#2020DecemberFundRAiser – Auction Update with Threshold No.1 Passed

Good morning. I just realised that we are more than half way through the auctions! One day and six hours to go on the magic items that are currently up for bidding over on eBay. The good news first: When I posted the first update yesterday, we were at 462.50 Euro and I expressed the hope that we might pass the 500 Euro mark the same day. Well, I should’ve known that that went without saying. Within *minutes* of posting, the bids had increased to push us over into the 500s. So, when I went to bed last night, the eBay total was at a comfortable 590.50 Euro. – Fast forward to this morning when I woke up and had a quick look at the auctions. Ta daaaaa:

So that means we have already crossed *another* milestone! That demands celebration and a new way of marking the moment. After milestones, landmarks and mileposts, this time we have thresholds.

Guy is pleased, and so am I! So, here are a few stats about the auctions on Thursday morning:

  • We have four unique items occupying the top three places in terms of price. Esther’s deck of RA cards continues to lead the field, now at 78.50 Euro, followed by the Astrov shrine with 56.50 Euro. I am delighted to see another hand-made item, the Astrov dome created by Kate, soaring in price. It joins the Armitage signature on third place with 51.50 Euro.
  • The most bids have been garnered – not by the top-price items – but by the paperback script of Uncle Vanya. It has received 18 bids.
  • The crown for most watchers goes to the deck of RA cards – it has been looked at 174 times!
  • ALL items have now received bids – so we are going to be sold out, hooray!

For this update post, I’d like to shine a light on the hand-made items donated by *you*. This is the creativity of the RArmy:

Check out the gorgeous hand-stitched journal cover/folder made by Yve, currently at 35.50 Euro.

Apart from the Astrov dome featured in the stats above, Kate has also made this fabulous sign, currently at 30 Euro.

Also unique and hand-made is this gorgeous keychain by Ani, with a super smooth acorn and a Hobbit logo/map of Middle Earth, currently at 41.50 Euro.

Fantastic work by the creative members of the fandom. And it will not stop there! Because tomorrow starts the fixed-price sale which will feature even more hand-made items, by even more crafters. So stay tuned! Information where to find those items will be posted tomorrow.

Sooooo – I am going to very immodestly express my hope now that maybe and perhaps the auction items will garner a few more bids that could push us across another threshold? Reaching 700 Euro requires increasing each bid by 3.67 Euro… Just sayin’ 😉.

I might check-in later with you again, but today’s task for me is to get the listings ready for the fixed-price sale from tomorrow. Texts need to be written, photos uploaded, prices set. There will be some really cool stuff available 👍🏻. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, check out the RAdvent CalendRA that is now on day 3 and available for your fun HERE.



10 thoughts on “#2020DecemberFundRAiser – Auction Update with Threshold No.1 Passed

      • Please don’t feel sorry. I’m out of the bidding for the item I had my eye on, with the exchange rate the Aussie $ climbs much faster lol!! but I console myself that I’ve done my bit to create that “demand” you mention and instead will donate my bid limit. 😉


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