the dressing table, so he can study the script a bit better. And the shrine can now function as a celebration of the BBC streaming the recorded play. It has just been announced for the 30th of December, BBC Four. That’s good news, especially as it may also be possible to access it from outside the UK, as I have heard mentioned somewhere?

The shrine is now available as part of the #2020DecemberFundRAiser. Bids over on eBay via this link.

And just a little PS regarding the previous post: No sooner had I given you an update on the current state of the auctions, and named a first milepost I was hoping to make, and you reacted. As always, you are simply amazing, people. We have made the 500 Euro mark.

Sorry, this gif is gonna be wheeled out at every possible opportunity now…

And even better: All items have now received at least one bid. That means that all items will be sold. Hooray!

Thank you Thank you Thank you

More news/updates probably later this evening 😊


9 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 229/? – Astrov BTS

  1. Yay! I’m sure the final total will be spectacular as usual 😃

    Lovely Astrov shrine! Such a clever idea. And the hairy legs and socks 🤣

    Did I tell you I finally got to see it in the cinema in between lockdowns? Really excellent, though I’m ashamed to admit I can live without Chekov… the film goes right through without an interval amd is mesmerising.


    • Oh fantastic. So glad you got to see it, Helen. It’s a really interesting piece, and somehow the isolation of the country estate resonates very much during this current time.


  2. I really like the details..the 3D script, the photos he’s autographing, beard chart, piccie of Checkhov. Well done on keeping up with new ideas for the shrines 😊


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